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A group of people in black uniforms walked into the hall under the gazes of the Mutants.

Among the group, three of them were very obvious, they stood like cranes among chickens, and captured Kieran's attention.

Not only because of their different outfits but also because the three of them were familiar acquaintances of Kieran.

Contly, Becker and… Herbert!


The very moment Kieran saw the elderly scholar, he raised one of his brows.

He really wanted to see the elderly scholar again but definitely not under such circumstances.

The thoughts in Kieran's mind were spinning rapidly when he saw Herbert's appearance.

Was the Herbert before his eyes a fake?

Kieran knew from Eander that Carlhart passed the Record Crystal to the "guy" and as long as the "guy" wasn't an idiot, he wouldn't send a fake to test Kieran's patience.

So… Was the Herbert before Kieran's eyes real?

From how Eander described that "guy" behind the scenes, he wasn't just any John Doe, not only did he possess a high position and hold real authority, more than half of Langdon's military had a close relationship with him.

This kind of character would never succumb easily, especially when what Kieran did in Carlhart Military Camp didn't spread out as news yet but the "guy" sent back Herbert…

Not to Carlhart but to Kieran directly!

Kieran was reading the letter in his written personally by the "guy".

To the respectful Sir 2567,

I think we have a little misunderstanding between us.

So, I've spent my effort in erasing the misunderstanding.

The matters that happened are the misinterpretation of my subordinates and not from my own will and as you can see, Sir Herbert didn't receive any ill-treatment here at all, he seemed to be in good shape as well.

I am truly sorry about his loss of memory.

Since this is my own mistake, I will send my men to make it up to you and Sir Herbert, with utmost satisfaction.

If you don't mind, I want to invite you to my castle as a guest.

It's quite the scenery here during summer.

Sincerely hoping for your arrival.

From Carderweld, who wishes to be friends.



Too strange!

Kieran's eyes unconsciously turned to Herbert.

The elderly scholar was smiling and nodding at Kieran, he didn't seem one bit unusual but instead, it made Kieran more and more unsettled.

Could it be…

A sudden thought popped up in his heart. Kieran thought of the only explanation to the scene: Herbert must have some restrictions on his body! The fatal kind!

When the thought struck him, Kieran turned his eyes to the black uniformed men with his colorful glare, emitting obvious killing intent.

"Your great sir! This is Lord Carderweld's compensation to you!"

The one who led the group shivered and sweat started to pour out of his forehead, though he didn't forget to place the box he brought from his master in front of Kieran.

Kieran slightly lowered his killing intent when he saw the box placed before him.

The box wasn't big by any means, it looked more like a jewelry box of a lady and nothing on the outside showed what it contained.

Kieran wanted to know what tricks this Carderweld was playing up his sleeves, so he signaled Eander.

Eander came over quickly, checked the box before he opened it.

As the box was opened, the aroma from within greeted everyone.

Inside the small box was a bloomed white colored flower the size of a palm, the stamen of the flower was faint yellow in color.

[Name: Aimida Flower]

[Type: Plant]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attribute: ???]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: No]

[Remark: You will need a specialized expert to appraise it!]

The details of the flower popped up when Kieran touched it.

"Aimida Flower?" Kieran muttered.

"You know what it does?" He asked Eander who was in a state of excitement.

"Your Highness, Aimida Flower can effectively suppress the arrival of the failing period!" Eander answered with a bow immediately.

"Suppress the failing period?"

Kieran knew of the failing period of the Mutants. Similar to men aging, the Mutants would undergo a similar process as well and they called it, the "failing period".

Once a Mutant entered the failing period, they would rapidly grow old and their powers would plummet, followed by death.

The most terrifying thing was, the failing period didn't have a regular cycle.

Some Mutants could live a hundred years and never experienced it and some others would face death during their prime years.

Kieran glanced over the excited Eander and shifted back to the [Aimida Flower] in his hand, then at Herbert and the others.

Kieran then let out cold laughs in his heart. At that moment, he finally understood what this Carderweld behind the scene was after.

[Aimida Flower]!

The flower could save lives for the Mutants yet it was in Carderweld's possession and of course, he definitely didn't just send out the only flower.

Carderweld must have a lot more!

It was one of the statements he wanted to make and as for the second one…

Working together!

As long as Kieran the alleged "Royalty" didn't want to face the suffering of the failing period, he would have to work with Carderweld.

The content, however, will naturally be the Emperor's Legacy that Herbert knew of.

Carderweld had never given up the goal but he only altered some part of his plans after realizing Kieran was "Royalty".

Kieran thought of all that within a spark of time, the wicked aura on his body had become denser.

The leader of the black-uniformed group fell to the ground after a slight wobble.

"It's not enough! Tell Carderweld, this is far from enough! I want him to show more sincerity!"

Kieran looked down at the leader of the ground and he lifted his hand, pointing at the man slightly.

Retsu who was behind Kieran instantly got the signal and stepped up, swinging his hand over towards the man in front of him.


A violent wind blasted out all of a sudden, Carderweld's men including the leader were directly thrown out of the hall.

When Retsu went back behind Kieran, Kieran passed the box of [Aimida Flower] to him for safekeeping. Kieran didn't further say anything and signaled for the feast to continue.

Undoubtedly, Eander and the other Mutants wanted to express their thoughts, but they dare not even open their mouth before Kieran's pressuring dignity.

After Herbert and the others were led away by the maidens, the dead silence and suffocating feast continued on like how it started.

Almost two whole hours later, the feast truly ended.

The Mutants around were shocked at Kieran's appetite as they glanced over the emptied plates.

Kieran finished a hundred plates worth of dishes!

It was very unbelievable.

Kieran's appetite and [Aimida Flower] became the topic of discussion for the Mutants who left after while Kieran arrived at a newly furnished room under the maiden's lead.

The room was actually a suite, not only did it have its own study area and reception parlor, there was even a hot spring pool in the bathroom.

Kieran rubbed his slightly uncomfortable stomach and walked towards the reception parlor.

Although his Constitution had reached SS- rank and had already surpassed common men's limit, eating a total of hundred dishes in a single meal was a little forceful, even for him.

"Bring me some hawthorn!"

Kieran ordered the maiden beside him and went into the parlor.

Herbert and the others had been waiting for him there for a long time.

"It's been a while."

The elderly scholar greeted Kieran with a smile when he saw Kieran enter.
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