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The Devil is Cage 789 Coming Forward

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"Your Highness!"

Eander who brought a couple maidens with him bowed at Kieran respectfully before waving his hand.

Three maidens with trays then walked before Kieran.

On the trays were a long robe, a cloak, and some fresh flower petals.

The flower petals were from common flowers, nothing special about them but the robe and cloak were different.

The robe was linen-made, black in color and because it was folded on the tray, most of the part was blocked out. Only the front edge of the collar was clearly visible and it had a golden lining pattern on it.

Kieran was very familiar with the pattern, it was the eyes of Creature of Desire!

The cloak was white and on the edges and was embellished with a layer of golden red, similar to the glory of a setting sun or melting iron but it looked more like blood red!

It was also considered as one of the traditions of the Neegor Dynasty, which was soaking the enemy's blood on gold paint and embellishing it on the edges of the cloak.

Herbert had spoken more than once to Kieran of this peculiar tradition.

About the tradition of a dynasty, Kieran obviously didn't have the qualifications to give any comments but if Eander wanted Kieran to wear the cloak, impossible!

Even more so, if Kieran were to really unequip his equipment and put on two extravagant outfits with no real purpose while facing against a bunch of Mutants with malicious intent, he would be an idiot.

So, Kieran glared at the trays and walked out on his own.

"Your Highness! Your Highness! You need to put on the ceremonial robes! This is a tradition!" Eander spilled out his reminders behind Kieran.

"Tradition? The dynasty is gone, what traditions are there to follow? Even if there is… how many still follow them?" Kieran asked without even looking back.

"Uh…This…" Eander was speechless because it was indeed true.

Even within Carlhart, the Mutants that followed the traditions the most didn't do it because they adored the Neegor Dynasty and cherished the memories, but only because the traditions would bring them benefits.

Looking at Kieran's back, Eander further felt the "Royal" before him was different than the others he had met before.

A Royal different than the others…

When the thought struck Eander, he hastened his steps, seemingly trying to persuade Kieran again but actually, he quietly placed a small paper into Kieran's hands.

Kieran took the piece of paper and glanced over it. Then, the paper was burnt into ashes by the fire.

At that moment, Kieran was exactly at the turning point of the stairs and behind him was Eander while in front of him was Rayhart and Retsu.

The formation blocked every other possible gaze at his little actions, everything happened under the radar.

Kieran spared a glance at Eander without any expression and he continued walking down.

The situation unfolded according to his expectations. Kieran the "Royal"'s appearance had caused some other Mutants to think differently.

"But, isn't this the exact situation that I sought after?"

After he muttered his thoughts to himself, the wicked aura on Kieran grew denser again.

He was prepared to go rampant!

The cardinal sins were cheering lively at Kieran's indulgence with his actions.

The most direct display of this effect was his aura, it had already silently affected the Mutants around him and in a way beyond his imagination.

Those Mutant riders in front of the hotel were the first batch to notice the difference.

The tamed horses started to neigh restlessly. Their riders tried to calm them down but it was useless.

Quite the opposite, the horses started to bite their riders and tore the other horses around them apart. Their strong hind legs were stomping on everything within range.

When one of the riders was kicked down by the other horses and got injured, he pulled his sword out without hesitation and slashed the horse.

The horse that kicked him down was instantly decapitated by that single slash.


Hot fresh blood gushed out and sprinkled the area, especially the rider of the decapitated horse, he was completely dyed red.


The rider who was dyed red in blood instantly lost his senses and drew his sword, charging towards the other rider.

Both of them, once comrades that rode together, pointed their swords at each other without question and it wasn't just that single pair.

All the other riders who rode to the hotel, their heads were messed up and they fought each other.

Amidst the slaughter, blood and bodies were increasing and the scene startled the other Mutants.

They looked at the scene before their eyes with astonishment and confusion.


When the frenzied riders with bloodshot eyes went after the others, some of the other Mutants resisted, some ran.

The ones who resisted were all slashed to the ground while those who ran didn't get far before falling down to their death.

Compared to the meticulously picked riders, the common Mutants were lackluster in terms of strength.


"Kill! Kill!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

The few remaining Mutant riders were roaring, fighting non-stop. They didn't care how many wounds were carved on their body because, in their frenzied eyes, they only see one thing: the other bastards who should die!

Even Kieran who caused this bloody scene was taken aback when he saw the scene.

"The cardinal sins have such a big influence over the Mutants?"

Such a thought came afloat in Kieran's heart but he didn't halt his steps, his face recovered to his usual emotionless expression and continued forward.

Kieran could walk forth without feeling anything but it didn't mean the others could.


"Wha...What happened!?" Eander stuttered again but compared to the maidens behind him, he really reacted to the scene well enough.

The few maidens who weren't Mutants saw the bloody scene and piled up bodies in front of their eyes and their face instantly turned pale as paper, shivering heavily.

The trays they were holding fell but Rayhart and Retsu reached out at the same time and received the trays with the robe and cloak.

Both of them knew these two outfits were worth a lot.

As for the third tray with the flower petals…


It tumbled on the floor and the petals flew up right away because of the rebounding force.


The night breeze blew in an appropriate speed, making the flower petals danced in the night.

It swirled around Kieran as he was slowly walking forth. The unusual aroma from the petals and the blood and bodies beneath Kieran's steps formed a peculiar stimulating smell.

Amidst the dancing petals, Kieran who had a body of wicked aura added a strange sense of beauty to his looks at that particular moment.

His eyes were emitting a colorful glow, causing the estranged beauty to turn more mystifying and dreamy.

Retsu looked at Kieran's back and his heart was filled with admiration for him. He then slightly waved his hand…


The wind changed! It became more energetic and the petals that the wind made dance became more spiritual.

The petals dancing in the wind danced even more gracefully and the petals that fell on the floor, tainted with blood flew up once again.

They were like the spirits of the wind, they were tainted in blood and circulating around Kieran.

The riders who were partaking in the slaughter were tainted by the scene as well, each of them turned slightly sluggish. Then, they started to tear each other apart in an even more ruthless and brutal manner.

As though they were displaying their valiantness before their lord with all the killings. In fact, not only the riders, the other Mutants joined the fray too.

They slaughtered each other like they had forgotten who they were.

While Kieran continued on without even looking at them. He lifted his mouth corner into a grin.
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