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Meanwhile, inside a certain wagon, Kieran and John were sitting opposite each other.

Kieran was thinking with his eyes closed while John sized up Kieran with a curious gaze from top to bottom.

"Do I look so weird to you?" Kieran took a deep breath and opened his eyes helplessly.

Even with his eyes closed, when he was being sized up back and forth within such a short distance, it was no different than waving a burning hot rod in front of his eyes as it was hot and obvious.

If it was someone else, Kieran could still use other means to teach some manners to the person but John?

As one of his friends in the native circle, Kieran couldn't do as he wished.

Kieran was always very tolerant of his friends since he had only a handful that he considered one.

"Um. It's the first time I've seen a God's Child… sorry."

John nodded at first before giving an apologetic smile.

Even though he had touched the mystical realm unknown to commons, when he saw how Kieran expelled the plague with a wave of his hand, it was still very overwhelming.

John's broken worldview further crumbled to pieces.

If it wasn't his occupation that made him a strong man with a strong heart, he might have suffered a meltdown a while ago. But even though he avoided the meltdown, his curiosity was inevitable.

"How did you do it?" John couldn't hold back his question.

"It's complicated," Kieran said. He couldn't spare any more details to John, even if he was a friend.

John also respected Kieran's decision to not tell, he shrugged before he switched the topic.

"So why are we heading to Wayne Manor now?" John looked at Kieran with shining eyes.

John was willing to respect Kieran's decision before, so he wished Kieran would respect his occupation as well and not put him in a difficult situation.

He knew everything about the grudge between Kieran and the Wayne family.

"Relax, I don't like killing innocents. This trip to Wayne Manor is because one of the Wayne family members is related to the plague outbreak. And, if I really wanted to do anything at all, why would I bring you along?" Kieran showed a smile to John.

It wasn't a lie yet wasn't the whole truth but John didn't know that.

When Kieran mentioned the plague was related, John's attention was completely captured and he asked out of instinct, "Is it that bastard who created the plague?"

"Not much of a difference, since he is involved, and… including that time in the station and all kinds of traps that specifically targeted the school, it should all be his handy work, just for that thing."

As Kieran spoke, he intentionally diluted Reed's role in all this. It was a request from the elderly sister.

Kieran didn't want to comment on the request though, he had expected the elderly sister's kindness at first.

Reed's death didn't even matter anymore, now Kieran wanted to know everything about Ancilanco, therefore Wayne Manor had become the important factor in all this.

Of course, not only Wayne Manor but other suspicious spots in the city as well, Kieran had sent people there to investigate as he headed to Wayne Manor with John.

However, the main point was still within Wayne Manor.

What place was the safest?

The most dangerous place was the safest place!

Given that Gateli's character liked to exploit the weakness of others, he should know all of this since he considered himself smart enough.

Kieran suspected there might be a high possibility that Gateli hid within the huge Wayne Manor, including his ally of the Revival Society as well.

"Who is it? Who is that bastard?" John asked after being captivated by Kieran's words.

John who experienced the horror of the plague knew it was a critical moment last night. If it wasn't for Kieran who lent a hand, the city at this time might be in a horrible state, like purgatory on earth.

For someone who might be responsible for creating such a horrible scene, John really hoped that he could kill the culprit with his gun.

"Gateli," Kieran answered.

"Gateli? The heir that I know of?" John asked with a surprised look.

"Yes," Kieran nodded.

"But he… faked his death?!" John quickly reacted to Kieran's words.

The chief officer became angrier after that.

In John's point of view, Gateli who faked his death to escape and created the plague had become an extremely cunning and wicked beyond redemption.

So when they arrived at Wayne Manor, John was very cooperative with Kieran.

"Welcome, Chief Officer John!"

In front of the manor's gate which has been rebuilt, a middle-aged man lead a couple of young ones in welcoming John.

After going through multiple changes, Wayne family's reputation was not as nice as before.

Last time when John visited, the servants and attendants were there to welcome him, not the direct kin of the family but still, the necessary manners and etiquette still remained.

At least they still respectfully greeted John and Kieran who stood beside the chief officer.

"Who may this good sir be?" The middle-aged man asked.

The young men behind him found it hard to conceal their curiosity.

After all, Kieran's outfit under the daylight was quite eye-catching. Aside from the other aspect, his hooded mantle would 100% turn heads if he walked around the street.

"Sir 2567, or you can call him His Majesty God's Child."

John stepped aside and purposely maintained humility to his words.

"Go… God's Child, his Majesty?"

The middle-aged man stuttered and sweat started to seep out of his forehead.

The few young men behind him that was using a curious gaze to size up Kieran were completely frightened after knowing his identity.

Wayne Manor was right beside the city, anything that happened would not slip through their eyes and ears.

The appearance of the plague and the expelling of the plague, the appearance of the Church of Dawn's God's Child, tens of thousands of people gathered in front of the school, etc.

Each of the incidents alone would frighten them to their bones.

How did Wayne family rise into power in the first place?

They broke the "restraints" of the Church of Dawn.

Now as the family's power has weakened and a God's Child appeared in the Church of Dawn, what would the Waynes face next?

In fact, the family members had called an emergency meeting since dawn, discussing how would they deal with this God's Child.

However, without the real leader leading them, everyone was just arguing back and forth without forming any real measures but Kieran had taken the initiative to pay them a visit.

"Greetings, Your Highness!"

The middle-aged man kept his emotions at bay forcing himself to calm down.

One of the young men behind him even ran back into the manor.

Kieran saw it but he didn't stop it because…

It wasn't necessary!

Now, Kieran wasn't the newbie in his first dungeon anymore, he wasn't the petty player that was pressured by the hugely influential Wayne family and made him run out of breath.

The hugely influential family currently looked extremely petty, they didn't deserve any of Kieran's concern anymore.

If there was trouble, Kieran would just brush it off.
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