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Kieran's smile because of the slaughter occurring around him looked utterly wicked.

It was more of a direct existence than his aura, especially when Kieran slowly walked over, the slaughtering Mutants automatically moved aside the red carpet but they didn't stop killing each other.

It felt like a pair of giant invisible hands controlling and arranging everything around Kieran.

The moment the high-rank Mutants rushed to the scene, that was what they saw.

It was very strange, to the point that it felt scary!

All sorts of haunting thoughts rose in the high-rank Mutants' hearts.

They couldn't help but take a gulp down their throat as they watched Kieran stepping on the carpet and the petals dancing around him.

They felt the dryness in their throats, they felt it hard to breathe, especially when they noticed Kieran was coming closer and closer. The high-rank Mutants stepped back a couple steps unconsciously before realizing the situation.

They looked at each other with blank gazes and eventually turned to Carlhart.

Carlhart was the only one who didn't step back because he was the Mutant with the highest authority in the military camp.

"STOP!" Carlhart spoke.

It wasn't the low pitched heavy voice anymore, it was like a clap of thunder.

His voice sent out layers of energy waves, blowing outwards in all directions.

Obvious rage was floating on Carlhart's scarred face and the eyes looking at Kieran had ditched the last bit of concealment, leaving only pure malicious killing intent.

It seemed like Carlhart couldn't just let this slip.

How could he? After Kieran almost destroyed many years of his blood, sweat, tears?


Carlhart charged at Kieran suddenly.

With his extraordinary height, unimaginable power, and speed bursting out, he appeared in front of Kieran within a breath's time.

His hand with the size of a cattail leaf fan went straight for Kieran's skull with an electric trail behind.

Carlhart wanted to crush Kieran's skull, so he would not spare the chance for Kieran to resist or evade his grab.

Lines of electric currents rapidly tangled Kieran's body like a nimble snake.

Slight numbness started to spread on Kieran's body and even the Constitution authentication appeared three times but he passed all of them.

The electric lines that tangled Kieran's body broke in a snap and rapidly vanished into the air like snow under the hot sun.

Carlhart whose hand was about to touch Kieran was shocked.

Not only because Kieran wasn't numbed by the electric lines but he himself felt an immense danger brewing around him and if he continued to try and grab Kieran, he might suffer a destructive blow.

Carlhart retreated and stepped back without a second thought but it was already too late!

A sharp wail sounded, plummeting the temperature in the area!

Translucent figures started to appear in the area one after another, some were human figures, some were horses.

"Ghost! They...They're…"

No one knew who shouted in shock but the voice stopped abruptly because they realized they were extremely familiar with the identities of the ghosts.

It was their comrades that died amidst the slaughter and their horses!

The Mutants watching from afar suffered a sluggish response. Their eyes at Kieran no longer showed reverence, but fear.

Controlling them when they were alive and they couldn't even be free after death.

The Mutants started to quiver when such a conclusion of Kieran came into their minds. All of them couldn't help but remember the rumors that circulated during their fathers and grandfathers' time.

'Our ancestors are only the guards of His Majesty!'

'His Majesty allowed our ancestors to live, only then our ancestors could give birth to us!'

'If His Majesty wanted our ancestors to die, we would never come into this world!'

'Life and death are decided with a single thought of His Majesty!'

The rumors were taken as jokes by the Mutants but they never thought it turned out to be the truth!

When the Mutants saw their dead comrades' spirit riding their spirit horses, charging at Carlhart, something in their heart shattered.

The ghostly Mutant riders charged forth fiercely, making the wind rougher and louder.

The crow feathered mantle was fluttering slightly, revealing the [Armor of Excellence]'s pure black surface and its mystifying patterns.

[Soul Summon]!

It was one of [Armor of Excellence]'s new attribute after embedding the [Dark Nether Stone]. It allowed Kieran to dominate 10 unconscious souls within a 100-meter range, starting from himself.

Kieran wasn't really reluctant in utilizing the dead beings like this though.

He activated the skill three times in succession and directly summoned the maximum number that his skill could afford.

Of course, that wasn't just all of Kieran's handy tricks.

A giant white wolf bigger than a horse and stronger than an ox appeared beside Kieran.


A sharp, loud howl up in the sky later,[Spirit of the White Wolf] summoned from [Wolf's Remnant Feast] too charged at Carlhart with a violent wind behind it.

Lines of electricity burst out from Carlhart's body. One after another, the ghosts were turned into ashes by the electric current but since they were unconscious souls only following Kieran's will, they didn't know how to retreat, despite being vanquished.

The ghosts displayed only a part of their strength though, more precisely, it was 1/10 of what they possessed when they were alive.

Though, the formless ghosts had the abilities that common beings didn't possess.

Overlaying and phasing!

A dozen of the ghosts overlaid on each other, launching their attack from underground. They left a black and gloomy wound on Carlhart's tough body and when Carlhart counterattacked, they vanished without a trace.

After all the stalling, the white wolf spirit had sprinted up in front of Carlhart.

Carlhart tried to attack the white wolf spirit, causing some electric sparks over the fur on its body but that was it.

With overflowing HP and sufficient Stamina, its fur was automatically deemed as Powerful rank defense barrier and its claws were as sharp as a Rare rank weapon, together with a +1 buff, the white wolf spirit wasn't the same as the lousy ghosts.


The giant white wolf opened its mouth and threw itself at Carlhart.

Carlhart immediately dodged the bite but he didn't completely evade the attack.

A palm-sized wide blood wound was left on the Carlhart's strong body, fresh blood gushed out like a river.

"What a powerful enemy!"

Carlhart's heart skipped a beat with just a mere touch from the wolf.

Immediately, his heart started to regret his impulsive decision, he realized he had wrongfully estimated Kieran's combat abilities.

While fighting with the white wolf, Carlhart spared around 30% of his attention on Kieran.

Based on the information Carlhart gathered, Kieran's own strength was quite powerful as well and he even possessed the Royal bloodline.

When the thought struck him, Carlhart's regret grew more than once but from the start to end, Kieran didn't have the means to make a move.

As he was stalling, Kieran slowly walked past Carlhart who was fighting the white wolf and reached the high ranks Mutants of the camp.

"Your Highness, please stop!"

"We don't mean any ill-intentions, nor do we dare offend you!"

"Leader Carlhart here is just impulsive at times!"

Kieran had just landed his steps firmly and the high-rank Mutants mustered up courage and started to plead for Carlhart.

It was true that they were afraid and terrified but they knew once Carlhart was finished, they wouldn't end up well either.

They were bound together whether good or bad from the beginning.

Kieran glanced over the Mutants' faces and right away, the anxious and worried expressions on them grew stronger.

Then, Kieran smiled.

Spare Carlhart? No way!

At the next moment, a loud snake hiss sounded abruptly.

A 20-meter twin-headed giant snake sprung out from the ground.
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