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"You cunning bastard! 2567!"

Ancilanco and Duke Wayne stared at the figure who grabbed "Ancilanco Codex" and were screaming furiously.

Kieran glanced over the two of them before turning back to Guntherson and Sister Moni.

"How's the sister?" Kieran asked.

"Without that damned book, she'll be on her feet soon," Guntherson replied.

He then held Sister Moni in one hand and drew the sword from his waist with another.

Dawn Force that should have been mild suddenly swirled around the guardian knight's body in a rapid manner.

"Aikhar! Ancilanco! Both of you damn bastards finally show up! I've been waiting for this day a very, very long time!"

While bathing in the faint white light, the old guardian knight stared at the two opponents before him with utmost killing intent. His killing intent was at an all-time, so high that it felt like it had materialized and turned into a knife slicing Ancilanco and Duke Wayne's skin.

Though both of them were not that concerned, or rather, the points that concerned them were different.

"You knew I confused Aikhar?"

"Shouldn't you be at the training camp of the Knights of Dawn?"

The former came from Ancilanco and the latter came from Duke Wayne.

Despite the unusual tacit agreement between them, neither Kieran nor Guntherson gave a reply.

The old guardian knight coldly grunted and his killing intent grew even fiercer; Kieran, on the other hand, lifted the "Ancilanco Codex" with his palm.

His fair palm and his long, powerful fingers squeezed hard on that thick codex. His action immediately produced a metallic screech.

Gak Tsssssss!

While the screeching sounded, Ancilanco and Duke Wayne shouted in unison, "STOP!"
Both of them threw themselves at Kieran.

The different goals in both their hearts would not allow Kieran to destroy the "Ancilanco Codex", not even a bit.

The mirages of a gray snake and a gray toad appeared above Ancilanco.

A mottled sunrise slowly appeared above Duke Wayne as he prayed softly.

The Plague!

The Light!

The grayish-green Plague Force brought despair, countless men died with agonizing wails under its cold stare.

The brilliant white Light Force brought grandness, countless men kneeled on the ground, praying for forgiveness from that prideful existence.

Ancilanco and Duke Wayne were displaying their own strength.


On the other side, two tender and unyielding Dawn Force was not stepping down as well, it even felt stronger! Because of Guntherson and Kieran originated from Dawn!


Both of them yelled, a 20 meter giant light sword plus another energy blast appeared instantaneously, and since both attacks were from the same origin, they resonated the moment they appeared.


Amid the powerful buzz, the energy blast was swiftly fused into the giant light sword.

Immediately, the light from the sword surged as the sword grew!

25 meters!

30 meters!

35 meters!

The brilliant light was radiating, the light sword's sharpness was glaring.

Dak Dak Dak Dak!


Images of soldiers in heavy armors and riders riding charging warhorses appeared within the light sword.


An unsophisticated and bleak growl sounded as the images appeared.

The war drums sounded like thunder, the war banners waved like gales.

The heavy armored soldiers raised their shields high, the riders laid their lances straight.

Then, the order came!


Charging forward fearlessly, slashing down every obstacle in its path!

It charged through the cold stare and slashed through the prideful existence!

The despair gave birth to hope; Hope constantly thrived to become stronger!

Dawn Sword with the will of Kieran and buffed by Guntherson's power perforated everything before their eyes.



After the sharp cutting sounds, a huge explosion followed.

The ground was cut off a dozen meters deep once again as dust stormed the area.

Kieran and Guntherson stood side by side in front of Sister Moni, blocking her from harm.

Kieran's expression didn't even change but Guntherson the old guardian knight was slightly panting.

Age was a cunning thing, while it provided one with a certain wisdom, it would take away one's healthy body and the abundant amount of energy, even the old guardian knight couldn't stop it from happening on him.

But, did it matter?

Moni was finally free, free from that goddamned curse.


"Bring the sister away from here, those two are trying to throw their dying kicks." Kieran waved at Guntherson.


Guntherson didn't hesitate at all, he knew what he had to do right now. He carried Sister Moni and started to run out of the crater.

"Run? I don't think so!"

The voice belonged to first generation Duke Wayne and a golden beam of light was fired out from the dust cloud towards Guntherson.

Another huge monster that was a dozen meters tall with a buff body and all four limbs on the ground rose from the dust cloud. Its green face, sharp fangs, and red hair looked extra ferocious as it threw itself towards Kieran.

However, both attacks missed!

Guntherson accelerated all of a sudden, dodging the golden beam easily.

While Kieran vanished from the spot as the monster landed, whipping up another dust cloud upon impact.

Though this time, the dust cloud faded quicker than before and everything was clear after that.

Other than the plague-beast which Ancilanco transformed into, something happened to Duke Wayne also.

The remains of his mechanical body completely vanished from the Dawn Sword attack, all that was left was half of his head sticking on that fallen airship.

The airship which had its light extinguished earlier lit up in golden brilliance again when the half a head stuck on to it but it was less bright than before.

Likewise, the plague-beast that looked huge may seem utterly vicious but the rapid pants from its mouth stated that Ancilanco wasn't fine at all.

Kieran and Guntherson's combined attack was not something they could withstand and walk away from unharmed, even if the energy would cancel each other out. Ancilanco and Duke Wayne still suffered irreversible damage, but neither of them gave up just yet.

"Now, you are the only one left! After we kill you and Guntherson later, my plan can still succeed!" Duke Wayne said coldly.

"Then we will settle our debts!" Ancilanco's voice came from the plague beast's mouth.

"Let's get this over quickly!" Duke Wayne said.

Before this, both of them were still trying to kill each other but right now, they swiftly sided with each other to form a temporary alliance.

Both of them viciously stared at Kieran.

Both of them didn't conceal their utmost killing intent because it wasn't necessary and they couldn't.

It was the young man before their eyes that forced them into such an ugly position.

Their smooth sailing plans that were supposed to work had turned into ruble and debris, it wasn't something they could tolerate.

While being stared down at by the two of them, Kieran didn't change his expression, it was still calm as always.

He threw "Ancilanco Codex" beside his feet. He looked at the two of them who were charging up their attack and spoke slowly, "So both of you have used up all your trump cards? Then… I guess it's my turn!"

Kieran's tone was like stating a fact and sometimes, the fact were hard for some to accept.

Ancilanco didn't accept it, neither did Duke Wayne.

"Maybe you have one or two more trump cards but can your cards fight both of us at the same time? A revived God and a supreme mortal? No, not even the resonated Dawn Sword can! You are too arrogant! If Guntherson stays, you might have a huge chance to win but now? Do you think you really are a God from the legendary era? Other than a real God, who dares claim they can fight both of us at the same time?"

Duke Wayne whose long-time plot failed as everything went south for him mocked Kieran with his words.

In the past, he refused to conduct such petty tricks to provoke his enemies but at this very moment, he was using it to anger Kieran and also make himself feel better.

Though his intentions leaned more towards the second reason.

"A real God? Of course, I am not! But… what if I am the Devil?" Kieran smiled.

Ancilanco and Duke Wayne were stunned.

At the very next moment, the chaotic aura with a sulfuric stench pressured them like the weight from Mount. Taishan, smashing down on them from up above.

Endless flames started to burn across the huge crater, as though the abyss had returned to earth.
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