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Lady Wealth laughed when she heard Kieran's words.

She mocked Kieran's ignorance and arrogance.

She teamed up with the Interrogator to jump on that wretched hag and her absence in the battle would have put the Interrogator into a difficult position but it wouldn't be a problem for him to hold it for a while.

In fact, if she wasn't worried about the intervention from Lightning Temple had the fight gone on for too long, the Interrogator alone would be enough to deal with Lady Thorn whose divinity degraded.

"What do you think you are? How long do you think you can hold me here? One second? Two seconds?" Lady Wealth mocked and she wasn't worried about the situation.

She didn't have to worry about wasting time nor worrying about Kieran's resistance.

With her brilliant eyes, she was looking at how Kieran was enduring her presence and with an interesting gaze, as though she was looking at an ant putting up resistance against an elephant stomp.

"Interesting! It's been a very long while since I saw a mortal like you," Lady Wealth said slowly.

"The last time you saw one was that Hero?" Kieran coldly grunted.

Kieran knew exactly what happened between Lady Wealth and Hero Algor 300 years ago through the records of "Analytics of the temples developments in Naveya City".

Lady Wealth was once Hero Algor's lover.

In fact, other than the original Lightning, Harvest, Sin, Mercy, and Thorn, the other 20 New Gods were somehow related to that Hero.

Surprisingly, a lot of those related to Hero Algor had ascended into the New Gods, including his lover, his wife, his swordmaster, his hunting master, his general, guards, and even two other servants; except Hero Algor himself!

There were very few records about Hero Algor. It may seem unusual because Hero Algor once triumphed over the Demon God who occupied Naveya City in the past.

Kieran noticed something was fishy when he first read through "Analytics of the temples developments in Naveya City" and when he entered the dungeon world, thus gaining access to more information, he had more guesses in his heart.

"If that Hero is still alive, he must hate himself for having a lover like you. Not only for losing the chance to become a God but for being forgotten by time itself! How can a vicious woman like you acquired divine position, I really don't…"


Lady Wealth growled. The obvious rage started to shake the brilliance that showered her.

"At first I thought I would kill you off quickly after stalling for some time but your bloody mouth is disgusting! I'll use the time to torture you instead! Cry as you will, my light is all over the place, no one will notice what is happening here."

Lady Wealth raised her hand, the brilliance of her divine power fell onto Kieran right away.


Kieran was struck away without any resistance and crashed into the wall of the grand hall.

The immense impact didn't just shatter the granite wall, it even embedded Kieran deep into it.

That was not the end!

Kieran was thrown around like a ragdoll by Lady Wealth for almost half a minute.

[Armour of Excellence] which has reached Legendary rank had helped Kieran endure the physical impact and the beating from the divine power before it shattered completely.

Black iron pieces fell of Kieran's body and turned into ash, it seemed like the armor was a goner.

On the contrary, the mantle [Crow's Black Feather], [Modii Boots] and [Rudenmoren Skin] were not destroyed in the process, especially [Rudenmoren Skin] which didn't even suffer a scratch from Lady Wealth's divine power.


Another throw and it crashed Kieran onto a pillar. The pillar was destroyed upon impact while Kieran fell to the floor with blood gushing out his mouth before being buried by the debris. Especially the robust pillar which crashed down on Kieran's body, causing him to spit out more blood after many bone crushing noises.

"Four of your limb bones were broken and many more broken ribs. Even your spine is completely crushed."

"Feeling bad now? You may have been able to kneel in front me just now but now, you can't even kneel, all you can do is limp around and die!"

Lady Wealth's rage slowly faded after venting her anger on Kieran. She sounded like she was taking pity on Kieran before shaking her head.

Then, she placed her foot on Kieran's head, slowing crushing his skull.

"I said it before, I will torture you painfully! I mean what I say!"

"Don't worry, even if your skull is crushed, you don't die just yet, I'll make sure your brain is intact so that I can infuse mercury in your brain! The most unforgettable scene throughout my life was the one witnessing how a man turned crazy after his brain was infused with mercury. The old me was frightened beyond words and I couldn't sleep for a very long time. It was really a nightmare for me back then."

"But as time passed by, I slowly realized that I am addicted to that scene, how a man can go crazy with a little fun! Especially when I do it myself, that feeling is intoxicating!"

The light showering Lady Wealth shook again.

It was different from her anger before, this time around it was utter excitement.

While wrapped in excitement, Lady Wealth was ceaseless with her explanation until…


A crack sounded on Kieran's skull.

Kieran's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth were gushing blood.

"Aye, I'm so sorry, I just can't seem to control my own strength."

Lady Wealth showed an apologetic expression like a cat teasing a mice before continuing but to her surprise, Kieran who should have been crippled spoke.

"The harder, the better!"

Lady Wealth was stunned.

She saw light as sharp as blades came out from Kieran's heart and circulate over Kieran's head and feet.

Ring after ring came out until there was four all over Kieran's body.

The four rings of light were sharp yet round, they were circulating around Kieran in an irregular pattern.

Then, the four lights of thorn exploded into bits.

The counter force fell on Lady Wealth while the healing power spread over Kieran's body.

The brilliance that was showering Lady Wealth started to ripple rapidly.

The mild healing power was regenerating Kieran's body bit by bit.

Lady Wealth looked at Kieran beneath her foot, her face covered in brilliance was slightly surprised but that was it, the power was unique and strange but it wasn't something that concerned her.

Quite the opposite, Kieran who had healed up piqued her interested more.

"What a magical power! I never expect you to possess something like this! I thought I would have to spend more of the divine power that I earned so hard to cover but I didn't think you would go along with my show so well…"

Before the words could be finished, it stopped abruptly.

A scorching air swept the entire grand hall and Lady Wealth who was stepping on Kieran was sent flying.

A thick magma arm reached out from below and grabbed her in mid-air, slamming her down on the floor!
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