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The Devil is Cage 808 "Transformation”

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Ultimately, Kieran temporary placed [Gezardrake Sacrificial Spell] into his backpack.

Before he could clear the doubts in his heart, Kieran would never simply put himself at risk.

Then, he turned his attention to the Emperor's Legacy: the Creature of Desire which was over a thousand meters in size.

Just now when he looked down from above, Kieran already felt the lifeless Creature of Desire's massive size but when he truly saw it at eye-level, the pressuring sensation from the difference in sizes assaulted his face.

"It's almost as big as a mountain!" Kieran commented.

Truth be told, his comment was quite truthful and he wasn't even exaggerating one bit.

The derivative eye of the Creature of Desire before him had the height of two grown men stacked up together vertically, and there were exactly 889 of them laying in a strange, indescribable formation, piling up on a big bunch of tentacle-like objects.

There were many forms of the Creature of Desire because each and every one of the summoners was different, what the summoner triggered in their own creature varied as it followed the summoner's abilities.

Kieran's creature was formed from hundreds and thousands of arms clashing with the intertwining legs; Edgar's one was in a mechanical gear form. The creature before him was in tentacle form.

He didn't feel perplexed by the look of the Creature of Desire but it didn't mean he would not feel odd about other matters.

The Creature of Desire before him didn't have the core eye!

The core eye was the strongest point of the Creature of Desire.

Be it firing burning rays or emanating the desire bewitchment, its power was something the other main eyes, secondary eyes, and derivative eyes couldn't compete with.

While on the huge body of the Creature of Desire, the main eyes, secondary eyes, and derivative eyes were all present, except the core eye.

"Could it be…"

Kieran discarded the possibility of someone arriving before him and also discarded the intentional move from the someone who buried it back in the day. He then turned his attention towards the body of the creature which was covered by layers of tentacles and tendrils.

Around 20 minutes later, Kieran verified his own theory because he found the core eye under the layers of tentacles and tendrils.

It was 10 times bigger than the derivative eyes! Even though it had lost its luster, the emptiness in the eye gave Kieran an unsettling feeling.

His [Fusion Heart] became restless again when he saw the huge core eye.

The cardinal sins were at their boiling point, even the devil energy was getting hotter.

This also made Kieran add another layer of caution towards dealing with the [Gezardrake Sacrificial Spell]. Without further hesitation, he activated his talent [The Warden, Priority Timing] to reset the cooldown on [Desire Summoning].

After a moment, Kieran's Creature of Desire appeared above his head.

When it received the order from Kieran's heart, the creature eagerly threw itself at the other carcass.

Kieran's main mission was open or destroy the Emperor's Legacy in 60 days.

Given that he didn't have the opening incantations, destroying it was his only option and if he could increase his own strength in the process, it would be the fortunate part out of the misfortunate.

Kieran had thirst for the Emperor's Legacy that he didn't bother to conceal but it didn't change the fact that he couldn't open it.

As for Herbert though, Zakar Krely's body has said it all.

Even for a brother that shared the same blood, Alinda Krely killed him easily after his value was depleted, then what about a stranger that had lost his value early on? What would become of him?

The outcome was self-explanatory.

Besides, based on Alinda Krely's skillful imitation of Herbert and the scene where she burst out from Herbert's body, Kieran didn't think she would purposely look for another body for the disguise.

'Benefiting from your reminder, Herbert was being watched under the government's surveillance, patiently waiting for your return!'

Kieran couldn't help but take in several deep breaths when he saw the phrase full of word traps.

"It mentioned Herbert yet didn't say whether he was the real one or the fake, and "benefited from your reminder" is full of misleading clues, it led me to think that Herbert might be still alive…"

"Is it the changes that occurred because of my arrangements beforehand?"

Kieran was pondering the question of why such changes would happen and the conclusion he drew made him squint his eyes.

The current dungeon world was different from the limit break dungeon in which he would need to search for his own main mission.

While in [Primordial Invasion II], the main mission was fixed but it changed accordingly in response to his "alterations"

An extremely bad one too!

It wasn't what Kieran was after.

His squinted eyes triggered his brows furrowing together because the "changes" before his eyes told him it was not viable to make arrangements beforehand. He did some simple arrangements in the previous entry to get an easier start, hence reaping more gains for himself in the end.

But it wasn't as ideal as he expected.

Even more so, the "changes" would only make the situation worse and more complicated.

What about the gains though?

Well, Kieran didn't assume that the difficulty of the triggered sub-mission increased because of the limit broken Character Model Template, it might also be from the "changes" he made beforehand.

As for the other benefits though, Kieran couldn't draw a conclusion at the moment as he watched his Creature of Desire consume another one of its kind.

Though he was extremely careful, he didn't forget the key point of [Fusion Heart]: balance!

Dawn Force in his body was slowly circulating, it was ready to tackle any kind of unexpected events but to his surprise, nothing happened.

His Creature of Desire rapidly consumed the carcass and the process was very smooth. He could clearly feel his Creature of Desire getting more powerful as the results were reflected into his body but the changes on the [Fusion Heart] was very peaceful to the point it raised questions.

[Creature of Desire consumed another one of its kind, Fusion Heart triggered Incomplete Evolution.]

[Constitution and Spirit authenticating…]

[Authentication passed, Incomplete Evolution begins…]

[Fusion Heart Incomplete Evolution complete!]

[Desire Summoning usage increased by 1 per day!]


The devil bloodline didn't run wild, neither did it interrupt the Incomplete Evolution to trigger the conversion to a blood and flesh puppet.

It was the total opposite from the situation at the Sanctuary!

"Is it because it consumed "one of its kind"?"

Such thoughts appeared in Kieran's heart but immediately discarded.

After consuming its own kind and strengthening its power, the Creature of Desire would never be so obedient…


Hold on!

Kieran instantly thought of [Aimida Flower]. After feeding his creature with the flowers, it became more vicious to hostiles but tamer before its owner

However, before Kieran could truly figure it out, something unexpected happened to his Creature of Desire.

Thousands of eyes lit up in colorful shine, it was different from when the evil eyes fired out the burning rays, its mouth wasn't even spinning like a grinding saw, it was quite tame.

Something that surprised Kieran appeared under the colorful shine.

It was faint at first but slowly became clearer.

It was a door that appeared before Kieran.
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