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A full body throw!

Not only did it require immense strength, but a certain set of skill was also mandatory as well.

Though trying to throw a person back and forth, thrashing him around like a ragdoll, the set of skills would at least required more than a decade's practice to succeed.

However, if the target of thrashing was a high-ranker that had exceeded normal humans, from a common eye it would be impossible.

So when all of the players hidden in shadows saw Casswell being thrown around like a ragdoll, being thrashed back and forth mercilessly, their hearts were in a state of shock.

Of course, they weren't shocked because of the thrashing skills Kieran showed but how powerful his devil's flame burned.

The players hidden in the shadows weren't idiots, in fact, each one of them had their own set of perspectives of things. They could tell the flame Kieran threw out from his hand was not something normal and because of that, Casswell who took a single hit was robbed of his mobility completely.

Otherwise, how could Casswell be caught so easily with his speed and be thrashed back and forth?

What kind of joke was that?

If Casswell was so poorly skilled, he wouldn't be recognized as one of the ten Supernovas!

Looking at how Casswell was cruelly beaten, the players hiding around had thoughts spinning in their mind.

Some were good, some were bad. But more towards the latter.

Malicious intents rose from their hearts, making the player's presence slightly change but before they could make any move, a scorching heat wave gushed out again.


The burning wind assaulted their face, the blinding light made the players squint their eyes uncontrollably but at the next moment, their squinted eyes were rounded completely.

What did they see?


A fireball bigger than what Kieran had hurled out before.

The blazing flames and scorching heat caused the temperature in the area to spike.

Though the high temperature didn't strike the hidden players as hot or burning at all, instead it felt like a spine chilling coldness that rose from the depths of their souls.

"He still can use that kind of flame?"

"And it's even stronger than before?"

"He has been hiding his strength all this time?"

Such thoughts appeared in the hidden player's minds uncontrollably. Until the fireball was smashed into Casswell, only then they react to what happened.


After an even bigger explosion, the flame waves nearly 20 meters tall were blasted out everywhere like the rising tide and within a breath's time, it turned almost half of the street into a sea of fire.

The man standing in the middle of the sea of fire was like a God of Fire looking down on the mortal realm.

When that sharp gaze swept across the area, the hidden players' hearts skipped a beat.

The mental impact!

Those who were faster immediately activated their defensive measures since they came prepared.

As for the slower ones, even if they came prepared it wouldn't be much of a use.

Bang Bang Bang!

Three consecutive bangs later, red and white matter splashed out from the shadows not so far away. One of them disintegrated into light particles while the other two fell out the shadows, revealing their huge bodies.

One was covered with scales, had sharp claws and the other one was black and red in color.

Both of the figures looked like monsters, they were huge in size as they were the companions of a player. Following the death of their owner, their bodies of more than a dozen meters started to break down.

Though the other players around didn't care much about the monstrous companions, their concern was the owner of the two beasts, or more precisely the neck of the owner because his head has exploded.

"It's Dory's Sharp Fang Sarcosuchus and Black Venom Anaconda!"

"The two monsters that could go head to head with a Strength-based high-ranker died like that?!"

"So he really is a high-ranker, a Chosen One!"

Shocking words sounded off softly from the players.

Although they had received information long ago stating that Kieran was a Chosen One, before it was verified, none of them was willing to believe.

Humans always had the heart of feeling lucky, even more so for these veterans and high-rankers.

When they received Broker's bounty, they couldn't stop but hint at themselves, maybe Kieran was a high-ranker of other attributes?

That was until the facts before their eyes told them how cruel reality was.

Most of the soon-to-be-high-ranker veterans swiftly left the scene. If they were facing a common high-ranker, they might stand a chance if they relied on their skills and equipment but a Chosen One?

Stop joking!

The formless mental attack that could penetrate every hole possible wasn't something they could block or endure.

The few who stayed behind were either unwilling to give up or they possessed defensive items against mental attacks.

Other than these few soon-to-be-high-rankers veterans, there were only two real high-rankers that appeared.

These two were sizing up Kieran standing in the sea of fire.

Kieran didn't back off, he didn't only just return the stare but he strode towards the two of them.

At the same time, the blazing flame rose once more!

The fireball that made one's scalp numb appeared in his hand again.

Immediately, those two high-rankers' eyes changed.

"Display of strength? Threats?"

Both of them guessed in their heart but right away, they moved back and retreated because that fireball was already flying at them.

It wasn't a display of strength, neither was it a threat, it was just battle!


The fireball exploded, sending tumbling fire waves around, sweeping away everything in its path.

The two retreating high-rankers easily dodged the burning from the flames and their initial malicious intent at Kieran turned fiercer as they transform into killing intent.

The others who originally planned to just stay behind and watch had their gazes turn hostile also.

However, no matter what the two high-rankers original thought, all that was left now was astonishment.

The fireball appeared once more in Kieran's hand, hurling itself towards the duo and it was just the beginning.




Relentless fireballs kept blasting out of Kieran's hand, bombarding the area around him in a rampage.


Right after that, the flames that only engulfed almost half of the street has instantly swallowed the entire block.

Flames! As far as the eye could see, it was only flames!

Scorching! The ground where the bombardment occurred suffered major cracks and burns.

Rampage! The lord of flames burned even the sky furiously!

Seeing Kieran who knew no exhaustion and his aura that skyrocketed following the rising flames, the two high-ranker were ready to leave.

The little bit of thought that rose in their hearts vanished without a trace following the sea of fire before their eyes and the ceaseless bombardment of fireballs.

It wasn't even a joke! Fighting a guy that reached Advance Rank with unlimited firepower, Broker's bounty wasn't that much to the point it could make them risk their lives for it.

Both high-rankers looked at Kieran once more and Kieran too sensed the gazes.

He raised his hand up, hurling another fireball and right off the bat; another one appeared on his hand.

When they saw such a scene, the two high-rankers hastened their steps, using almost unnatural means to leave to the battlefield.

Kieran didn't show any sympathy at those two since he knew what they wanted to do.

Everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions, right?

Though, the two of them blurted out a comment on Kieran in their hearts: he was a monster! A fearsome monster!

Such a comment was soon recognized by others.

Those other soon-to-be-high-ranker veterans too started to run like there was a fire breathing dragon chasing them from behind.

They wished they could spend every single bit of their might in running and were also eager to grow another pair of legs.

Though what would those do?

The fireballs that were hurled at them were getting faster and increasing in number, the players who ran in panic fell into the sea of fire in the end.


The agonizing wails could be heard from high to low yet it didn't stop the blazing flames from burning them down.

They feared, they begged, they cried but none of that was useful.

The blazing flames that descended on the mortal realm was like the fire lotus that cleansed the world.

When they decided to show up there, their fates had been sealed.

Death was their only destination and the fire, burned even brighter!

TL Note:

High-ranker: the players who had entered the Advance Rank, or I rank if you may.
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