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Anne Aldrich Augen's cry didn't stop the overseer's attack.

On the contrary, the seemingly kind and merciful overseer thrust his hand into Kieran's chest with an even more ferocious means, plunging his hand deeper.

The overseer had plunged half of his palm into Kieran's chest, and he further thrust his remaining palm and half of his hand deeper, his wrist was twisting as well.

The opening on Kieran's chest was widened by the twisting.

"This heart cannot die with you!"

The overseer said as his fingertip touched Kieran's heart, he was ready to rip the whole heart out but while he was at it, the knight beside the overseer made his move.

The knight's sword reached out in a flash.

The moment the sword was drawn, the overseer had noticed something wrong thus he performed an evasive maneuver but the sword was too fast and too strange.

Even though the overseer gave up the thoughts of ripping Kieran's heart out, his back still suffered a slash from the sword.

A large slash wound that allowed one to see the bones appeared on the overseer's back, causing blood to splash out.

"Lord overseer, this isn't me! I…"

The knight tried to explain himself in panic but at the next moment, he was punched by the overseer.


The explanation was stopped abruptly and the knight's body exploded like a firecracker, bursting into bits.

The overseer then looked at Elder Juen who laid on the ground further away with a gloomy expression.

As old rivals, the overseer was perfectly clear what happened just now.

"Juen, you actually chose to play dead, as expected from such a bastard that grew up from in the gutters!" The overseer mocked the elder.

"Then what about you, bastard that grew up in the church? Why would you do things so similar, sometimes even more despicable than me!" Elder Juen's voice sounded.


The overseer opened his mouth and vanished from the spot right away. He then reappeared in front of Elder Juen's body.

The white and sharp light flashed over the overseer's palm and was slashed down at Elder Juen like a longsword.

Elder Juen just laid there without moving a muscle, looking at the light slashing down at him as if he didn't have the power to resist.

To be honest, he did not have anything to resist, also, from the moment the overseer slashed the white sharp light from his palm to decapitating Elder Juen's head, the elder didn't even move at all.

The overseer frowned when he saw the head of his old rival rolled beside his feet.

He clearly noticed something was wrong and he subconsciously shook his palm.


The sharp white light exploded into countless sparkles and started spinning around rapidly like a cyclone within a 10-meter radius with the overseer in the middle.

The first of the sharp light sparkles hit Elder Juen's body and it was sliced into a pile of minced meat within a breath's time.

The ground was no exception either, almost 1 meter of the ground was cut off instantly but even so, the anxiety in the overseer's heart didn't go away.


Following the overseer's thoughts, the spinning white sparkles suddenly blasted out an extremely high temperature similar to a blazing flame, yet it was still useless!

The anxious feeling grew stronger...

The situation made the overseer's face change slightly, he didn't plan to stay and find out what was going on.

The light sparkles then vanished as the overseer went back to Anne Aldrich Augen who was kneeling on the ground with Kieran in her arms.

He wanted to kill the woman, rip Kieran's heart out and return to the association.

The dense anxiety caused the overseer to go with the safest way possible.

However, before the overseer could get close to Anne Aldrich Augen, he saw her pull out a dagger from Kieran's boots.

"You still haven't realized the current situation? You think your petty strength can fight me?" The overseer laughed coldly.

"Fight? Why would I fight you? Anyway, you won't get away either!"

Anne Aldrich Augen looked at the overseer with a sneer, or more precisely behind the overseer.

The overseer's heart skipped a beat as he quickly turned around but nothing was there!

There wasn't a soul behind him nor the presence of any spirit beings.

"You petty woman, how dare you try to fool me…"

The overseer turned around and was ready to deal with Anne Aldrich Augen with the cruelest means possible but before his voice even faded, Anne Aldrich Augen held the dagger in her hand and stabbed it into her stomach, dragging upwards.

She then fell onto Kieran's body.

"Die for love? The legend of the hero has become more perfect!" The overseer commented coldly.

"But letting a bastard like you to write such a legend for the hero, it's very disgusting!"

The familiar voice sounded behind the overseer, causing him to turn around once more swiftly and yet, he still didn't notice anything.

"Come out! Juen, show yourself right now!" The overseer shouted angrily.

"Come out? I'm always beside you!" Elder Juen's voice entered the overseer's ear.

The overseer turned his head around and he saw his old rival but when he laid his eyes on Elder Juen, he shivered.

A head was stuck on his shoulder! Or more precisely, the head "grew" on his shoulder!

The overseer's shoulder grew another head out without him noticing. It was already scary enough but the scarier thing was, the overseer knew nothing and felt nothing about Elder Juen's head until the head spoke!

"Look at your terrified look, you wouldn't really think the slash I used your knight to deliver was a normal slash eh?" Elder Juen laughed, it was the genuine delight that came from his heart.

Yet the delightful laugh caused one to quiver, especially when the head had the freaky smile on it, it opened its mouth and tried to bite the overseer.

The overseer raised his hand to stop the mouth but all he could utilize was one side of his arm.

The other arm on the head's side was out of his control. The arm didn't just allow Elder Juen to perform its bite, it even stopped the other arm which was trying to stop the bite.

Soon, not only the arm but the control of the legs and body were split into two.

"YOU….. Arrrghh!"

The overseer was greatly frightened and paled in fear when he saw such terrifying changes to his body but as Elder Juen's mouth bit the overseer's face, it ripped a piece of the overseer's cheek away with an eerie tearing sound.

Elder Juen then swallowed the piece of cheek down together with the skin.

"Hmmmmmm, you taste not too bad!"

While his mouth was covered with blood, Elder Juen wanted to bite the overseer again.

Likewise, the overseer didn't want to give up resistance either, he too mimicked his old rival and bite Elder Juen.

Right away, an absurd scene happened. Both arms and both legs were attacking each other, even the muscles on the body of each side were twisting fiercely as the two heads were brutally biting each other.

The two fought on relentlessly and didn't even notice what happened to Kieran and Anne Aldrich Augen.

After all, in their perception, Kieran and Anne Aldrich Augen were already dead.
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