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The Devil is Cage 769 Talents!

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[Completed special event: Make Oneself A Ruler!]

[Time decreased: 35 days]

[Main mission complete!]

[Player will leave the dungeon in 5 minutes]

[Please take whatever items you wish to keep with you.]

[Note: Any items that exceed the maximum weight will be discarded!]


Kieran took every spoil of war with him by stuffing it in his bag or strapping it on his body before grabbing [Calga's Crush] with his hands.

Although he knew such a special weapon couldn't have sold for a high price even if he brought it back to the game lobby, asking Kieran to give up his spoils of war was like asking him to kill himself.

Trying to take money from a scrooge's pocket, it would be no different than killing him directly.

When Kieran grabbed [Calga's Crush] firmly, the timer ended.

Kieran then vanished on the spot but Kieran didn't return to his game lobby, instead, he went back to the space under the sky full of stars.

Lines of words started shining amongst the starry sky.

[Player has completed Character Model Template Limit Break dungeon!]

[Strength, Agility, Constitution, Spirit, and Intuition have been set as player's main attributes!]

[Note 1: Main attributes: Cost 1 Golden Attribute Point to level up each time]

[Note 2: Sub attribute: Cost 2 Golden Attribute Points to level up each time]

[Note 3: Border attribute: Cost 3 Golden Attribute Points to level up each time]

[Devil's Energy has been authenticated as Origin Force]

[Cardinal Sin's Energy has been authenticated as Origin Force]

[Saint Thorn's Energy has been authenticated as Origin Force]

[Dawn Force has been authenticated as Origin Force]

[Note 1: Player's body will be adjusted correspondingly to Origin Forces, Points, Skill Points, and Golden Skill Points consumption will be decreased by 30%]

[Note 2: Leveling up non-Origin Force will consume 100% more Points, Skill Points, and Golden Skill Points]

[Note 3: Leveling up skills that counteract Origin Force will consume 300% more Points, Skill Points, and Golden Skill Points]

[Player has acquired Talent…]

[Detected player has limit broken Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Undercover's restriction in Character Model Template Limit Break dungeon]

[Detected player has limit broken Strength, Agility, and Constitution in Character Model Template Limit Break dungeon]

[Player's Talent will be raised…]


The bright words paused for a while in the sky before further showing more words underneath.

Many terms such as [Purgatory Final Descendant], [Apocalypse Bloodline], [Silent Stigmata], and [Son of Hope] appeared but were quickly replaced and at the end of the dazzling shine of words, only a single line remained stable.

[Name: The Warden]

[Type: Talent]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attribute: 1. Weak Spots Immune; 2. Authentication Advantage; 3. Priority Timing]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: You who stand in the space between light and darkness and oversee the rotation of day and night will hold on to your own beliefs.]


[Weak Spots Immune: The weak spots on your body will no longer become fatal points]

[Authentication Advantage: You will gain a +1 buff in any kinds of authentication (Includes but not limited to attributes)]

[Priority Timing: You can choose any skill on cooldown to rest its cooldown completely, twice a day]


"The Warden?"

Kieran looked at the term that sounded more like a title than a talent.

Though before he could ponder more about it, his eyes turned dark and he was returned to his own lobby.

After Kieran's absence, the words under the starry sky didn't disappear, they were slowly changing like an abstract old painting, panning outwards.

The sun had risen up a while ago and shed its brilliant radiance over the realm.

A full moon was hiding under the sun's radiance in a leisurely manner.

In between the sun and the moon, where the radiance of the sun and brightness of the moon converged, a small black spot similar to a seed slowly came into shape.


Back in the old broken garage that he was familiar with, Kieran had just regained his steps.

Ding Ding Ding!

Though right away, his PM tab was pinging rapidly and relentlessly and no doubt they were all from Lawless.

Even before Kieran could check all the messages, the room notification already appeared before his vision.

[Player Lawless request to enter your room. Allow? Yes/No]


Kieran gave an affirmative answer.

Then he saw Lawless rush into his room in a nervous manner. The rapid rush from Lawless' tall and buff structure whipped up a violent wind within the old garage and even blew away the accumulated dust.

When Lawless saw Kieran, his mouth started blasting words like a machine gun.

"Are you okay? Damn it, you've frightened the hell out of me! I thought you'd directly entered the Character Model Template Limit Break dungeon! Thank goodness! Thank goodness! Go clear one or two more dungeons and get more benefits for yourself. That is the right way to do the limit break dungeon, don't forget…"

"I've cleared it!" Kieran said with a smile.

Lawless was stunned, he thought he was hearing things and unconsciously asked, "You said whaaa?"

"I said I've cleared the Character Model Template Limit Break Dungeon," Kieran repeated again.

This time, Lawless heard it clearly but it didn't mean he wasn't utterly surprised.

"You...You've cleared it?" Lawless stuttered his question.

To be honest, Lawless's heart at that moment wasn't only surprised but was fiercely curious as well. He really wanted to know how many limit breaks Kieran went for.

Was it three? Four? Or five?

Though, as a veteran player, Lawless knew the rules between players and given such secretive means, he wouldn't have asked it on his own, despite him and Kieran being best buddies.

"Congratulation on being a veteran!" Lawless then shifted the topic.

"Thanks!" Kieran answered with a smile.

The reason Kieran acknowledged Lawless as his friend was Lawless' methods of not peeling the onion to its core and keeping his baseline strictly played a big part.

Kieran didn't like spilling his secrets and hated others who probed his.

"To celebrate, we really should have a drink!"

Lawless suggested as he threw one cigar at Keiran.

Kieran caught it and lighted up the cigar with the flash of fire on his left hand.

Kieran had familiarized himself with the scent of cigar thanks to Lawless, he wouldn't mind taking one during his rest time.

Though he wouldn't forget to wash off the smell on his body afterward.

It wouldn't be a problem if friends picked up the smokey scent but if he was undercover in the dungeons and his enemies picked up the scent, it might be lethal.

Lingering between life and death, Kieran didn't only become more cautious and vigilant but also showed more concern about all kinds of details around him.

For example, he picked up a sense of happiness from Lawless' smoking posture and adding up the previous words, Kieran immediately knew where Lawless' happiness came from.

"You've found a new curse dispeller?" Kieran asked.
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