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"Shoot it down!"

The middle-aged man frowned as he waved his hand directly at the soldiers beside him after being interrupted by the raven.

Bang Bang Bang!

Seven to eight soldiers raised the flintlock rifles in their hands up together and fired restlessly at the flying crow but out of their expectations, the raven under the night sky was exceptionally agile, not only did it dodge the iron pellets, it closed down on the soldiers while it was dodging.

The crow dived down like a bomber plane, grazing the soldier's crown swiftly and especially the middle-aged man, he was heavily dealt with by the raven.

"Argh! My eyes! My eyes!!!"

An excruciating scream was heard as the middle-aged man covered his eyes, rolling on the ground.

The sudden occurrence stunned the soldiers in the area.

Some of the soldiers instinctively wanted to help the middle-aged man up, while some others raised their flintlocks again, trying to take aim at the raven.

None of them noticed the figure that was coming towards them at the end of the street, including Pierre, Harold, and Cohen.

Under the night breeze, the figure was marching towards the crowd steady and strong, the mantle on his back was fluttering as the wind blew by. Two huge and exaggerating looking greatswords were slowly drawn out of their boxes.


Bush! Wung Wung Bush!

The heavy numbing whistle from the swords sounded abruptly.

The night breeze became explosive and the mantle fluttered violently under the movements and yet unable to overpower the agonizing screams.

Kieran was like a tiger that jumped into a herd of sheep, he dashed into the group of soldiers that wasn't prepared for his sudden appearance and swept [Arrogant Word] and [Elmerius Sword] left and right, mowing down every soldier in sight.

With every swing of his sword, several soldiers would be cut in half.

With every swing of his sword, it worsened the soldiers' expression.

The soldiers either tried to defend with their rifle barrel or tried to dodge the swords, but none of their actions mattered under the flurries of the two greatswords.

Within a breath's time, Kieran had swept away a part of the soldiers in the area.

Blood flowed like a river with a rapid current, corpses scattered around and piled up like mountains.

Some soldiers that clung on their last breath were still moaning faintly.

The scene before their eyes and the dying moans that lingered in their ears made the remaining soldiers stare at Kieran who was standing in the middle of the bodies. Kieran's aura was icy cold and ruthless, all the soldiers who looked at him couldn't help but add fear into their gazes, as though they were looking at purgatory destroying the mortal realm.

Though they really proved themselves as elite soldiers, they didn't crumble before such fear but instead, some of the captains in the crowd quickly reacted to the sudden attack.

"Fire! Fire!" The captains ordered.

Bang Bang Bang!

Gunshots were fired relentlessly, muzzle flashes were going off non-stop and the smoke from fire powder quickly clouded the area.

The soldiers opened their eyes nervously, trying to see the result of their shooting.

Pierre and Harold who were helping Cohen shared the same thought as well but their nervousness was because of their worries for Kieran.

Kieran's appearance was too sudden, even Harold who knew Kieran well only recognized him a moment before the soldiers fired at him. He didn't even have the time to warn Kieran before the soldiers fired.

"Please, don't let anything happen to him!" Harold prayed hard.

Although he knew Kieran was impenetrable by flintlock rifles, it was a single flintlock rifle, not dozens of them like right now!

As though Harold's prayers were heard, the cloud of fire powder smoke suddenly rumbled fiercely. Like a ferocious beast that emerged from the cloud of smoke, Kieran dashed out with his two greatswords, channeling heavy whistles that could tremble one's heart and continued to reap his enemies' lives.

"He's fine?"

"He's fine!"

Harold and Pierre's face was filled with joy while the soldiers were horrified.

Some soldiers that were unwilling to give up drew their secondary flintlock pistols from their waists and squeezed the trigger.

Bang Bang Bang!

Shots were fired repeatedly again but this time around, the soldiers who fired had lessened quite a lot.

A lot of the soldiers saw sparks from the iron pellets when they hit Kieran, but they deformed upon impact and were deflected away. The soldiers would rather not see this because they somehow realized their biggest reliance, their flintlocks, were useless against him.

As if the scene was the last straw that broke the camel's back, the fear of the unwinnable started to drown the elite soldiers like the rising tide.

The middle-aged commander was still rolling around with his eyes covered, no effective orders would come from him any time soon and so, some soldiers started to flee.

Some who were at lost for actions followed as well but there were some who were different!

They wanted to fight until their last breath!

Though they didn't go after Kieran anymore, instead, they changed their target to Harold, Pierre, and Cohen.

There were only two to three soldiers that went after the trio but they didn't share the panic-stricken look of the others. The few soldiers looked scared, but they were calm at mind.

It was their calmness that made them understand the importance of Harold, Pierre, and Cohen.

If they could get their hands on one of them… They might be able to turn the situation around!

Such thoughts bloomed in the soldiers' mind but that was it.

They seemed to have forgotten about the Fire Raven that was soaring under the night sky.


Three fireballs were fired down simultaneously and precisely landed on the three soldiers that were going after Harold and the others. The soldiers were instantly engulfed in flames.

The flames rapidly devoured their hair, clothes, and turned them into human torches.

They rolled back and forth on the ground, in hopes of putting out the burning flames but the Fire Raven dived down again and didn't want to spare one bit.

It used its metallic, lustrous claw, and rapidly grazed over the soldier's weak spots.

After some twitchings later, the three seemingly smarter soldiers lost all signs of life.

The fleeing soldiers who witnessed the scene ran even faster, they knew other than running away, they were out of options.

Kieran didn't pursue though, he wasn't a blood-thirsty guy when there weren't any potential rewards to reap.

The soldiers might be elites to commoners but to Kieran, they were really nothing and no matter how much he killed, there wouldn't be any valuable drops from them.

Kieran then headed towards Harold and the others while grabbing his greatswords.

"Sir 2567!" The young man called out excitedly and delightedly in an odd manner.

Harold thought he was a goner for a moment but life presented itself before him again, how could he not be delighted?

While watching Kieran battling the soldiers, it brought up the excitement in the hot-blooded young man's heart, he eagerly hoped that he could be like Kieran, charging into enemies like a tiger.

Pierre, on the other hand, was glad that he escaped death again but he was shaken nevertheless.

"One man striking down a hundred… As expected and no wonder he is the legendary 'Lineage Owner'." Pierre sighed repeatedly in his heart but his mouth wasn't slow at all. "Sir 2567, we need to leave right now! Please come with me!"

Kieran followed without even saying anything. He needed an explanation for the questions in his heart and of course, Kieran didn't forget to bring the blinded middle-aged man with him.
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