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Kieran had never heard someone address the sister that way.

Her kindness and merciful bearing was universally recognized and more importantly, the elderly sister didn't refute.

Could it be…

Kieran squinted his eyes at the agitated imposter, some guesses instinctively popped up in his heart but he still understood what he should do.

"Don't move," Kieran said coldly. He pressed the imposter down on the chair as she wanted to throw herself at the elderly sister.


The imposter's body was pressed back into the stone chair and it produced a heavy bang, yet the heavy bang couldn't cover the sounds of the dislocated bones in her body.

Pain flashed over the imposter's face.

Kieran had quite the control over his own strength, he could place the imposter in constant agonizing pain yet keep her away from the fatal pain.

This was exactly what interrogations needed, even if the elderly sister requested to leave the interrogation to her, he didn't mind giving some help.

Sister Moni slightly nodded to express her acknowledgement of the help given.

Then, she placed her full attention on the imposter.

"Where are you from?" Sister Moni asked.

The imposter didn't reply with words but with a cold laugh. Her laugh was filled with mockery and disdain.

Sister Moni didn't stop her questioning even though she poorly replied.

"You've mention "snake" before, using "snake" as punishment and you also like sucking on brains and devouring flesh… You are one of the Snake Herders?"

"If you are a Snake Herder, you should come from three major sects! Arynder, Surinder and Morarder, which are you from?"

When the three extremely unfamiliar terms escaped Sister Moni's mouth, she carefully inspected the imposter's expression.

The imposter was not moved. Her secret was exposed yet the three unfamiliar terms felt like it didn't matter to her at all.

Sister Moni sighed a little. "Seems like none of those, which means the only one… Liander!"

This time, the imposter's face had changed.

"Monster! You think you know everything?" She laughed coldly again.

"Even God can't know everything, let alone me who only know so much."

Sister Moni didn't lose her temper against the provocative words. Her tone was flat and her gaze towards the imposter felt like she didn't go through any emotional changes.

"You should be the last Snake Herder of Liander, am I right? You didn't cut off your left little finger and turn it into a snake whistle which means you didn't get the recognition from the previous Snake Herder. You must have learned through books of the snake and if you have the opportunity to come close with the Snake Herder's books… is one of your elders a Snake Herder?"

"You mother? Or your father?" Sister Moni continued.

"Shut up!" The imposter shouted.

If the imposter was slightly agitated just now, now she was completely enraged the moment Sister Moni uttered the word "father".

"You father should be Liander's Snake Herder that abides by the traditions. He impregnated your mother but after your mother gave birth to you, he consumed her and trained you from young. According to Liander's tradition, you will kill your father and get his powers when you come of age…


Sister Moni's words were interrupted, the imposter wasn't bothered by the pain and started to struggle fiercely even under Kieran's suppression.

Unfortunately, her struggles were petty before Kieran's strength.

Though at the next moment, the faint energy aura that flowed out of her body amazed Kieran.

"Is this the power of the Snake Herders?" Kieran wondered.

Although because of the Church of Dawn's Dawn Force, Kieran had a few guesses about the other mystical organization's energies in the current dungeon world and when he truly saw one with his own eyes, he was still amazed.

The energy was similar to Dawn Force yet had an opposite aura.

The similar point was the circulation of energy inside her body and the opposite point was that the aura was vicious and grudgeful.

The feeling struck Kieran as a venomous snake's fangs in the shadows.

Her energy started to flow towards Kieran through his hand that held her down by the shoulder but just like her body, her vicious, grudgeful energy didn't even stand a chance against Kieran's Dawn Force in his body, it was like a lingering ice against the hot sun.


The imposter spat out a mouth full of blood, she turned around and saw Kieran's shining hand on her shoulder.

"The last guardian knight Guntherson, you only have this much? You are worthy of being the disowned dog beside the monster!"

Because of the angle and Kieran hiding his face with his hood, the imposter didn't see Kieran's face clearly and she still thought it was Guntherson the last knight.

The provocative words that came out ceaselessly from her made Kieran frown though.

Of course he wouldn't be agitated by the imposter's words but he was confused about her methods.

As a captive, provoking the interrogator wasn't a wise choice by any means, unless…

She wanted to die! She wanted the interrogator to kill her!

Humans were mortally afraid of death but sometimes, because of some conviction in their heart, they became willingful in risking their lives.

Most of them were known as heroes by the masses but there was an exception, such as the captive before Kieran.

Being a captive and sought death, suicide was the best option. Just like the men of sacrifice Kieran had met before but the imposter didn't, she wanted him or the elderly sister to do it.

It wasn't normal.

"A curse?" Kieran wondered in his heart.

With such a thought lingering, it was natural that Kieran wouldn't kill her.

Although the mystical realm in the current dungeon world had declined, Kieran would never underestimate the unknown power because of such reasons.

He played his assessor role well and left everything to the elderly sister.

"Liander's inheritance power was broken because of you, so you sought out other kinds of power… Zaimyrander's powers aren't that decent thoug, as it provides you with strength but it will slowly turn you into its puppet, taking away your sanity completely."

The elderly sister lifted up the imposter's eyelid with her hand and when she saw a red dot below her eyeball, she couldn't help but shake her head.

"Puppet? You are calling me a puppet? What about you? What are you?" The imposter returned her question.

The sister went quiet for a while, "I guess I am like you."

"Hahahahaha! Like me? You really know how to find excuses and reasons to back you up! You freaking monster that consumed everyone's last hope!" The imposter laughed out loud.

Amid the laughter, the elderly sister showed a faint helplessness on her face.

"Can you tell me who are you working for?" Sister Moni asked.

"You think I'll tell you?" The imposter grunted.

"Then… forgive me!"

The elderly sister uttered her words in a serious tone before laying her right index finger in between the imposter's eyes. A faint brilliance flowed out from Sister Moni's finger.

The imposter went blank on the spot and on top of her, an illusive figure with a horrifying aura appeared out of nowhere.
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