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Under Ancilanco and Duke Wayne's gazes of disbelief, a gigantic figure rose up in the blazing flame.

It had magma as armor and blazing fire as wings.

Its horns pierced the sky and its body was the embodiment of blasphemy.

"The Devil!"

Uncontrollable cries of shock came out from Ancilanco and Duke Wayne's mouth.

With both of their knowledge and experience in addition to their vast understanding of the mystical realm, they were sure the figure that appeared before them was the devil.

Their brains couldn't even comprehend why Kieran could transform into the devil, so at that moment, all their mind could think of was, run!

Run with their lives!

Although Duke Wayne was still boasting about himself as a supreme mortal and praised Ancilanco as a revived God a moment ago, what was the real situation actually?

A supreme mortal. A supreme mortal in the age of fallen mystics.

A revived God. A revived God without his divine position, divinity, and even his divine flame was flickering to die out.

Of course, despite their current state, it wasn't hard for them to face the devil during their prime but now, they were no match for Kieran at all.

When the thought struck their minds, Duke Wayne and Ancilanco couldn't help but exchange gazes. Both of them spotted the shock in each other's eyes.

This was planned beforehand! Everything was planned beforehand!

While both of them were plotting their evil schemes, Kieran was also planning his own! And both of them were included in Kieran's plan.

Think about the captive that Kieran left behind in the small chapel.

From the very start, Duke Wayne could still comfort himself by telling himself Kieran's vigilance and meticulous means let him realize something was fishy or Kieran's unyielding attitude, trying to find out more about to truth or even using his disguise as the captive to bargain with Ancilanco for more leverage, but now?

Duke Wayne realized from that moment onwards, he somehow stepped inside Kieran's plan.

The process of fighting over the body with Ancilanco and the self-destructing battle with the Diabolic Demon, wasn't all of that the reason behind Duke Wayne's current situation?

Ancilanco, on the other hand, didn't figure out as much as Duke Wayne because he could always see the shadow of that damned woman in Kieran.

As cunning withas many faces as that woman, she had always used her mask to confuse everyone before her but now, nothing else mattered anymore.

The most important thing now in Ancilanco's mind was how to escape, alive!

Ancilanco in his plague beast form pushed back with all four of his limbs, he quickly propelled his huge body backward, he didn't even care about Duke Wayne who attached himself on the airship.

Though Duke Wayne was not slow either, the airship glimmering in faint golden light slowly rose up to the air the moment Ancilanco made his move.

However, it was obvious he was still slower than Ancilanco in his plague beast form, so Duke Wayne decided to accelerate!

The faint golden light formed a set of chains and quietly cuffed itself onto the plague-beast, but…

The moment the chains cuffed its target, the burst open like a bubble under the sun, vanishing into nothing with a "pop" sound.

It was an illusion!

Duke Wayne's expression sank deeper but swiftly after that, his expression changed drastically.

A sudden huge suction force appeared beneath the airship, not only turning his flight into an extravagant hope, it even changed his steering direction. The airship was steered into the blazing flames.


Duke Wayne cried out in astonishment but it was too late.

In the middle of the blazing sea, that tall figure extended its fiery wings.


A scorching rampant wind ravaged the land.

The mystic runes on the fiery wings shined ceaselessly, the feeling of extreme danger turned into a shadow of death, pressuring Duke Wayne's mind.

Duke Wayne spent his greatest effort in building up his defense but the airship was damaged in the first place, so what if Duke Wayne spent all his effort?

Facing off against the sudden blast wave from the fiery wings, his defenses were nothing but thin paper.


The blazing flame engulfed the airship in a devastating manner.

The weapon of inheritance of the Church of Light, "The Sun", swiftly broke down under the devil's flame and it turned into fuel for the flames. Duke Wayne who attached himself to the airship was the first to bear the brunt.

That half a head was instantly charred and withered, a little while later all of the remains of Duke Wayne turned into ashes without any possibility of recovering.


Ancilanco laughed coldly when he saw the scene.

This revived God didn't mind when people set up others at all. Likewise, he himself liked to set up others as well and if any of his targets fell for the traps, all he could say was his targets were too stupid, just like those idiots that believed his words back then and thought they could ascend to the heavens with a single step.

If it was possible, how could he be sealed off by that women for over a thousand years?

"All of you are idiots!"

The revived God held his stand in this debate, his eyes were locked tightly on the horrifying devil figure and his brain was calculating the angles of the blast waves from the fiery wings.

Ancilanco wanted to have enough space to dodge the attack. As long as he could dodge another two more times, he could completely escape the devil's attack range.

Although the devil could fly, he wouldn't have caught up in terms of speed.

As for the other types of abilities of the devil?

Ancilanco wasn't worried about that. After all the devil wasn't a daemon, based on the looks, the devil must be skilled in melee combat.

"Will he fire out another blast wave to prevent my escape? Then chase up to me using the advantages of the terrains? Or will he resurrect some dead souls to drag me down?"

Guesses popped up in Ancilanco's mind but right after that…

Ancilanco realized darkness shrouded above his head.

He looked upwards out of instinct and he realized he was locking gazes with another thousand more eyes! Eyes that were glowing in rainbow light!

An enormous monster formed out of a myriad of intertwining hands and legs with a vicious look, appeared above Ancilanco's head, covering him completely.

The plague-beast form that should have been huge instantly looked petty in front of the enormous monster.

"What the f…"

The revived God was stunned completely, he didn't even finish the words that he wanted to express and he was drowned by thousands of scorching beams firing down from the eyes above him.

Similar to Duke Wayne, Ancilanco in his beast form died without an intact body. Not only that, the remaining scorching beams didn't seem to stop after obliterating the plague-beast, it continued ravaging the ground inside the crater.

The huge crater was deepened yet again and it reached the underground water vein.

Water started to gush out from the bottom of the crater, filling it up rapidly.

A mere few hours later, what was left of St. Paolo School was a huge lake.

The sunlight was shining on the surface, producing a warm glistening scene.

However, the mystics beside the lake had no mood to enjoy the beautiful scene before their eyes, all of them were searching for leftover traces.

They hoped to find out about the result of the final battle but their searches were fruitless.

None of them could locate anyone related to the incident at all.

Kieran, Guntherson and Sister Moni were all gone.

Three days later, a wedding was held.
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