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The Devil is Cage 764 I Declare!

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Kieran was feeling the power within his body and just as Elder Juen said, he had easily wiped away the Dawn Force in his body but it seemed like he didn't notice the Devil's energy and the Creature of Desire's power.

Even though the Devil and Creature of Desire had started to grow restless because the absence of Dawn Force, as though a wild horse had ditched its reins and started to galloped in his body to help Kieran break free from the formless bindings, Elder Juen was still sitting there and didn't notice anything, he continued to look down at Kieran with a despicable gaze waiting for his answer.

"He can sharply sense the positive energy like Dawn force but is so dull against the negative energy like the Devil and Creature of Desire? No, no, no, this isn't being dull at the situation anymore, as if Elder Juen couldn't detect them! And it also seems like his memories had some problems as well!"

Kieran looked at Elder Juen as his heart was spinning rapidly. He didn't forget he had just used the cardinal sins against Elder Juen and set him up in that explosion.

During normal times, the cardinal sins could skillfully imitate Kieran but under such powerful explosions and flames, the wicked aura of the sins shouldn't have stayed put.

So, Elder Juen should have realized there was not only Dawn Force in Kieran's body, unless…

Suddenly, a new thought bloomed in Kieran's heart.

"Tell me your choice!" Elder Juen asked once more.


Kieran prolonged his tone and suddenly threw himself at Elder Juen on his black throne like a bolt of lightning.


Elder Juen coldly grunted at Kieran's actions and immediately, hundreds of thousands of figures appeared between Kieran and Elder Juen.

There were the three arbiters and the guards Kieran saw before.

All of them were sticking together tightly, blocking Kieran's path and every one of them looked enraged as they saw Kiera's charge, they then shouted out en masse, "How dare you offend Lord Juen!"

Amidst the furious shouts, strong and weak auras emanated from these people, they were ready to attack Kieran who was charging at them with their strongest skills but Kieran's attack was faster!

Creature of Desire was stretching its giant, weird body above Kieran, the wicked aura crashed down like a waterfall, striking mercilessly at those men.

The stronger ones wobbled and the weaker ones fell down but regardless of which it was, they saw the monster above their head.

Especially thousands of evil eyes that shone brightly, every one of them skipped a beat as they looked at the monster.

Instinctively, they wanted to break free from the Creature of Desire's gaze but it was too late!

Thousands of burning rays fired down like heavy rain, flooding everyone within a second.

The servants of Elder Juen didn't even grunt as they were completely wiped out and while all this was happening, Kieran dashed up to Elder Juen's face.

Without further hesitation, Kieran launched a kick at Elder Juen's body.


Elder Juen was toppled backward with his black throne, rolling further away. He then lifted his head up in an ugly state, gazing at Kieran and his body then twisted, changing his looks.

The magnificent black robe and the golden scepter were gone, leaving behind a bloody and ferocious looking Elder Juen.

The whole process happened within a split second, it didn't look like he was exposed of his real form but more of an exchange.

"As I thought, the Elder Juen on the throne was just a puppet-like existence! Although the puppet looked no different to the real elder, a puppet is a puppet and it can only follow Elder Juen's orders that he had pre-arranged, it didn't possess any ability to act on its own. The pre-arranged looked like it would require a lot of time and couldn't be completed anything a time of his pleasing."

The guess that Kieran had before flashed through his mind but his actions didn't slow down at all.

He went on and launched another kick at Elder Juen.


The air-breaking whistle was blowing at Elder Juen, messing up his hair. He did dodge the kick in an extremely ugly manner though.

"You think you've won!?" He growled ragefully and raised his hand at Kieran again and right away, a sinking force appeared on Kieran's body again.

Although he wasn't bound again, it made his speedy movements dull and his fierce attacking manner delayed, more importantly, the Devil and Creature of Desire's power within his body had vanished as well.

While doing all that erasing, Elder Juen wasn't taking it well either.

The dried blood that turned into scabs on his skin broke again, spilling blood all over his body and it was countless times harsher than before.

Then, his scrawny face had gotten thinner, looking pale as if he had a terminal illness.

Obviously, when Elder Juen was using his powers, he had suffered quite the repulsion but still, he was laughing out loud.

"The ultimate victor will be me! Me! You, you are nothing but an ant! You think you can defeat me? I'll tell you, you're simply being delusional!"

Elder Juen was screaming in a slightly frenzied state.

While the screams were happening, Kieran quietly took out the [Griffin Medal], it was one of the limited items that he kept on his body at that moment.

In order to make his setups more realistic, he had distributed most of his items that he had gotten throughout this dungeon to all of the sins.

Although the cardinal sins couldn't truly utilize the power of the items, the successful explosion was satisfying enough for Kieran.

The frenzied Elder Juen saw Kieran take out the [Griffin Medal] and was stunned at first before his expression turned worse.

"Impossible! How did you get the medal? It should have been long gone!" Elder Juen growled loudly in an unbelievable tone.

Kieran didn't even care about Elder Juen's growls, he bit his finger and dropped a drop of blood on the medal and when the medal absorbed his blood, he declared out loud.

"Heaven and earth will resonate!"

"Kings will converge!"

"Light and justice will shine!"

"I declare!"

"Glory will be revived by my hands!"

"I declare!"

"Light will never fade on my body!"

"I declare!"


"Stop! Stop it right now!"

Elder Juen heard the familiar words that had been branded into his bones, he didn't further care about the injuries on his body and activated his special power again.

Darkness then flooded in from all directions like the rising tide, crashing at Kieran with mountain crushing force!

However, when the darkness was still some distance away, it stopped and couldn't advance further.

A spot of brightness was shining on the [Griffin Medal] followed by a resonant roar.

A giant figure that shined like the sun stood majestically in the middle of the light.
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