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The fight between Calhart and the white wolf managed to end up in a stalemate but when the [Serpent Spirit] joined the fight, the statemate was completely broken.

The twin-headed serpent spirit shifted between its real and illusory form to neglect Carlhart's attack and it tightly wrapped around his body to tie him down.

The giant white wolf jumped on Carlhart and bit him on the neck.


His throat was ripped off and blood gushing out like a fountain.

Carlhart's unwilling rageful roar was suppressed in his chest without any place to vent off, sparks of electricity stronger than before erupted from all parts of his body, but it was useless.

After the white wolf landed a successful bite, it jumped away and drew distance from Carlhart. The twin-headed snake shifted back into its illusory form and dived back into the ground.

The lines of dancing electricity looked like silver serpents as thunderclap booms erupted from Carlhart's body.

A layer of hot white electricity clouded his body entirely and…


He exploded!

Starting from where he stood, the land within a 10-meter radius was charred.

An orange glowing item then floated on top of that spot.

The white wolf held it in its mouth and ran back to Kieran.

[Name: Thunder Fall Stone]

[Type: Gemstone]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attributes: ???]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: You need to find a specialized pro to appraise it!]


After passing the peculiar gemstone to Kieran, the giant white wolf vanished from the sight of the Mutants but the twin-headed snake didn't.

It sprung up from the ground again and curled up before Kieran.

Kieran took a step forth and went up to one of the snakeheads, he then glared over the Mutants who had shock over their faces.

"When will the feast begin?" Kieran asked.

The Mutants who hadn't recovered from Carlhart's death couldn't answer Kieran's question.

The sudden scene has made them lose their sense of propriety but not all of them.


The particular Mutant who looked like a dwarf ran quickly towards the twin-headed snake, bowing down in a humble manner.

"Your Highness, the feast will begin right away! Please follow me!"

Eander tried to speak with a calm tone but his voice was still trembling.

It wasn't nervousness but excitement! He knew he had bet on the right person. This meant that he would prosper! Especially with the death of Carlhart, it would provide him with immense advantages.

A total of ten seats now reduced by one… Why couldn't he fill that spot?

All Eander needed to do was to follow his Highness' trail.

Eander unconsciously took a glance at Kieran who was emotionless and his mind couldn't help but picture the scenes that he saw.

Then he was utterly astonished by his memories because from the start to end, his Highness didn't really make a move himself but only summoned a bunch of animal spirits to fight with Carlhart.

More importantly, his Highness emerged the victor!

Not only did Eander realize the fact, the rest of the high-rank Mutants in the camp realized it too. All of them gasped coldly one after another.

While looking at the figure stepping away on the serpent spirit, the Mutants' expressions changed a few more times before swiftly turning into a respectful manner.

Just like what Carlhart said before, "Temper will be suppressed by strength!"

Among the high-rank Mutants present at the scene, Carlhart was undoubtedly the strongest and the rest of them were much weaker than him. Otherwise, they wouldn't let him lead the military camp and have command over all matters.

So, the rest of them perfectly knew what kind of attitude they must show to Kieran after he killed Carlhart without even moving.

Kieran too clearly felt the changes among the Mutants with the perception from the cardinal sins.

He couldn't help but smile. It was exactly what wanted.

The reason he came to the Carlhart Military Camp was not to negotiate with his identity of "Royalty" but to take control of the entire camp because he clearly knew the camp had many ties with a certain someone behind the scenes.

Using Carlhart Military Camp, Kieran would find that guy behind the scenes soon.

That was the first point!

As for the second, Kieran needed powers and forces that could make that guy take him seriously. It was different than the old battles that he fought without witnesses or with vague truths, this time he wanted to display himself, a display of how powerful he was!

If it was possible, Kieran wouldn't have chosen to do this. He was more used to hiding himself in the dark and utilizing the contempt of his opponent in exchange for an easy victory but he wouldn't have the spare time to locate and rescue Herbert.

There was a time limit on the main mission and it was only 60 days!

Right now even after considering the time he spent taking over the camp, almost 1/10 of the time had passed.

Since locating the Emperor's legacy location would require time as well, he would barely be able to meet ends like this.

So, he hoped that the particular someone could realize the situation, otherwise…

He would have to teach that guy a lesson of how harsh reality was!

Eander and the other Mutants who walked beside the serpent spirit felt a chilly atmosphere all of a sudden. They unconsciously lifted their heads and looked at Kieran who was standing tall on top, their hearts couldn't help but beat faster.

It was killing intent that they felt. The Mutants were very sure of it and because of their certainty, it made them exchange looks with each other, confusion was smeared over their faces.

They didn't know who would be the unlucky bastard but they hoped it wouldn't be them.

Each and every Mutant had such thoughts in their minds.

The reception then started under such a worrisome and unsettling atmosphere.

The feast however still retained the tradition of the Neegor Dynasty, which was being luxurious!

From the meticulous decorations and dinnerware to the selection of food, everything was following that exact theme.

Although it was impossible to truly recreate the luxurious scene from the past, Kieran sitting in the main seat was very overwhelmed by the hundreds of dishes before him.

Fortunately, none of the Mutants dare to stare at Kieran whose eyes was glowing colorfully.

Putting away his overwhelmed expression, Kieran started dinner with the servings from the maidens.

He took a single bite out of every single dish amongst the hundred and every time he moved onto the next dish, he would gargle his mouth with warm water to wash away his palette, so that he could taste the flavors of hundreds of dishes as much as possible.

Kieran didn't even need to do it himself, the whole process was completed by the maidens serving him.

Whether was it the food feeding or gargling, everything was delivered to Kieran's mouth.

Though the serving methods didn't make Kieran feel any pleasure, enjoyment or relaxation, instead, he felt unusually troubled and impatient.

He didn't try to conceal his emotions though, so it made the maidens serving him tremble in fear, their hands holding the knives and forks were shaking non-stop.

Kieran raised a brow.

He sized up the Mutants on both sides of the dining table who would never be able to sit down at the table because the entire hall only had one chair, and it was Kieran sitting on it.

Even Rayhart and Retsu who had the closest relationship with Kieran also stood beside him.

Though both of them were not dissatisfied a bit, instead, they felt pleasure.

Seeing the other pathetic fellow Mutants on both sides of the dining table who dare not even breath loudly, it made the two of them feel the greatness of serving their lord.

"This is amazing!" The dominated duo uttered in their hearts.

Though, for the other Mutants and even Kieran, it was torture.

The silent feast continued, other than the clunking of silverware and plates, there weren't any noises left.

Each time the fork and knife touched the plate and produced a clear clunking noise, it would shake some of the Mutants in the hall, as though they were frightened by the noises.

Time was moving utterly still and had become hard to pass at that moment, all the Mutants started to pray, hoping to end the feast sooner.

It seemed like their prayers were answered because a group of unexpected guests arrived at the hall, causing the dead silent feast to change for the brighter end.
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