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A massacre between players was happening in front of Kieran.

Swords and knives clashed, guns and cannons were fired.

Screams of agony flooded everywhere as white light flashed.

Within a mere minutes, over 20 players died.

The trigger that incited the massacre was a garden. A garden filled with many kinds of herbs and it was keeping a lot of half-completed potions.

The herb garden originally belonged to Broker but as he went into hiding in his own room, the garden lost its owner. Even more so, when Lawless brought his group to approach the garden carefully, only then did he realize that the heavy guards that were usually around the garden were all gone, all related personnel were gone.

What they left behind was a messy herb garden and many half-completed potions and it was those things that triggered the massacre.

When one of the players bagged the herbs and potion, the fight broke out.

The battle started off on a small scale between a few players and in less than 2 minutes, the battle escalated to guild battle.

"Damn it! I have a feeling that all of these unnecessary battles were all set up by that bastard Broker! Not only these two guilds, but there are also many other fights that broke out on his other properties!"

Lawless cursed Broker when he received the newest update on the situation. He took a puff on his cigar and asked, "What now?"

"That bastard is much more ruthless than I thought. Believe me, Broker isn't a guy that is willing to give up his benefits out without a fight. Soon, he will retrieve everything he's lost, plus interest!" Kieran said in a heavy tone as he watched the fight further away.

He knew after this kind of massacre, the guilds formed by the players would have suffered huge losses and when Broker decided to counterattack, they would only be able to do so much then.

If the guilds didn't fall with a single blow from Broker by then, they really had some strong support behind them.

Obviously, Lawless knew about this.

"I'll transmit the situation here to those guys, hoping that it will calm them down a bit."

Lawless then started to contact those guildmaster that he was familiar with.

Looking at his friend, Kieran secretly shook his head.

The situation at hand wasn't something that could stop with some persuasive words anymore.

Stopping these bloodthirsty players from killing each other?

Unless Kieran were to intervene with his own hands, it wasn't possible.

However, Kieran believed even if he intervened, the situation would not turn for the better but will instead go downhill faster.

Besides, judging from Broker's character, he'd really hope Kieran and Lawless along with the others were involved.

People die for wealth; birds die for food.

Kieran could already picture what kind of rumors would be waiting for him if he went and stopped the players from killing each other and claimed the place for himself.

'2567 found Legendary weapons in Broker's secret base!'

'2567 found Legendary skill books in Broker's secret base!'

Such rumours would definitely spread like wildfire among players and Kieran believed if Broker could give up all these existing properties just like that, then he must have prepared for everything.

He might really place one or two Legendary items in some of the places.

However, it didn't mean Kieran would stay away and do nothing either.

"Tell those guildmasters to be wary of those players or factions who looting the things in the locations or inciting further conflict. They might be the spies Broker left behind," Kieran said.

Lawless was stunned for a fraction of a second before reacting to the situation.

He quickly turned Kieran's advise into written message and sent them off to the guildmasters but the few replies he got in return were enough to explain the situation.

"These good-for-nothing bastards!"

Lawless was so upset by the replies he punched the wall beside him.

Huuha, huuha!

His heavy breaths made him look like a raging ox; it went on for almost 20 seconds before he calmed down.

"What is Broker going after?" Lawless thought about the question the moment he returned to his usual self.

"I don't know. Do you know any of those players who worked together with Broker in the bazaar?" Kieran asked.

Kieran really had no idea what Broker was trying to do right now, despite him having guesses but that was it.

Compared to wild guesses, he was more willing to take things upon himself in order to gather more information about the situation.

"I don't know but I know someone who does!" Lawless replied.

"Starbeck?" Kieran reacted immediately.

"Yup! Follow me, we shall have a chat with him." Lawless then turned around to the train station.

Kieran followed.


The meeting with Starbeck went smoothly.

Kieran and Lawless saw Starbeck in an extremely common villa equipped with a garden.

Though the term "common" was only valid when it was used with Starbeck's identity.

Kieran originally thought Starbeck would be inside a palace, living like a prince, not wearing casual clothings with an apron, tending to his small garden.

Looking at Starbeck with his scissors and sprinkling can, meticulously taking care of his bonsai plants, Kieran was slightly stunned. The mimosa under the back light had an extremely tranquil presence, just like a small white flower under the first light.

Kieran raised a brow and turned to his friend beside him.

Lawless however pretended like nothing happened and went straight in.

"Sup, Starbeck. Can you introduce us to those wealthy players that worked with Broker in his little bazaar?"

Lawless cut straight to the point after greeting Starbeck.

"What happened?" Starbeck lowered his gardening tools and looked at Lawless in a confused look.

Lawless then turned to Kieran and after Kieran nodded, he immediately explained what happened.

"I see." Starbeck gave a long sigh.

"You know any of them? Faster, tell me what happend!"

Lawless was stunned by the long sigh before being overwhelmed with joy.

"I'm sorry. I have a contract with Broker. I can't reveal the details to a third person. Who would've known Broker would have scruples against you, 2567. There's a high chance that you might be the few of them," Starbeck said in an apologetic tone before sizing up Kieran with an unusual gaze.

The unusual gaze reminded Kieran of the gaze from someone who had discovered some precious treasure.

Uncontrollably, Kieran frowned but he didn't pressure Starbeck anymore.

As a player, he knew the power of the contract.

"That piece of no good sh*t! Cunning bastard merchant!" Lawless said with gnashing teeth before throwing his fist in the air.

Even though Lawless didn't mean anything by it, Starbeck's character was still frightened by the sudden fist throw, he almost fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Kieran was there to prevent that from happening.

"Thanks. My character always gets me in trouble…"

Before he could finish, Starbeck's body was trembling hard all of a sudden as though he saw something terrifying.

At the same time, Kieran that felt his chest was getting hot.

The [Blade of the Daybreaker (Sub Scroll)] flew out on its own.
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