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The floor of the grand hall trembled as flames splashed like water.

Lady Wealth was completely dumbstruck by the sudden scene.

Whenever his enemy was dumbstruck, Kieran wasn't.

Kieran in his devil form turned around and grabbed Lady Wealth's arm, slamming her down on the floor again.


Lady Wealth was slammed on the floor again, followed by a third, fourth, fifth…

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The smashing sounded almost in succession, similar to how Kieran was thrown around by Lady Wealth.

However, she was different from Kieran when he was smashed around like a ragdoll, all Kieran's smashing did was shake the brilliance that showered her body.

Not even a scratch!

Even in his devil form with all attributes +4 and extra +2 in Strength, Kieran's Strength had entered I rank yet it couldn't breakthrough Lady Wealth's defense.

If she didn't have sufficient combat experience, Kieran couldn't even catch her but he didn't give up.

His robust magma arm flinged her up to the air.

"The bloodline of evil! You should be punished by the heaven!"

Lady Wealth cursed Kieran loudly after temporarily breaking free from Devil Kieran.

Then, she was drowned by a thousand beams of burning rays that fell on top of her.

On top of the grand hall, Creature of Desire was stretching its body and showing its vicious look, thousands of Evil Eyes were greedily looking at Lady Wealth.

It followed Kieran's will and fired [Thousand Evil Eye Strike] at her without a second of delay.

Lady Wealth who was struck by the thousand beams of burning ray was shot towards the ground.

However, before she landed, Kieran who was beneath her stretched his devil wings, flame burned hot and runes across his wings shone.

Even under the brilliance of the divine presence, the devil wings were shining with their own unique light.


A blastwave was fired upwards to the sky and it directly hit Lady Wealth from beneath as she was being shot down by the burning rays.

Two powerful energy blast sandwiched her in mid-air.

After the first round of [Thousand Evil Eye Strike], Creature of Desire started another round of firing without any delay, the devil also fired its flame blast continuously.


Explosions echoed around Wealth Temple ceaselessly.

The devil flames were rumbling and splashing like waves in every direction, it burned everything on its path and instantly set Wealth Temple ablaze.

As the master of the temple, Lady Wealth knew what was going on. After her brilliance slightly thinned down, she glared at Kieran with a grudgeful gaze.

"Bloodline of evil, I will break you! Before that, I will show you what is worse than death itself! Don't worry, I won't give you up to others! I will feast on your blood and flesh everyday and at the end of the day heal you up with the best healing spells. I want you to witness yourself being eaten by me bit by bit, day by day!"

As her words subsided, Lady Wealth's thinned brilliance exploded.

It transformed her from a real figure with shape to a shapeless, shadowless existence.


A cyclone happened in Wealth Temple.

The devil flames were extinguished in a second, Creature of Desire that was on top of the grand hall was disintegrated by the formless power without even growling.

As the powerful wind blew, Devil Kieran was smashed to the ground again.

Then, Lady Wealth revealed her true face as she floated in mid-air, she slowly walked down as if she was walking on an invisible flight of stairs.

Her exquisite beauty had arrogance that was out of this world.

Her eyes that were as dazzling as jewels or stars in the sky were emanating coldness that freeze a person's soul.

Devil Kieran was struggling with all his might but it was useless.

He couldn't break free from the tremendous invisible force, all he could do was watch Lady Wealth closing on him step by step.

"You eyes are really disgusting! They look exactly like that wretched one! Especially when you look like this, I really hate this!"

Lady Wealth spoke coldly before she raised her hand.

The brilliance of her divine power swept across Kieran.

Before he knew it, Kieran was released from his devil form, he was then bound by a formless energy before Lady Wealth, he couldn't do anything except stare at her helplessly.

"Your eyes really do resemblance that one, I hate this!"

She then drove her fingers towards Kieran's eyes but before her nails touched his eyeballs, it stopped.

"No, no, no. I've said it before, I want you to witness with your own eyes how I eat you bit by bit. I'll take one!"


Lady Wealth retracted her middle finger and plunged her index finger into Kieran's right eye socket.

She didn't pierce the eyeball but she dug the eyeball out with the tip of her finger.

Kieran shivered, the pain struck him like a tidal wave and drowned him before he could react.

Sweat burst out all over his body, his body was soaked wet with just a few seconds.

Lady Wealth laughed in a squeamish manner when she saw how Kieran suffered.

The eyeball in her mouth was rolling around her teeth and… POP!

"Not too bad! The taste is just as expected and I bet this side taste just as nice."

As Lady Wealth spoke, she healed Kieran while she bit Kieran's shoulder.


Lady Wealth ripped a piece of flesh from Kieran's shoulder and it turned bloody.

A 10 cm long strip of flesh was bitten off by Lady Wealth, she then chewed it in her mouth.

Lines of blood tainted the corner of her lips

Her exquisite face turned ugly and vicious, an unusual satisfaction burst out from the deeper part of her body, causing her to quiver.

After a while, Lady Wealth moaned in pleasure.

She said as though she was sleep talking, "You know, I really wanted to do this a long time ago! Three hundred years and I finally have the chance! Three hundred years ago, you treated me as a venting tool, now three hundred years later, we are even…"

"This is marvelous!
Lady Wealth crawled over Kieran's chest, she spoke as she was licking the wounds on Kieran's shoulder.

Of course, the person she was referring was not Kieran but the Hero Algor.

However, Lady Wealth couldn't even tell Kieran or Algor apart at that moment. She crawled over Kieran's body and sucked on him, thus she didn't notice the slight changes around her.

Bramble came out of Kieran's feet and slowly curled up. The sharp thorns expanded with the wind.

Within a breath's time, it became as sharp as a dagger.

Lady Wealth went on sucking on Kieran's body as though she didn't notice the thorns behind her, thus allowing the thorns to pierce her body like a thorn bird.

As bright as fire, as scorching as garnet.

It sounded like a song and at the same time a grunt.

The song sounded sorrowful, the grunt causes tears to drop.

Lady Wealth was muttering before everything froze.

Then, she woke up as though she was dreaming through a long slumber.

She felt pain, she felt hot.

She looked up and saw the devil's horns.

It felt like it was piercing through her body and tearing down the heavens.


An anxious cry came from Lady Wealth, she wanted to break free of the devil's hug but after being pierced by the thorn, her powers were robbed of her.

Quite the opposite, the devil's magma arms were strong and powerful.

Kieran stared coldly at the lady in his arms, he tightened his hug.

Instantly, Lady Wealth, Carricanton's cry was silenced.
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