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The scrawny man widened his eyes as big as a golf ball when Kieran dashed out from the shadows.

He didn't understand how Kieran slipped past the spirit sentry and entered the building. He also didn't understand how Kieran moved so fast.

Among all 5 attributes, Kieran's Strength and Agility were ranked at the bottom but that was only to himself.

To others, especially for the natives in this dungeon world, SS- Agility was beyond logic.

Therefore, the final outcome was no surprise at all.


A single chop down the man's neck and he was knocked out with his eyes rolling into the back of their sockets.

Kieran grabbed the man by the neck and headed towards the study room while searching for the man's belongings.

Kieran was already skilled in how to get valuable spoils of war from his enemies, and when he reached the door to the study room, he had already gotten a few items out of the man.

Though only two out of the few were recognized by the system.

One was a metallic ring with black luster.

[Name: Soul Sentry Ring]

[Type: Accessory]

[Type: Magic]

[Attribute: Spirit Sentry]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: Its craftsmanship isn't overly complicated but the craft was inherited from generation to generation]

[Spirit Sentry: Summon a wandering spirit being as your guard. It can complete a simple order and exist for a long time. When the spirit sentry dies, you will need to find a suitable soul to take its place, isn't limited to a human soul.]

The other one was a scroll.

[Name: Evil Spirit Scroll]

[Type: Scroll]

[Rarity: Magic]

[Attribute: Summon 2 evil spirits at your service, 1/1]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: It is not liked but useful]

Kieran took the two items and placed them in his bag without being courteous, he didn't even miss out the material-like items.

Although the system didn't provide related details, it didn't mean they were worthless, at least they still worth something in the current dungeon world.

Kieran grabbed the unconscious man and sized up the study room after he opened the door.

It was not exactly a study room, it should be a combination of the study room and a lab.

There was indeed a book rack and a study desk at one side but on the other side, it was much bloodier.

Dissected human bodies and internal organs of animals were mixed into an iron bucket and around it were the "original materials" that was dismembered.

Beside the iron bucket was a rack and on the rack was an oil painting.

The frame was made out of wood and on the canvas was the painting of a luxurious chair and nothing else.

Right away, guesses popped up in Kieran's mind.

He lifted his foot up and crossed one of the tiles beside the door. The piece of tile might look identical to the others but Pro [Mystical Knowledge] confirmed that on top of that particular tile was a magic trap. The magic trap that would sound an alarm.

Even though the owner of the house was in his hand, it didn't mean he wanted to attract unwanted troubles.

After slightly going through the book rack and the books on the study desk, he was certain it was some basic [Mystical Knowledge] and common books, so he turned his attention to the oil painting.

When Kieran took a good look at the painting, he only then realized in surprise that the painting had two sides.

The same frame but two paintings on the front and back side.

Just now because of the viewing angle, Kieran saw the front painting of the chair and the behind it was just a yellowish canvas.

Kieran looked at the two-sided painting and he checked the surroundings again.

It was troublesome no doubt but it was countless times better than losing his life.

No matter how careful he was, he could never be too careful against people from the mystical realm.

Then, Kieran realized the necessity of his vigilance around dangerous environments.

A faint scent of a plant came out from the painting frame and entered his nose.

In an environment filled with organs, corpses and bloody stench, if one didn't inspect the painting carefully, the scent would be neglected undoubtedly. Had it been neglected and one was to touch the frame with their bare hands…

Kieran tore a piece of pelt on the lab table and started to rub the frame.

After a few rubs, the pelt started to wither with exponential speed visible to the eyes and it turned into something similar to burnt paper, disintegrating into ashes with a touch.

"He purposely arranged it this way?" Kieran glanced over the iron bucket and then he picked the painting up.

[Name: Communication Painting]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: Magic]

[Attribute: Communicate]

[Prerequisite: Mystical Knowledge (Entry), Communication Magic Circle]

[Remark: The canvas of the painting was cut from the same piece, they have a subtle and weird relation]

[Communication: Activate using the magic circle to converse and see the target on the other end]

"Communication magic circle?" Kieran raised a brow.

The prerequisite instantly dropped the value of [Communication Painting].

Of course, Kieran wouldn't simply throw it away either. He grabbed the painting in one hand and the captive on the other, searching the entire room, top to bottom and when he didn't discover anything further, only then did he leave.

John who was standing by on the next street finally heaved a long breath when he saw Kieran came back.

He signaled Carl to help Kieran before asking, "Job's done?"

"Isn't it obvious enough?" Kieran shook the captive.

"It's obvious alright. So we are heading back to the school?"

"Nope, we are going to the next location." Kieran shook his head.

Kieran didn't want to drag things out too long against the three misfit enemies,

The wagon started off again.

With the addition of a captive, John and Carl were on the outside, driving the wagon.

Just like how Kieran commented on the enemies, misfits, the two other enemies had nothing worth mentioning at all, whether it was the enemies themselves or the spoils of war.

Though, in order to get more information Kieran kept all of them alive.

Therefore, John had to call in another wagon.

The two wagons went back to the school in succession, the captives were seized by the school security members and placed on watch.

"Do you want to come along?" Kieran asked before he wanted to interrogate the sorcerer.

"Sure." The elderly sister hesitated a little before nodding.

She didn't want to face a bloody scene but sometimes, it was required of her.

People would be helpless in front of life.

The elderly sister had a deep understanding of the saying a long time ago, especially as her age increased, her understanding of things grew as well.

The elderly sister followed into the interrogation room.

Though to everyone's surprise, after a pail of cold water, the sorcerer stated where he was from.

"Remnants of the Church of Dawn, release me! Otherwise, we, the Revival Society, will not spare you!" The sorcerer groaned in an arrogant way the moment he woke up.

Revival Society?

Kieran muttered the unknown organization's name. Though it didn't stop Kieran from slapping some sense into the man, making him realize what situation he was in.
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