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Inside Love Temple's wagon, Lilith acted as guide and Kieran was in a casual outfit.

Soon, they arrived at a shop in the wealthy district.

It was a shop, but it didn't have a signboard or windows on the outside.

From the outside, it looked more like a wealthy family's house but when the door was opened, servers with neat outfits walked out to receive their customers, which stated that it was indeed a shop at its core but it wasn't a business that was open to the public.

This "shop" only served a handful of people.

Kieran saw Lilith hand over a token to the server before they could enter the house and into the room.

At the same time, the gazes that were watching them the moment he entered the street swiftly scattered.

Kieran smiled quietly.

Things had gotten interesting.

He knew about the hidden shops in the wealthy and noble district but he didn't know which other shop dared to watch him in such a frank and straightforward manner.

After the night Wealth Temple vanished, Kieran believed his reputation had spread throughout Naveya City.

Whether it be the forces on the light side or the factions in the dark side, everyone would have increased their caution towards him.

So, there must be a portrait of him somewhere. Kieran was wearing a casual outfit now but he didn't cover up his face, so the intentional parties would have noticed him a while ago.

Despite the notice of his arrival, the intentional parties still dared to watch him openly.

Other than them doing it on purpose to pique his interest, it might also mean the organization behind them had strict discipline, which prevented the members from backing down even facing against a Godslayer.


Could it be both?

Whether which it was, it wasn't some capability that a random "shop" possessed!

Speculations lingered in his heart while he sized up the surroundings as Lilith was introducing him to the place.

Kieran wasn't sure whether Lilith was being used by the watchers or she herself was one of them but he had the confidence to take her down should anything happen.

As for the decision to protect her or kill her, it would depend on what her goal was.

"This is the House of Zacky. There are all kinds of small animals here, I bet you'll find something you want!"

After noticing Kieran was getting closer to her unconsciously, Lilith didn't feel repulsive at all. Quite the contrary, she too took the initiative to approach Kieran and introduced him to everything in the "shop".

From the parrot located along the corridor to the deepest room that housed a ferocious leopard, Lilith had introduced more than 20 kinds of animals to Kieran.

Each of the introduced animals were the uncommon kind or extremely rare but no matter which it was, it didn't catch Kieran's attention.

Too weak!

Even for the ferocious leopard that Lilith spoke about, it was only at the level of being reserved as meat rations in Kieran's view, don't think about how it could help Kieran.

"All no?" Lilith looked at Kieran like a deflated balloon.

Kieran smiled as he shook his head before he turned his attention to the other side of the corridor.

After a while, a decently dressed middle-aged man walked in, he had a neatly trimmed mustache and brown hair while having a monocle on one of his eyes.

Based on the luster from the monocle, it must be made from gold.

The moment the man appeared, he bowed respectfully to Lilith.

"Lady Lilith. Is there anything that I can help you with? If you keep sighing like that, I might suffer a beating soon by the lords from Hunter Temple. After all, their dissatisfaction towards me has a long-standing history."

"Who may this good sir be?"

The man spoke with a smile while smoothly dragging Kieran into the topic.

"Master Zacky, what kinds of unique pets do you have here? The very strong kind!"

Lilith didn't introduce Kieran but asked her question directly.

Kieran's comment on the pets along the way was enough for Lilith to know what kinds of standards he had when choosing pets.

"The strong kind? Well, we do have something like that but…'

"Price is not a problem!" Lilith said.

As a priest from Love Temple and also the heir to the archpriest, Lilith had enough power to say something like that.

"It's not about price, the fact that you paid a visit to my humble place has proved that any kind of price will be worth it. It's just a certain rule, you know. All of the animals here are provided by all kinds of forces and factions and a lot of them are being sold on behalf of their master. If you really wanted to buy it, you must contact the real owner of the animal, of which most of them are quite reluctant towards Love Temple… Please forgive me."

Zacky bowed again at Lilith.

"I understand." Lilith nodded.

Love Temple was not as unpopular as Sin Temple—having that many enemies—but they racked up quite a number also.

In fact, none of the temples existed without enemies, not even Mercy Temple.

The commandments, the Gods they believed had decided that Naveya could never be in harmony.

"I'll wait for you here. Master Zacky will guide you to choose a pet of your liking and I believe you'll be in good hands?" Lilith told Kieran.

The last part of her sentence already had a sense of threat towards the master.

Obviously, Lilith hoped Kieran would not be disappointed in this trip and if he was, she would cause pain to the one responsible.

Love was like fire, not only did it burn hot, it was domineering as well.

It wasn't too much from her because it was also one of the commandments of Love Temple.

"Very well, please follow me, dear sir!"

Zacky smiled bitterly and bowed to Kieran before leading him to the second floor.

On the second floor, Kieran followed Zacky into a place that looked like a study room before going through a secret passage which led them completely off Zacky's house's premises.

Until Kieran left the premises, only then did he dare to loosen his guard on Lilith.

Kieran sensed that the moment he followed Zacky away, Lilith had been walking around anxiously. That kind of anxiety was certainly not something one could fake.

"Which means a trap was laid for Lilith? No, not only Lilith but also that young hunter from Hunter Temple had also fallen into the trap!" Kieran was utterly sure.

Even more so, Kieran could picture the young hunter who was so infatuated by Lilith flattering her when someone beside him fanned the flames.

The young hunter even spilled the secrets of Hunter Temple in exchange for a smile from Lilith.

However, this wasn't the most concerning point for Kieran. What concerned him the most was why the person behind the scene spent so much effort in luring him to this place?

Revenge from Sin Temple?

Kieran thought of the possibility almost out of instinct but he shook it off the moment it came to his mind.

Given Lady Thorn's character, if that Interrogator still dared to appear out on the light like this, Lady Wealth would not be the only God that fell in Naveya City.

Kieran never doubted Lady Thorn with her methods.

"Then… what will it be?"

With lingering thoughts, Kieran followed Zacky into a secret room.

When he saw the person inside the room, Kieran raised a brow uncontrollably.
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