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The Dawn Force in Kieran's body had always been mild, like the water from a clear spring.

Even though sometimes resonance occurred, it was nothing much except for accelerating the operation a little bit. When Gateli opened up the box, Dawn Force felt like it had come alive.

A clear spring turned into a geyser!

The slow flowing water turned into a waterfall!

The light that represented Dawn Force shined uncontrollably from Kieran's body.

At the same time, the hilt-like thing inside the box that was 20 cm long also shined with a similar light.

Both lights were calling out to each other in a vigorous way.

Line after line of notifications popped up in Kieran's sight afterward.

[Energy resonance, Musou level Knight of Dawn Body Tempering Art acquired a significant amount of experience, leveling cost decreased by 10,000 Points, 0.5 Golden Skill Points…]

[Energy resonance, Musou level Knight of Dawn Body Tempering Art acquired a significant amount of experience, leveling cost decreased by 10,000 Points, 0.5 Golden Skill Points…]

[Energy resonance, Musou level Knight of Dawn Body Tempering Art acquired a significant amount of experience, leveling cost decreased by 10,000 Points, 0.5 Golden Skill Points…]

If anything was to be considered as direct, the data before Kieran's eyes would be as such.

It didn't only significantly decrease the Points, even the Golden Skill Points were decreasing!

Even for Kieran, his eyes were widened at the moment.

It was a surprise! A very big surprise that went way out of his expectations!

He never saw this scene coming, a completely unexpected surprise.

"Wayne family eh?" Kieran muttered in his heart.

When the item appeared before his eyes, it made Kieran reevaluate the family again.

He realized that he seemed to have forgotten the most important point.

As the victor through the change of era, how would they not possess any spoils of war?

Maybe such a "spoil of war" was worthless to them but to Kieran?

It was a priceless treasure!

The shine lasted for a few seconds before gradually dimming down.

Gateli who maintained his kneeling pose while holding the box up high with his hand saw the scene and was utterly astonished.

Obviously, the scene had also gone out of expectations for Gateli.

Gateli was hoping for more leverage using his speech, only then did he take out the item from the Wayne Manor's treasure vault.

Although it was passed down through word of mouth within the family, the news was that the item was utterly precious. Gateli, however, treated it as a piece of junk.

That's right, a broken item. The item inside the box was incomplete and should be a part of something bigger.

What item though? Gateli didn't know himself because it was the end part of something.

Based on the shape of the item, it could be a staff, a spear, a polearm, or even the hilt of some sword.

"What is this? How did it have such an effect? Damn it!" Gateli was cursing in his heart but Kieran was not being courteous with him, he grabbed the item out of the box right away.

[Name: Unknown Remains]

[Type: Unknown]

[Rarity: Unknown]

[Attribute: ???]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is a broken piece from a certain item of the Church of Dawn, you need the related person to appraise it.]

Kieran grabbed the hilt-like thing in his hand and the information popped up in his vision.

"I need to find Sister Moni to appraise this!"

The thought rose up in Kieran's mind almost instantaneously but he didn't leave right away.

He still needed to "deal" with Gateli before him, not by killing him but by continuing to use him.

While feeling the benefits of [Unknown Remains] in his hand, Kieran's gaze at Gateli had a profound meaning.

A wise man fooled by his own cleverness?

No, no, no, it was not close enough, it should be "going for wool and coming home shorn"! Or charging forth with rations on his back!

"This thing is really benefiting to me! Where did you get this?" Kieran asked in a friendly tone.

Although they were enemies, Kieran didn't mind showing a more friendly side of him before killing an enemy that could provide him with benefits

"This was originally an item related to the Church of Dawn placed inside Wayne Manor's treasure vault and like I said, it came from the battlefield, I know nothing more other than that!" Gateli said honestly but the deeper parts of his eyes were blinking out of unwillingness.

But, he couldn't do anything about it.

The thing was in Kieran's hands right now and to take it back, it didn't seem like a realistic move. Moreover, the item was present to Kieran out of Gateli's own will, how could he ask for it back?

Enduring the uneasiness of cutting his own flesh, Gateli shifted the topic.

"Sir 2567, we need to move soon! We can't let the plague spread!" Gateli said with a righteous tone.

"Soon? How about midnight tonight?" Kieran suggested.

"Very good! I will be waiting for you then! To provide you with as much support as possible!"

Hearing Kieran's suggestion, Gateli was overwhelmed by joy, the hard emotions of losing an unknown precious item had instantly weakened by a lot.

Then, both of them discussed the possible accidents and the corresponding responses. During the discussion, Kieran asked more about the Revival Society as well.

About an hour later, Kieran left the place in a hurry.

After making sure Kieran left, Gateli also left the wine cellar of the hotel. He headed towards a secluded spot and entered the room there.

"How is it?" The coarse voice asked eagerly.

"The fish has taken the bait! Tonight at midnight will be our time to strike!" Gateli said with a casual look.

Though he didn't state the fact that he brushed against a precious treasure, the person before him was his collaborator indeed but definitely not a suitable one for telling stories.

In fact, if Gateli wasn't short of manpower, he would never have worked with the hoarse voice.

The Revival Society had quite an infamous reputation after all.

"I need sufficient manpower. Don't forget we are about to face a God's Child!" Gateli reminded the coarse voice.

"God's Child? In this kind of era, a God's Child is a joke! When our New God arrives, what can a God's Child do then?" The coarse voice uttered his contempt at Kieran.

Gateli shrugged and didn't say anything else, he was just casually reminding the man.

He who knew how powerful the Revival Society was didn't think they would need too much vigilance against a God's Child of a fallen era. If it wasn't for that monster holding ground in the school, he wouldn't have gone through that much trouble but instead, call a bunch of hitmen and trampled across the school.

Gateli should have connections with the Revival Society!

When he got the intel from that captive sorcerer which was only limited to the higher ranks of the Revival Society, Kieran was certain of it.

Likewise, Kieran also had guesses about who would come to "support" him at midnight.

Kieran was simulating the possible battle that might go down during midnight in his head while adjusting his condition.

Although all of them looked down upon Kieran, even a lion gave its fullest in catching a rabbit!

Kieran wished not to see any unwanted accidents.

However, when Kieran returned to St. Paolo School, he was greeted with bad news.

Sister Moni fainted.
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