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Scarlet red blood and meat chunks of different sizes were all over the path after a portion of the knights were cut in half, it dyed the greenish gray marble road red.

Everything went silent.

Wealth Temple, Thorn Temple, and even the noble's guards further away, all of them were stunned as they stared at the figure who charged through the knights.

They saw the figure turn around and draw out a second outrageous greatsword, they saw the figure charging towards the group of Wealth Temple Knights again.

"T-This? Does he have a deathwish?"

One of the guard leaders uttered in shock.

To be honest, everyone was in utter disbelief as they witnessed at the scene.

From their point of view, the young man that came out from nowhere should have rendezvous with Thorn Temple, riding on the element of surprise to gain greater advantages.

"Hmph! Arrogant! He really thought that a sudden attack that caught the Wealth Temple Knights off guard would allow him to triumph over the knight's formation, he would be dead meat if he charged in like that!"

The guard leader voiced his mocking again at the figure who dived into the group of Wealth Temple Knight swiftly, the other guards leader around him couldn't help but nod in agreement.

They wouldn't argue though. Other than viewing Kieran's action as a suicidal act, they showed jealousy towards him as well.

Why Kieran could trample the battlefield and slaughter his enemies at such a young age while they had to suffer?

Even with the most experience, all they did was escort their employers during hunting activities.

It wasn't fair.

"Being lucky for once and he forgot who he was!"

"Maybe he really thinks he can overpower a hundred by himself."

"Yeah right, maybe he really did!"

The malicious discussion about Kieran went on, their face were showing disdain against the bold move.

It was almost instinct that they avoided the fact that Kieran displayed powers that they could only dream of.

After all, from their point of view, Kieran was already a dead person after turning back into his enemies.

What use would his outrageous power have if he was a dead person?

However, at the very next moment, their mocking expression were frozen on their face.

Kieran's figure who was drowned by the arrays of knights appeared on the battlefield again.

The Wealth Temple Knights who threw themselves at Kieran, trying to overpower him in terms of sheer manpower were all slashed in half!

Under the sharp blade of [Arrogant Word] and [Elmerius Sword], the armors, combat blades, and pikes together with their owners that seemed nearly indestructible in the eyes of the guards were slashed in half by absolute force.

Kieran on the other hand was still charging forward.

The two outrageously huge greatswords in his hands felt like common longswords, he wielded both of them in a flurry, whipping out heavy whistles that struck fear in people's heart.

Wails sounded all over, broken limbs were flying everywhere.

Wealth Temple Knights who had their bodies slashed in half were all over the place.

Blood flowed like river and despite all that, none of them was able to stop Kieran's advance.

The street that Kieran was on seemed narrow but it was perfect for Kieran to wield both his greatswords. Kieran transformed into a meat grinder and swept across the street, starting from the end where Thorn Temple was to the spot where he arrived just now.

Kieran then turned around again, he wanted to fight a second time.

However, the difference this time was, the guard leaders further away didn't utter anything at all.

They covered their mouths and clenched their teeth hard, trying to hold back the vomiting sensation from their throat while looking as pale as paper but when they saw the guts that came out from the knight's body and picked up the bloody stench despite the distance, they threw up.


The first one who mocked was the first to throw up, followed by a second and soon everyone threw up like falling dominoes.

The stench of vomit filled the air, the unusual movements and smell seemed to have caught Kieran's attention who had returned to the front of Thorn Temple.

When Kieran turned his eyes at the spot, the guard leaders who were limping because of the vomiting were frightened to their core, all of them started to retreat and some even fell on the ground because of their fear.

They were not cowards by any means but Kieran in their eyes was too scary.

Hundreds of Wealth Temple Knights plus the chief knight who hadn't even spoke his name were all slaughtered within a short period of time.

It was a massacre! Anyone who saw the battle wouldn't take it as a battle, a massacre would be a more appropriate word to describe the situation.

The one responsible for the scene, Kieran, wasn't a butcher in their eyes, a butcher kill livestock.

A character like Kieran who slaughtered people without even changing his expression wasn't a butcher but an asura!

An asura bathing in the blood of the slaughtered!

His blades was dripping blood from the slaughtered, his mantle was drenched wet by the blood and while his body was covered in blood, Kieran was not bothered at all.

His young face instantly became horrifying in the eyes of the noble's guards, especially when Kieran was walking towards them, fear spread throughout their hearts.

The leader of the bunch was stepping back unconsciously, the others who fell crawled back using their hands.

Fortunately, when the noble's guards retreated far enough, the horrifying asura didn't chase them, he turned back to Thorn Temple instead.

One of the noble's guard leaders was relieved, he didn't bother to conceal his fear nor did he hide his weakness after escaping from death because everyone else shared the same feeling and expression.

Their ugly and shameful manner made them unwilling to linger any longer and they dared not comment wildly on a small character who appeared out of nowhere anymore.

"I-I need to report back to my master!"

As one of the noble's guard leader went off, the bunch then swiftly left the temple district.

However, not all who saw the massacre left. The other priests, deacons and knights who were within the temple district were present. They were not involved in the battle between Thorn Temple and Wealth Temple but everyone of them were looking at Kieran with utmost interest.

Some praised, some admired, some were calm but most of it was gazes of coldness and of course there was no lack of hostile gazes either.

Not only these mortals but the Gods who shed their light over their respective temples were silently paying attention at Kieran who shined in the battlefield.

"Very nice! This is a true warrior!"

The God of War, Moranghor laughed loudly.

"Mm. His valiant manner is worthy of praise." The God of Valiance raised his hand and shed a beam of light over Kieran, washing away the blood on his body and at the same time he felt the conviction towards Lady Thorn.

It wasn't a frantic one but stern and unyielding.

"What a pity!" The God of Valiant didn't conceal his sigh.

"Why is this person a believer of Vanessa? Judging from the way he fought in the battlefield, he should be my believer!" The God of War growled in an upset manner.

The Gods around him were looking at the scene as well and then, they saw Atrina.

She walked towards Kieran and stood beside him with smiles, her eyes showed worry for the one she "loved".

"Very nice! This is good!" The God of Love, Nillusuo chuckled in a pleasant and tender female voice.

The God of Valiance sighed again and this time the God of War wasn't upset anymore, all he did was look at Kieran with utmost unwillingness.

The other Gods who were not concerned laughed.

Then, they turned their attention to Lightning Temple, The reason why the Gods paid attention to the battlefield was not because of Kieran but because the battle was caused by Lady Thorn and Lady Wealth's fierce fight.

As for Kieran, he was just an unexpected shine in the scene.

In the end, regardless of how good a mortal performed, he was just a mortal.

The Gods were the protagonists of this world, not mortals!


A loud thunder sounded and a bolt of lightning flashed over the sky.

Then, the two enormous divine presence stopped clashing.

The clouds started to disperse and the sun shined through.
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