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Under the shining light, darkness and chaos were dispelled but it didn't truly vanish.

The darkness and chaos lingered behind the spots where the light couldn't shine through.

Kieran's powerful Spirit attribute allowed him to clearly see it happening, likewise, he also saw the glimmering blood that flowed out of his heart.

Dong, Dong Dong!

Each time his heart beat, the rune on his heart would glimmer a little, and the glimmering blood buffed by the rune branding would flow through every part of his body.

In this process, the darkness and chaos that lingered in subtle spots of his body would dim down a little but that was it.

Compared to the bigger darkness, it was really nothing.

No doubt if Kieran wanted to rely on each heartbeat from his heart to truly dispel the darkness and chaos, it would be a process that would last a long time, it might even be unachievable because he noticed in the deeper part of his body, there was darkness and chaos that even the glimmering blood couldn't budge.

"So, it's still too far away."

Having an "insight" of his body, Kieran sighed while shaking head.

Although he didn't know what the darkness and chaos represented, Kieran still had a hunch that once they were dispelled from his body, a great enhancement or benefit would be waiting for him.

His hunch was not a complete groundless one though.

Kieran's eyes then turned to the Transcendence option of [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art], [Baptism].

"The Transcendence option [Baptism] is a mere coincidence with the rumored baptism ritual? Or they were related at the first place?"

Kieran couldn't help but think about the "knight baptism" that he knew off.

According to the books that described the process, anyone who goes through the knight baptism will be reborn.

Some had their strength enhanced, some had their speed increased and some were immune to all disease.

There were also some who would get special abilities and the rune branding on his heart appeared exactly after [Baptism], the Transcendence option of the [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art]. It was hard for Kieran to not connect both of them together and imagine what kind of direct changes it would cause.

Of course, in the end, when he was able to dispel the darkness and chaos in his body, he had no idea what would happen to his body because the unknown wasn't like [Baptism] where the system would list out all the changes it incurred.

"[Baptism] increases its own special effect! Knight's Focus +2 directly increased from 4 to 6 and with the base +1 from [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art], it boosted the Spirit attribute to a Strong I rating!"

"Although Knight's Persistence increased consumption, it also gives an instant +3 Spirit effect, quite useful to me I must say. The most direct changes are to Dawn Sword, it's length went up to 20m and the attack went above Extreme, too bad the charging time didn't change."

Kieran's eyes were going down along with the notifications in his vision, then his gaze halted at the character attribute tab.

Inside his character attribute tab, the I rank Spirit which was originally tagged with New I had changed to Strong I when it went up to ZZZ+ rank.

After achieving the Advance Rank, the tag behind would change as well, it was no surprise to Kieran at all but he never thought it would be split within a major rank.

"Which means, as the attribute grows stronger, the difference will grow larger?"

Kieran frowned slightly and muttered to himself. It wasn't good news to him though.

Kieran who had experienced the strength of an I rank Agility user before could totally imagine what would happen when a Strong I or an II rank appeared.

It definitely wasn't a situation to look forward to without a doubt but more importantly, he would surely come across such enemies in the future, and not just one!

After all, Kieran was facing against Broker who concealed all of his trump cards, no one knew what kind of cards he would play when he flipped one of them up.


"I need to get stronger even faster?"

While pushing himself as much as he could, Kieran's face looked heavier than before.

Unconsciously, he looked at his strongest attribute, Spirit and the other 4 of his attributes.

This was perhaps the only thing he felt fortunate about, all 5 of his attributes were his main attributes, no secondary or border attributes either which would require him to spend any more Golden Attribute Points but the cost to enhance all 5 together would be quite hefty as well.

It was not very possible for him to do that within a short period of time.

"I have to progress selectively?"

Kieran reexamined his stats again and his gaze ultimately landed on Agility.

Although his Constitution was already close to the Advance Rank, the battle with Ghost Claw, Casswell was still a fresh memory in Kieran's mind.

The ghostly speed that Casswell showed would have caused someone to nurse their grievances on the spot other than Kieran himself. More so, Kieran was clear where his advantages stood against the high-rankers.

[Charles' Fire]!

If he wanted to maximize [Charles' Fire] potential to the max, he must be charged before firing and although the charging time was not that long, Kieran might still suffer a threatening attack in that short period of time.

If he was surrounded by several high-rankers of similar rank, it would be the worst situation he could get into and to break through such a difficult situation, he must move!

He needed to move around with speed exceeding imagination and at the same time charging his fireball, so he could deliver the fatal blow.

While considering all sorts of possible situations, the thoughts were getting clearer in Kieran's mind but he knew it was a plan for later.

Now, what he needed to care about wasn't all that but sweeping away those who were eyeing the Church of Dawn's treasure and legacy.

That evening, more citizens infected with the plague arrived at St. Paolo School.

It seemed like the plague wasn't as controlled as Acker claimed it to be and the other terrible thing was that, Sister Moni, who was crucial to the treatment process of the plague had fallen sick, the very severe kind even.

The crowd who got the news felt even more panicked than before.

Although the doctors and school security members tried their best in comforting the crowd, the effect was less than pleasant.

Some families of the infected had even started to sob softly but those with ulterior motives who were hiding in the crowds looked happy.

They started to send out message after message, including the unusual quake that happened within St. Paolo School a while ago.

"Our Lord God's Child is anxious! He didn't only just make his move against the sister, he didn't spare the small chapel either."

Gateli who received the news couldn't help but smile at it.

"I need more precise information. Someone would at least need to pay a visit to the elderly sister's room and the surroundings of the small chapel, just to be safe…"

"You want to alert the snake in the bush? The situation now has provided us with the advantage and you want to give up?"

The leader of the Revival Society was interrupted by Gateli before he could finish.

Gateli who had absolute confidence in his plans continued to emphasize, "Now all we need is to follow the order and let our men surround the whole St. Paolo School. Then we will wait for the more exciting moment to arrive. Even if nothing happens in the end, we can retreat immediately and what harm can it possibly do? Who do you think can stop us then?"

The last part of Gateli's words convinced the leader of the Revival Society.

The leader thought deeply for a while before nodding.

It seemed like they were too confident in themselves, they didn't understand what are they going to face neither did they understand the saying, those who come can't leave.
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