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Kieran who walked out from the light waved his hand up and filled the place with more light.

The lethal plague quickly dispersed under the showering light, the unconscious people started to wake up.

They looked around with empty gazes, they saw their families after a while and also Kieran who was shining.

At the same time, they also remembered everything that happened.

It was the plague, the plague that knocked them out cold but now?

They felt a lot better and refreshed. The dizziness in their heads were gone and they felt a lot more energetic.

Was he the one who saved them?

The people who were healed looked at Kieran under the light, feeling utterly grateful from the bottom of their heart, especially a white-haired elder who was lingering on the verge of death.

The elder who had gone through the old era saw Kieran in a black robe yet felt absolutely divine, the memories of his youth started to come afloat in his mind.

Back then, a lot of great men stood high before any catastrophic events, saving the likes of him like how Kieran did. However, unconsciously as time flew, the great men swiftly vanished.

The elders said the Gods had abandoned the place.

The wise men said Gods were unreal.

The nobles said the people should be ruled by them.

All sorts of words and comments filled that era.

Each of them crowned themselves as the wise and thought they could represent all.

In the end, however, it was the victors who wrote histories.

The Dawn has fallen, vanished.

Leaving behind nothing but reconstruction after the war.

Blood flowed like rivers and bodies piled up like mountains.

Those days were unbearable for everyone.

The elder recalled how he longed for the light to shine on him when he was young and now, the light appeared once again.

The elderly looked at Kieran under the light, his eyes couldn't help but teared up badly.

"A divine miracle! This is a divine miracle! The Goddess of Dawn didn't abandon us! Even if we have forgotten the blessing of the Goddess, at the very last moment, the Goddess still sent her emissary here to save us!" The elder cheered.

God, has returned!

No, God had never left!

Looking at God's emissary bathing in light, the light from him was much more dazzling and powerful yet more tender from what he remembered.

Unconsciously, the elder kneeled down with one knee.

"Oh respectful and merciful Bernadette, please forgive your lost child! He now understoodd his fault, he has now returned to you! You are watching your children on earth from your divine kingdom. He will fulfill your wish with all his abilities! Oh God loves us all!"

The elder cheered up loud and it echoed around.

Orph was the first to join the elderly with his utterly devoted look.

Wasn't this the divine miracle that he had been anticipating for all this while?

Healing the plague-infected and return them to their healthy state, now all things had been fulfilled.

What else did he doubt?

"Oh, merciful Bernadette…"

Orph too started to pray.

Compared to the elder who relied on his memories to utter prayers, Orph who had been around the elderly sister was much more skilled, the complete prayers and the standard motions, it had a kind of solemn ritualistic feeling.

When the others, who had just woke up, heard the elder's cheers, their hearts were filled with respect and when they saw Orph's actions, they too unconsciously followed him in praying.

Orph as a doctor had an outstanding reputation among the crowd but what really made them follow the praying was Kieran in the light.

The people who grew up in the new era of the nobles didn't know the so-called mystical realm, neither did they understand what all of these represented.

When the mysterious and life-saving debt crossed, the mixed feeling produced reverence in everyone's heart but there was an exception as well.

That little girl stopped crying when her parents woke up, she looked at Kieran with her crystal clear eyes.

"Can you help my mommy?" The little girl asked suddenly.

The sudden request amidst the prayers was very ear-catching.

Instantly, it captured everyone's attention and the prayers were forced to a pause.

It was then the people noticed on the mother's face and hands, there were scars left behind by the puss. It wasn't lethal but it made her look hideous and scary.

Then, the people turned to Kieran and Kieran too walk forth under everyone's gaze.

"My...My great lord, my daughter is just…"

The little girl's parents sounded afraid as they spoke, especially the mother who didn't care about the pain on her scars and tried her best in begging Kieran.

The light then shone again.

The milder light that had more healing power shined on the mother's face and hands, the hideous scars quickly healed up with exponential speed.

Not only the mother of the girl but others who were under the light felt the changes on their bodies as well.

They felt even more energetic and their spirits felt more refreshed than ever.

[Holy Light]!

It was different than [Heal] which only healed the wounded status, [Holy Light] had the effect to gradually recover HP.

Although the effect wasn't instant, the scene before the people's eyes was enough to do the trick.

Those who had lingering doubts of Kieran discarded every bit of them when they saw this scene.

The prayers sounded even louder after the pause.

"Are you God's emissary?" The little girl asked Kieran with a cheerful tone after seeing her mother returned to normal.

"Yup," Kieran nodded.

A white lie was necessary at times.

"Then can I find you sometimes? I will share my biscuit with you!"

The little girl's innocent words had the sincerity that adults lacked, neither would she go after the so-called material gains.

'If a child is willing to share her biscuit with you, it means you are her friend.'

It was a simple and direct rule yet it would become complicated and twisted because of the passing of time.

Once additional factors were added in, it would even turn out fake.

Kieran looked down into the little girl's clear and straight eyes, he nodded again.


Right away, the little girl cheered happily.

While the little girl was cheering, Kieran looked to Orph.

"Is every one of the infected patients gathered here?" Kieran asked.

Since he decided to make a move, Kieran didn't plan to leave anything behind.

"The patients here are all common households, that's why they came to us for help, there are some others…"

Orph hasn't finished but his meaning was obvious enough.

The ones who came to the school were common citizens, those wealthy families had their own personal doctors to treat them.

"Doctor Orph, can you help me to spread the news? Get everyone infected with the plague to gather here in the school," Kieran said.

"My pleasure," Orph bowed respectfully.

"My lord, we are willing to help as well!"

"Yes! Us too!"

"Please let us help as well!"

The people around started to voice our their willingness to help after they heard what Kieran requested.

"Then, I thank you in advance. I will be here treating everyone I see that is infected with the plague."

Kieran didn't reject the people's request and likewise, he didn't break his promise either.

He waited patiently in front of St. Paolo School, healing one after another patient infected with the plague that was brought to him.

Some of the infected parents were doubtful at first and even suspected it was a trap to trick them into the quarantine but as time passed, more and more people had gotten healed, they were convinced eventually.

So, more and more people gathered at St. Paolo School's entrance.

They saw Kieran was covered in light, they heard the non-stop prayers sounded everywhere.

More and more joined the prayers as well, from a hundred at first to two hundred, three hundred… one thousand, two thousand, three thousand…

People gathered non-stop and when dawn finally arrived, there were more than ten thousand people gathered in front.
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