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Acker was one of the school security members.

After Kieran stopped him from touching the poisonous wagon, he became respectful of Kieran in an unusual way. Especially after he treated Kieran as Guntherson, Acker's respect was showing on his face rather than only words.

The elderly sister didn't explain Kieran's identity to the others though, the ones who knew Kieran's true identity were Sister Moni herself and Chief Officer John only.

"Sir, is there anything I can do?"

Acker asked when Kieran jumped off the wagon.

"Help Sister Moni and follow behind me," Kieran ordered.

"Yes, sir." Acker nodded and helped the elderly sister down.

Kieran started to size up the so-called 11th Lion Street.

No doubt the place was in the wealthy district of the city, the distribution of each independent building, the clean and luxurious outlooks proved as such.

Kieran went up to the gate of 11th Lion Street.

The gate was made up of two iron coated planks where the planks themselves were made out of wood. The tall and sharp fences that pierced the sky stopped anyone who tried to climb over the gate.

Beside the gate were garden walls made up entirely by stones, they were firm and sturdy.

Looking through the iron gate gap, Kieran noticed a woodpile that was used to tie up a dog.

It seemed like the person staying here was very mindful of his safety.

However, such defenses were only useful in dealing with petty thieves, it would be completely useless against someone with a sharp eye and thoughts, let alone the one who had countless ties to the mystical realm.

That's right, the house was wrongfully occupied by the bad guys.

As for the original owner of the house, the answer was self-explanatory.

Kieran jumped up and leaped over the wall, he then slightly opened up the iron gate.

Acker helped Sister Moni into the premises while Lisa was pinching the elderly sister's robe, going in after her.

"Wait here!"

Kieran then merged with the shadows and headed into the building.

Although he was prepared for anything, when he saw the messy scene in the living hall, Kieran still frowned.

There were a total of 8 bodies lying around.

3 of them were the owners of the house and the other 5 were the cooking maidens, attendants and bodyguards.

The bodies scattered across the living hall like casually thrown garbage.

Likewise, the one who threw the garbage didn't mind living like this either.

There were unfinished foods on the table but there was a contrasting scene at the dining table.

At one side of the dining table, it was neat and tidy, the knife and fork were placed on both sides of the plate while the beef steak on the plate was cut in half, a part of the beef was sliced into smaller chunks while the other part was intact.

Looking at the steak, Kieran's mind painted a picture of a person who had adequate table manners, enjoying the steak gracefully.

On the other side, there was a pot filled with beef chunks and potatoes. The cooking was extremely crude, the beef was still uncooked and the potatoes still had their skin on.

Though it didn't stop the person gobbling down the food and judging from the soup that spilled everywhere, the person had more than just a good appetite.

"The first one is the young man who covered his face and the later one is the one who killed Reed?"

Kieran went around the dining table and with [Tracking] on, he saw traces that were invisible to the common eyes.

There were two pairs of footprints, big and small ones underneath the dining table and several palm prints were all over the table.

The bigger one was identical to the prints on the woodpile back in the school field.

Unfortunately, the culprit was no longer there.

Kieran's Intuition didn't pick up any kinds of aura in the vicinity.

To be safe, Kieran searched the whole house from bottom to top but he still didn't get anything.

Although the two people left in a hurry, they meticulously cleaned up the leftover traces.

"After they knew Lisa was held captive, they made a firm decision to leave. Which means Sister Moni's abilities are not a secret to them and they were certain that Sister Moni would search for them with her abilities! But…"

Kieran looked at the plate with the steak once more.

Under the plate there was a white color trace, it should be from a piece of paper!

He squinted his eyes and scanned the whole dining table again.

Because of the viewing angle, the piece of paper under the plate was unnoticeable if one didn't squat down to look.

Or rather, if one was not the first to arrive at the scene and search the place carefully, the paper would not be noticed.

Which mean the paper…

"Is it for me?!" Kieran was surprised from the bottom of his heart.

After checking the plate and making sure it was fine, Kieran lifted the plate up and revealed the paper underneath.

The words written on the paper wasn't much. There were only a few words.

'School, wooden hut.'

There was no start no end, or the time it was written but only a precise location.

The school was obviously referring to St. Paolo School and the wooden hut, other than Guntherson's wooden hut, Kieran couldn't think of any.

He stared at the paper for a few seconds before ultimately pocketing it and heading outside.

"We are a step too late. They aren't here." Kieran told the elderly sister outside.

"So it is… After we've held Lisa captive, they must have left. Did you find anything else?" Sister Moni asked.

"Nope." Kieran kept quiet about the paper and shook his head directly.

"Can I have a look inside? My useless ability might be of use." Sister Moni pointed at the living hall.

"Sure!" Kieran moved away and made way for the sister.

Sister Moni's interrogation of Lisa had proved to Kieran that her age granted her excellent knowledge but of course, compared to her abilities, it was nothing.

Reading and erasing memories.

No matter how Kieran looked at it, it was a terrifying power.

If it didn't have an obvious drawback and Sister Moni having a kind heart, she would have caused many terrible deeds.

With Acker's help, Sister Moni went into the living room and Kieran unconsciously thought about the paper in his pocket.

What was their a purpose for leaving the paper behind? Kieran pondered upon the question.

After 15 minutes, Sister Moni who also got nothing stopped her search.

"Pardon me, I didn't find anything useful," Sister Moni said in an apologetic tone.

"It's fine, sister. If we can't find anything here, we can quietly wait for our "helpers" to provide us with news, I believe they won't let us down." Kieran offered his comfort to the elderly sister with a smile.

"Let's hope so!" Sister Moni sighed.

Then, the three of them boarded the wagon and returned to the school.

"Sister, I hope to stay in the wooden hut for the upcoming days. Since someone is using Guntherson's identity to cause a ruckus, why don't we put up more smokescreen and go along with the plan?" Kieran said while traveling in the carriage.

"I'll leave everything to you then."

The elderly sister didn't object Kieran's suggestion and nodded in approval.
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