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Every single dungeon world was a risk; every single risk must have enough rewards at the end.

It was the unspoken rule that Kieran had formed in his heart long ago and it was also the crucial condition to maintain his advantages.

Therefore, Kieran was perfectly clear on what should he do and despite him having to team up with Starbeck the mimosa plant, his goals never changed, but when taking Starbeck's safety into considerations, he had to make alterations to his plans.

His previous method of triggering sub-missions and special events continuously was changed to a more direct approach: killing off a powerful enemy and getting the rewards there instead.

While in this current dungeon world, what was more suitable as a foe than a God that was forced to clone herself because of the distraction?

Lady Wealth's body was shining brilliantly.

It was so blinding that Kieran slightly squinted his eyes but his staggering body stood firmly.

Strong I rank didn't just allow him to slowly accommodate himself under her terrorizing aura, it also allowed him to maintain his calm.

Looking at notification after notification showing that his Spirit has passed the authentication, Kieran tightly gripped [Arrogant Word].


As though the greatsword felt the battle intent of its master, the purplish bewitching blade buzzed instantly.

The buzz from the blade sounded like a war song, the wild and untamed aura of rampancy was brewing together with the dense purplish energy.

Keiran took a step forward.


A loud drum sounded from the void.

Second step.

Dong Dong!

The drums were beaten furiously, sounding off in succession.

Dong Dong Dong!

While the war drums sounded ceaseless, the aura around Kieran was agitated.

The rampant and wild energy slowly flowed out from [Arrogant Word].

It was just a slight sense of energy but it had formed a vision in front of Kieran's eyes.

Where monsters and barbarians reigned, humans were treated as food, any slight resistance from them would result in the annihilation of the entire village or tribe.

Ten years, a hundred years later, the people living as livestock were used to the cruel fate.

Ten more years, a hundred more years later, the resisting people were already dead.

The people that lived in barns were like livestock, waiting to be eaten.

Outside the city wall, skulls were hung over ropes as marks, it waved along with the wind.

However, the fire in people's heart had never been extinguished.

Inside the mountains, a human tribe was populating and living the best they could while forging weapons and swords.

They were gathering their power slowly but before they completed their goals, they were discovered by the barbarians.

This human tribe was slaughtered instantly.

A heavy, huge two-handed greatsword was dragged out of the furnace and was plunged into the tribesmen's chest; they wailed in agony while being burned alive but never did they once plead for their lives.

Then, more bodies with the giant sword stabbed through their chest were hung up on the city walls.

As the wind blew, rain showered and the sun shone, the giant sword rusted while the bodies turned into skeletons.

Another resistance was annihilated but…

A little spark may kindle a great fire.

The resistance would never be stopped; more would join its cause.

Soon, the war broke out.

Among the monsters and barbarians, the weak human tribesmen were donning armor and wielding swords on the battlefield, charging wave after wave at the city.

Bodies were everywhere but none of them were afraid of death.

Blood had tainted the land red but the unyielding will was still growling on the land.

Listen! The war drums were still beating!

Look! The warriors were still charging!

As the skeleton stopped dancing in the wind, the souls of the dead were awoken.

The dead pulled the giant sword out of their chest and followed the rhythm of the war drums as they climbed up the towering city walls.

They wielded the rusty sword, slashing enemy after enemy on top of them.

However, they eventually failed because the God of the barbarians appeared.

All the dead were crushed to nothing.

Their rusty swords sank to the bottom of the river.

Then, the vision stopped but the burning sensation was all over [Arrogant Word]'s hilt.

"Are you trying to tell me what you want to do? Don't worry, I am thinking exactly the same thing."

Kieran was feeling the burning sensation as he marched forward with non-stop muttering.


[Arrogant Word] buzzed again.

A tacit feeling never before seen was felt in Kieran's heart.

He wanted to slay the God; it wanted to slay the God.

The heart was raging; the sword was raging!

When both of their wills fused into one, a violent wind swept over where the greatsword was pointed.

The bewitching purple flashed over Wealth Temple.

The shining figure was forced to a pause and followed by the light dimming down, eventually shattering.

The figure vanished like a mirage.

A golden shining item fell on the floor but the gold was not as fierce as the changes on [Arrogant Word]. On top of the bewitching purple blade, a dazzling gold was shining rapidly, followed by a darker gold luster.

[Name: Arrogant Word]

[Type: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms]

[Rarity: Above Epic]

[Attack: Powerful]

[Attributes: 1. Arrogance II, 2. Untamed II, 3. Fury Slash]

[Effects: 1. Critical Damage, 2. Critical Rate]

[Prerequisite: Strength B- Two-handed (B+ single handed) Sharp weapon, Heavy Arms (Grand Master), tied to wielder]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: The arrogant will only speak in arrogance and work in arrogance!]


[Arrogance II: When the sword slashes an enemy, +1 to either Strength and Agility for the next attack]

[Untamed II: Facing against enemy twice your size, Stamina consumed -30%. Facing against enemy five times your size, Stamina consumed -60%. Facing against enemy ten times your size, Stamina -90%, attack power +1, has a higher chance in triggering effect]

[Fury Slash: Consume all your Stamina in exchange for attack level +2 for a single strike, 1/ week]


[Critical Damage: Has a certain chance to deal double damage when striking a target's weak point.]

[Critical Rate; Has a certain chance in dealing a higher rank attack damage]


"It leveled up?" Kieran was surprised.

The blade itself didn't change in terms of looks but its strength was enhanced multiple times over.

He never knew equipment could level up without being embedded.


Kieran recalled the scene before while he looked at the spot where the shining figure vanished.

The brilliance appeared once more at the spot and Lady Wealth appeared again.

This time, it wasn't her clone but Lady Wealth herself.

Her grand aura filled the entire Wealth Temple as though it could crush the sky and earth.

"Kneel! Sinner!"

Her figure screamed.

Her scream sounded like an explosion, it shook Kieran and made him stagger; he had to rely on [Arrogant Word] to prevent himself from falling down.

Spirit authentications were like a reverse waterfall, flooding his vision.

Kieran activated [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art, Knight's Conviction II] without further hesitation.

An instant +3 buff on Spirit attribute allowed Kieran to pass all the authentications but his situation didn't change for the better.


Another scream came from her.

It seemed like Kieran's persistence was agitating Lady Wealth's figure, causing her to explode her grand aura, even more, it felt like a real mountain was thrown on top of Kieran.

This time, it wasn't just Spirit authentication!

Kieran's bones, muscles started to groan.

Tsk Tsk Tsk!

Kieran clenched his teeth and grabbed [Arrogant Word]'s hilt, trying his best to not fall.

He straightened his neck and glared at the shining figure, saying word by word, "If you appear before me, it means victory will be ours!"
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