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Meanwhile, at Harvest Inn, Lawless was in charge of taking care of business while Rachel was temporarily away.

Lawless casually took a glass of liquor that Rachel had tossed beforehand, smoking his cigar with a delightful look.

"If you continue slacking, you will never be able to pay off your debt with Rachel for your entire life!"

Coll who was meddling with the robot on the table reminded Lawless of his duty.

About the debt that Lawless owed Rachel, all the regular customers of Harvest Inn knew and a lot of them liked to tease Lawless with it because they could tell Lawless and Rachel had an irregular relationship.

"If he can't pay off the debt in this life, guess he'll have to continue in the next!"

Hanses who was sitting opposite Coll said with a laugh.

Although he looked like he was talking Lawless, his eyes were staring at Coll.

The burning sensation in his gaze made Coll's hand with the plier shiver a little.

Fortunately, everyone else around placed their focus on Lawless, none of them noticed the odd gaze.

"That's right. Lawless would have to work for Rachel even in the next life! Let's cheer on this magnificent goal!"

Ramont raised the glass high in his right hand.

The majority of the players in Harvest Inn were indeed lone wolves, only a small percentage of them became lone wolves because of their loner nature, therefore a lot of them still liked to mess around like other common people.



The lone wolves raised their glasses while roaring in laughter.

"Even if I have to work for Rachel in the next life, would you pesky little bastards come to patronize the inn?" Lawless rolled his eyes saying with an upset tone.

"Of course!" Everyone else replied in a common voice, then followed with a series of loud laughs.

"Well, I wish you bastards live long and prosper! Even in the next life!" Lawless pointed up both his middle fingers at the crowd.

Though, his reaction would only result in louder laughs and made things more entertaining.

No doubt, whenever Lawless was in Harvest Inn, there was no lack of fun or laughter.

Not just because of Lawless' character who didn't mind being made fun by the others, it was also because he himself liked to share joy and laughter with his friends.

Looking at the merry crowd and joyous atmosphere, Lawless sent out an invite to Kieran almost instinctively.

Then he waited patiently for a reply and although most of the time he would get the silent treatment without any reply, this time around it was different.


The clear ping of his PM tab instantly captured Lawless' attention but when he saw the name of the sender, his look of joy instantly turned into a look of disappointment.

It was General! His rival that he hated quite a bit.

Lawless really wanted to ignore the message but ultimately he opened them.

When the contents of the message appeared before Lawless' eyes, the glass from his hand fell down on the floor with a clear noise, shattering into pieces.

"What's wrong Lawless?"

"What happened?"

"Everything okay?"

The crowd's attention was instantly captured, voicing out their concerns at Lawless.

"Anyone of you have news on 2567? Hurry up, who has it?"

"That damn bastard, how can he be so reckless and impulsive? Those rooms were heavily guarded and traps were placed all over, how can he plunge his head into danger like that? Damn it, damn it!"

Lawless stood up shouting, his mouth was blasting non-stop.

Although his words were all messed up and quick, the players around understood what he said clearly.

Most of the players knew Kieran went on a slaughterfest when the killer players appeared and also during the ruthless battle with Black Robe Rayerwent. 

They also knew Kieran hadn't gotten all of the spoils of war after the battles because the cunning merchant Broker had sent many of his men to guard the rooms.

All of the lone wolves showed dissatisfaction against Broker's disgusting move but what could they do?

The big city in the game wasn't real life but it was more authentic, in other words, crueler!

Even though some of the special rules formed certain protections for all the players, there would be loopholes that one could take advantage of.

Unless a player could forever stay in his game room and never step out... but was it possible?

Humans were social animals, even the so-called lone wolves would gather in the Harvest Inn occasionally, let alone others.

So, all of the lone wolf players did talk to Kieran about acting recklessly before. Some of the more enthusiastic players even helped Kieran in keeping an eye out for those watcher's movements.

But as time went by, most of the players thought Kieran had given up on the thought because compared to those spoils of war, his life was more important.

Everyone didn't really think that Kieran would make a move all of a sudden.

PM after PM piled up before the lone wolf player's eyes.

The ins and outs of the matter had slowly become clear.

Never underestimate the intelligence network of the lone wolves.

Because the lone wolf players moved and acted on their own, their intelligence network grew this big and this precise.

Looking at the information piling up, Coll couldn't help but widen her eyes and read the news out loud.

"Six veterans under Broker's command that stood guard outside the rooms of the four Chosen Ones from Black Robe were suddenly wiped out and almost thirty newly joined players died together! Several of Broker's men outside the killer player's rooms were assaulted as well. Veterans' casualties are currently more than twenty and the newly joined players are in the hundreds! As for the ten-man assault squad that Broker just sent out… they were all eliminated 2 minutes ago!"

When Coll mentioned the word "eliminated", the whole Harvest Inn sunk into an awkward silence.

Most of the players had inconceivable emotions in their hearts and on their faces.

It wasn't hard for the lone wolf players to take out one to two veterans but taking out six veterans continuously and then another twenty more, followed by eliminating Broker's ten-man assault squad, who would surely be decently equipped, this was… too unimaginable!

One needed to know other than the basic skills, most of the skills had cooldowns and some even required Stamina together with other energy consumptions.

So, whenever a player goes on a rampage, it would be quite scary if they were able to dish out huge amounts of damage but after that, the player would need to rest for a while.

This was also the differences between lone wolves and common players.

In order to pay attention to all possible aspects, whenever a lone wolf player moved out alone, their skills and equipment were a few times more than a common player, so they would last longer in a prolonged battle.

However, in the likes of Kieran's consecutive battles, even the lone wolves couldn't achieve such a feat.

"It's… It's really scary! Looking at all this information, it seems to remind me of that woman!"

During the awkward silence, Ramont gulped but his voice still sounded dry.

No one refuted Ramont's words though because they too acknowledged what he said and at the same time, they knew who Ramont was referring to as that "woman".

The memories about her were still fresh. It was the time of their lives that was short yet always in a constant state of anxiety.

The Witch!

Every player present in Harvest Inn suddenly pictured the cruel and harsh woman in their minds, causing them to shiver together.

They were clear after suffering such a loss, Broker would make his move and he would never stop that easily.
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