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The visitor that Kieran was expecting was late but before that, an uninvited guest arrived first.

Dok, Dok Dok.

"Come in."

After the knock and Kieran's permission, a man dressed up in a merchant outfit came in.

He was smiling and was slightly bloated, perfectly fitting the image of a merchant.

"Good day sir, I am Eddy."

After a simple introduction, Eddy started to rant.

"What a sh*tty situation! That damn assassination forced the market to shut down for a week! I can't wait that long, so I brought some of my goods here and perhaps you may find something you need?"

"Believe me, all my goods are top quality perfection, now you can get all of them with only half the price!"

Eddy pitched as he took out his personal sack and placed some items on the tea table.

It was some small wooden and root sculpture.

Kieran really couldn't spot anything in terms of craftsmanship but he knew Eddy's purpose was not there to trade. At least a common merchant wouldn't have a dagger, three flying knives and vials of poison on him.

Aside from that, when he entered the room, the way he sized up Kieran wasn't something a merchant would do, instead he felt more like a inspector.

Kieran had came across a lot of police inspectors in the dungeons and he was very familiar with the expressions and habits of one, which shared similarities with Eddy here.

However, he was different than the inspector that Kieran knew; Eddy's sizing habit was filled with invasive manner and slightly malicious.

Kieran had a hunch about who Eddy was right away.

A secret agent?

As the thought lingered in his heart, Kieran started to socialize with the man.

"I know right, it's really not a good news for us merchants. Can we barter this?" Kieran replied with a merchant's tone.

"Of course, no problem at all!" Eddy nodded repeatedly.

Just when Kieran was taking out his goods for the trade, Eddy voiced his question subtly, "Dear sir, how do you view the assassination yesterday?

"That priest is really a poor thing, dying by the hands of an assassin but I am also very pitiful. I'm worried that if this continued, I would suffer a total loss here," Kieran answered.

"Then what else do you see? Like... in front of that inn?" Eddy continued, his words were filled with misleading guide.

"You are saying the stall selling accessories? Other than buying two copper rings, I didn't get anything else. Too bad, the pelt stall beside that really does sell some good pelt. I hope he is fine after the explosion," Kieran pretended to be sympathetic.

"Explosion? You saw the explosion as well? How terrifying!" Eddy said in shock.

"Yes, it's really terrifying! I am still grateful that I left that spot earlier, otherwise…"

Kieran shook his head as though there was lingering fear in his heart.

"You are really lucky." Eddy was sobbing and gasping.

After that, in the next half an hour, both of them bartered off a lot of goods.

Kieran was being particular in every single item and turned the deal stif a few times but eventually, both of them ended up satisfied.

"Good luck to you!" Eddy left after leaving his blessing behind.

"You too!" Kieran said his blessing with a smile as well.

After the door was closed, the merchant claimed to be Eddy left the corridor with swift steps and speed that didn't suit his body shape.

Kieran sat back at the sofa and he clearly heard Eddy's leaving footsteps.

"Is he a secret agent from Naveya's higher ranks? Or is he from the temples?" Kieran wondered.

Could it be from the city guard commander?

After witnessing how the commander distributed his men last night, Kieran didn't believe he would have such a talent like Eddy beside him.

More so, Eddy found him within a day and had detailed understanding of what Kieran did during the explosion; it wasn't what the city guards were capable of.

At least from what Kieran remembered, the accessory merchant should be severely wounded even if he didn't die from the explosion.

Under such circumstances and Eddy could still get his hands on detailed information, meaning his methods were outstanding and definitely not some John Doe.

Dok, Dok Dok.

Just when Kieran was pondering upon Eddy's identity, the door was knocked on again but before the person even talked, the door was opened.

A man with a coarse hood over his head walked in; the reason why he was obviously a man was because of the thick beard underneath the hood.

His beard was fairly grayish, meaning he wasn't young anymore, the voice that followed proved it as well.

"Mr. Ryan? Pardon me, we were only able to get your pseudonym, not your truth name. You wouldn't mind me addressing you that way right?"

The man placed his right hand before his chest and saluted in a knight's manner.

Kieran shrugged, he sized up the man without being too bothered by it.

"You can address me as Anxico or the Follower. I am different from Eddy just now, who claims to be a noble in the city but actually a secret agent from Thorn Temple. I tend to be more honest in front of friends," the man continued.

He then removed his hood and revealed his square and aged face before Kieran.

The shocking thing was, Anxico's eyes were grayed out, his pupils were lost long ago.

A blind man?

Kieran frowned. However, the way Anxico behaved didn't look like a blind person, whether it was it his walking or sitting, they seemed no different than a normal man.

"Mr. Ryan, you are surprised? With your abilities, it isn't hard for you to act like I do with your eyes closed as well right?" Anxico laughed.

"You seem to know a lot about me?" Kieran raised a brow.

"No! Other than speculating from the traces you left behind at the dock, I don't know much but I know you are not too fond of the temples and hold contempt towards the ruler of this place. You see, without my sight, I've gotten some other unusual abilities."

Anxico shook his head and showed a smile.

Then, with Kieran's permission, Anxico continued. "A very cunning enemy stands in your way, coincidentally, he is also our enemy. So I think we can work together."

Anxico stated the purpose of his visit.

"Work together… how?" Kieran seemed to be intrigued by the suggestion.

"I can give you the most detailed information on that person, of course, if you help me in dealing with another person. I'm not asking you to move alone, we will also send corresponding manpower to aid you. Please believe me, I am not lying or holding any malicious intents. After all, having an ally in Naveya City is really hard to come by." Anxico said.

"Hmm. I believe you don't have any allies in Naveya right? Otherwise, you wouldn't have not noticed someone was following you all this time," Kieran said with a smile.

"W-What?!" Anxico was stunned.

A figure appeared behind Anxico out of thin air and the dagger in the figure's hand was drive towards his back.
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