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Kieran went back to the school without stopping.

However, he didn't go through the main gate.

Right now, St. Paolo's main gate was flooded with all kinds of people that were attracted by the divine miracles.

Some were really grateful from the bottom of their heart, some were there just for show and of course there were the ones who had doubts in their hearts.

When the three parties gathered together at a single point, a simple thought would allow one to know what would happen.

Fortunately, the school security team patrolled back and forth around the gate, thus preventing any real conflict amongst the crowd.

Kieran deeply knew that, so he wouldn't show himself there.

After leaping over the fence, Kieran went through the field and reached the teaching and administrative dorm building. The wagon from Wayne Manor had already been parked there for quite a while and Sister Moni was going through the books with a delightful look.

"2567, I really don't know what to say! This is great!"

The elderly sister was a little lost for words but Kieran understood the sister's feelings very well.

After all, the inheritance of a whole faction couldn't just rely on a single person or a group of people, written records were essential to keep the traditions, including all sorts of spells and arts together with the combination all sorts of trivial and mandatory things to form a truly complete inheritance, or in this case, the legacy.

While the Church of Dawn which had lost its historic records could be considered dead even with Sister Moni and Guntherson around, if the records were rediscovered, the Church of Dawn's name would continue on secretly even if it had limits to where its reputation could go and even if the crucial spells and arts were gone for good.

"It's what I'm suppose to do but on the way back, I bumped into the Church of Light."

Kieran didn't hide his encounter because it was impossible for him to, all Sister Moni needed to do was simply ask John to know what happened.

The outfits and armor of the knights of Light were very conspicuous, besides that, Kieran had more matters to inquire about with the sister.

"Them? Did they propose to use the [Light of Holy Index] and [Holy Spirit Transfuse Spell] to complete the advance skill of the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]?" The elderly sister said with a sigh.

"Seems like it's not the first time they made such proposition," Kieran smiled.

This was why it was necessary for Kieran to discuss thing with Sister Moni.

Even the secretive matters couldn't fool this elderly sister.

"Yes, after the [Daybreak Dawn Art] was lost, each time a big incident occured, the Church of Light would use such methods to tie the Church of Dawn to their war wagon but each time, the matters were related to the survival of the church, so we would never change our original decision just to advance in the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]. After all, the Church of Dawn weren't just knights but the people as well. The only time both sides reached an accord was 50 years ago but it was also because I went back on the promise at the last moment, the collaboration failed to bear fruit" the elderly sister nodded.

"Which means, the [Light of Holy Index] and [Holy Spirit Transfuse Spell] can really reach the effects of the [Daybreak Dawn Art]?" Kieran asked.

Although there must be a reason for the knight of Light to state such conditions, Kieran trusted his own allies more.

"It's almost the same because originally, the Church of Dawn separated out from the Church of Light and for quite a long period of time we were still a subsidiary of the Church of Light. The [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] and [Knights of Light Body Tempering Art] does have their differences but it wasn't that drastic and if one were to use the [Light of Holy Index] and [Holy Spirit Transfuse Spell] to advance, it wouldn't be much of a problem," Sister Moni explained.

"Then… how about the [Daybreak Dawn Art]? How did it get lost?" Kieran asked after sinking in his thoughts for a while.

"The [Daybreak Dawn Art] had no written records, it was passed down by word of mouth among a few knights within the church. But when all these related personnel died in a sudden ambush, the art was naturally lost," Sister Moni explained slowly.

She sounded casual but Kieran's heart was raging with tidal waves.

It wasn't just a simple incident since it wiped out all of the knights of Dawn who mastered the [Daybreak Dawn Art] in one go, especially in the era where the church still had authority. If such an incident really happened, it must be a severe change.

"What really happened?" Kieran pressed the question.

"During a joint operation with the Church of Light to expel the Demon God, all of the knights of Dawn perished," the elderly sister sighed again.

"Is the Church of Light behind that incident?" Kieran asked out of instinct.

"No! The knights of Light were annihilated as well, both the knights of Light and Dawn perished together with the Demon God! I suppose you want to ask why did the Church of Light's arts and inheritance weren't lost in that operation?"

Kieran nodded immediately.

"A divine miracle! The God of Light descended his miracle and branded the [Light of Holy Index] and [Holy Spirit Transfuse Spell] onto his own statue. Back then, my teacher didn't believe it to be real so, I was sent together with a few my other companions to have a look. We confirmed the divine miracle because of the divine presence in the statue. It's not possible for me to sense wrongly so even if teacher was extremely unwilling, nothing could be done. After the annihilation of the knights of Dawn, the Church of Dawn started to fall down the slopes and it foreshadowed the changes that would come in the followingdecades."

As the elderly sister explained, her eyes were looking sad again.

"I see." Kieran nodded again but in his heart, he still couldn't believe it was just a mere coincidence.

"It might seem like a coincidence but it had it also had its necessity. Back then the Church of Dawn has reached its prime and it would eventually go down hill, just like how you, 2567 appeared now. This matter revolves around the Church of Light. Guntherson and I will support you unconditionally, whether you choose to work with them or reject them, it's all up to you. We will share the burden and take responsibility for what happens next."

Sister Moni put away her sorrow and said to Kieran with a smile.

"Thank you for your support, I'll think about it carefully."

Kieran assured Sister Moni with a serious look.

He wouldn't just simply believe others, neither would he simply let people down.

It sounded conflicting right? Well, Kieran was a conflicted person to begin with.

The natural kindness in him and the traits that formed by surviving in his living environment created such a paradox in his heart. Fortunately, the pros were bigger than cons.

Sister Moni felt the seriousness in Kieran, she smiled and turned around, wanting to continue tidying the books but Kieran stopped her.

"Oh right! Do you still know anyone who can perform abilities similar to a divine possession?"

"Similar to a divine possession? Based on what I know, the Church of Light and the Church of Shadows' bishops can achieve it but the others… I don't know. After all, this world is huge, no one can guarantee whether or not there is someone with special gifts since birth," the elderly sister replied after some thought.

"Can you describe these two bishops in detail for me? Especially this, Church of Shadows? It's quite a rare term coming from you." Kieran's interest and curiosity were piqued in an instant.

"The Church of Shadows?"

When the term was mentioned, Sister Moni's face looked a little weird but when Kieran heard her reply, his face turned weird also.

The Church of Shadow was a separation from the Church of Dawn!
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