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The downpour in the night obstructed common people's sight and hearing but for Kieran, it was nothing at all.

SS+ Intuition didn't just allow Kieran to be extremely sensitive against killer or malicious intent, it was also enough for him to locate where the person was after the shot was fired.

However, before Kieran could even give chase, a faint sense of danger came from Herles who he grabbed.

His battle instinct that formed through countless battles made Kieran toss Herles away without a second thought.

Herles who was tossed out inflated out of control immediately, then…


His body exploded just like that when it reached the limit.

A wave of green flame burst out in all directions as Kieran took a step back.


Muzzle flash shined from the gun again, the iron pellet was fired at its target fiercely.

Kieran accelerated his body which was moving backward, he easily dodged the gunshot and the green flames that burst everywhere.

He didn't even bat an eye at the green flames that corroded the ground and walls as he dove into the shadows, swiftly dashing towards the rooftop where the shooter was.

But when Kieran reached the scene, other than a pitch black extended cavalry flintlock rifle, there was only a body of a person that killed himself with poison on the rooftop.

Kieran picked up the uncommon flintlock rifle with a cold smile and swiftly retreated.

2 to 3 seconds later…


A huge explosion went off and blasted the rooftop into the sky.

The bright flames were spitting out dancing flames that burned even the air. The image was imprinted in Kieran's mind who was in deep thought.

Compared to the leader of the Blood Hand Society, the mastermind behind the scene felt more like a real killer.

From the first shot from the prearranged shooter to the trap laid down by the uncommon flintlock rifle, all of the mastermind's plans were interconnected one after another.

Kieran was very sure if it was another person who activated in the trap, he would get more than he bargained for, even for Guntherson, he would walk away with heavy injuries!

Besides, Kieran was quite sure that the mastermind was after Guntherson

What was Guntherson strongest point?

Melee combat! Though he didn't conceal his love for weapons and all these traps were obviously specifically targeted at him.

Think about it, after Guntherson dodged the two shots from the black rifle and went up to the rooftop, he would see that the shooter died of poison and find an uncommon flintlock rifle, what would he do?

He would have picked it up and inspected it. What if the rifle was enough to astonish Guntherson?

Guntherson would stay joyous for a few seconds on the spot, it wouldn't be long but...

The mastermind's plan would have succeeded!


Kieran took in a breath that looked hot under the blazing flame, Kieran looked down and inspected what he got.

[Name: Algary's Second Shot]

[Type: Firearm]

[Rarity: Magic]

[Attack: Strong]

[Attribute: Super Range Fire Lvl 1, Armor Penetration Lvl 1, Extremespeed Lvl 1, Precision Fire Lvl 1]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Firearm Weapon, Special Arms (Master)]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is an early craft from the firearm master, Algary. The firearm master had played quite a role during the war with the churches.]

[Super Range Fire Lvl 1: 500-meter effective range]

[Armor Penetration Lvl 1: Able to easily penetrate light armor, (Weak to Average defense)]

[Extremespeed Lvl 1: Increase 10% in speed of bullets fired]

[Precision Fire Lvl 1: The gun barrel went through special tuning, it allows the bullets to fire with more precision (Locked on target, harmful effect +5%)]

Although Kieran already knew that the rifle was uncommon, when he saw the 4 attributes, he was still in awe, especially the remark!

"Combination of firearms and mystical knowledge?" Kieran sighed in his heart.

He wasn't surprised by this outcome though, in each world that he had been through, there were no lacking of people who tried to innovate technology.

Likewise, Kieran also solidified his guesses.

Kieran who was used to seeing Rare and Legendary equipment was still shocked over the flintlock rifle's attributes, let alone how Guntherson would react.

"Herles let the news out, hoping there was someone that could help him in dealing with St. Paolo School. He thought he is so smart but in fact, he was used by some intentional individuals as a pawn against Guntherson! Yet…"

Kieran's mind was recalling the conversation with Sister Moni.

Guntherson has left the city secretly 3 weeks ago in order to protect the treasure of the Church of Dawn, he even took Altily and Jimmy with him.

Kieran believed that Sister Moni wouldn't lie to him because of her devoted character towards her religion, she wouldn't lie to a God's Child.

So, who was the one who made up the fact that Guntherson was still in the city even though he wasn't?

Could it be that the attacker was misinformed? If that was the case, Kieran would really be relieved.

It would be really easy to deal with such a reckless opponent but what was that true?

The attackers moved secretly and did things in a strange way, no matter how he looked at it, they didn't strike Kieran as reckless.

"An extra participant?"

Kieran went back into the shadows with mutters in his heart.

The police's whistles already sounded from afar.

John was already busy enough and as for the wagon filled with bodies, it would be best that Kieran dealt with it himself.

After burying all the bodies beside his "gravestone" and taking care of the wagon, Kieran went back to the small chapel.

Now, the whole chapel was empty of people except for the elderly sister. The others who prayed for Reed had left.

"Oh, merciful Bernadette…"

Prayers were uttered ceaselessly.

Kieran didn't interrupt the elderly sister but he picked a corner, settled down, and waited for her to finish her prayers.

It wasn't short though, more than an hour later, the elderly sister finally stood up.

Kieran appeared beside the elderly sister in a flash, helping her up.

It seemed like Sister Moni had devoted her entire self into her prayers, she didn't just show a sorrowful look but tired as well.

"My condolences," Kieran said.

"Reed was a good man, now he will rest in peace in her Majesty Bernadette's kingdom," Sister Moni said slowly.

Her tone sounded like she was talking to Kieran and herself.

Kieran didn't utter anything further, he wasn't good at comforting people.

Likewise, the elderly sister with enough of age didn't need any comforting either.

Of course, Kieran didn't mind diverting away from the sorrowful topic.

"Sister Moni, just now…"

"Do you have anyone in mind that has similar means?"

Kieran briefly told Sister Moni what happened just now and he hoped to get more information from the sister's mouth.

The elderly sister indeed didn't disappoint Kieran.

"The sorcerers! Whether it was the body in the station's morgue or detonating a human's body with green flames, they were all the means of sorcerers based on what I know!" The elderly sister said as she looked up at Kieran, looking at him heavily.

"2567, we need your help."

Kieran looked sternly at the request though.

"Of course! As the God's Child of Church of Dawn, I am happy to offer my strength!" He said sternly.
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