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A sword was drawn out from its sheath and Iona moved over in a flash, placing Anne Aldrich Augen behind her.

"Elder Juen?!" Iona called out in an anxious and doubtful tone.

The female knight was always valiant and dauntless and yet her hands were shivering with her sword when she saw the black figure. Her whole person even plunged into an unknown fear.

She wasn't really a coward or only possessed the valiant looks but the person before her was too terrifying, to the point that it could terrify any mystic with the mere mention of the person's name.

Not only because the black figure was one of the elders of the Elder Council but also the strongest one.

The black figure nodded without giving any comment. A hooded outfit covered his face and only revealed a chin filled with a grayish-white beard but when the elder turned his head around, all the knights and arbiters hidden in the crowd had the feeling of looking straight into his eyes.

However, what they felt was not like they were looking at a person but a demonic entity that crawled out from the abyss.

Vicious, scary and terrorizing!

The friars of Dandon started to shiver uncontrollably as if they were quails being blown by the winter breeze, every one of them lost any thoughts of taking action.

"Really some old tricks eh, what else do you have?" the slightly aged voice mocked them.

A gray mist followed the elder's arrival and rapidly clouded the entire street.

The cheering crowd instantly became quiet and lifeless and dispersed swiftly like the walking dead.

Within a breath's time, the entire street was emptied out.

"Hahahaha, Elder Juen!"

"We are really too lucky!"

Amid the sinister laughs, the three arbiters came out from the gray mist and revealed their fierce and vicious auras. Their auras transformed into a mirage of a wicked beast under the night, it was baring fangs and claws while sending chills down one's spine.

"So you are the results of those people? What a joke." The slightly aged voice was obviously disappointed as he mocked the arbiters.

"Joke? We'll let you know what joke is!"

The three arbiters threw themselves up in the sky towards the elder on the float like clouds of smoke.

Then… they vanished!

The three arbiters vanished without a sound as if they never existed!

The Knights and Dandon high clergies were all stunned.

They knew Elder Juen was powerful but not this powerful. His powers had far exceeded the rumors of his powers.

"How is this possible?" Rodney couldn't help but cry out in surprise.

The young Dan's expression quickly turned sour but before he could take any actions, he vanished.

"Dan!?" Rodney cried out again but following his cry, he too vanished.

After that, the three high clergies of Dandon followed.

The whole process was no longer than three seconds.

All that was left was the float in the middle of the road and on top of it, Anne Aldrich Augen and Iona.

The both of them were stunned into a dull state when they glanced over the surroundings and couldn't believe what they had just seen.

The three arbiters, two knights and three high clergies of Dandon had vanished just like that?

If the ladies were to fight to the death, they wouldn't be as terrified even if the elder before them was the strongest among the council.

But vanishing into nothingness was too strange for them to comprehend!

To the point that their hearts were frozen.

Huuhaa, huuhaa!

Iona was panting heavily, the tremendous fear made her trembling palm stiffen completely and even so, she didn't leave. She kept standing in front of Anne Aldrich Augen.

"Not too bad. I think you should die in some other ways."

When Elder Juen finished, Iona's sword fell down and her hands went backward uncontrollably, strangling her own neck. Her face quickly turned purple, her tongue was sticking out and she looked like she would suffocate any seconds.

"How about you? How would you like to die?"

Elder Juen looked at Anne Aldrich Augen, he paused his words slightly and continued, "Such a beautiful lady, it would really be a waste if you die like this. Why not allow me to turn you into a puppet? My collections are just lacking the one of your beauty!"

"Oh? Collections? You can try!" Anne Aldrich Augen's face was slightly pale, she stuttered at first but became fluid as she spoke, a smile was also hanging over her face.

"Hmm. You think your little lover can protect you? Or do you think such traps you people had set up would be useful against me?"

Elder Juen stomped his feet on the float roof and it shook hard, little flashes of lights suddenly shone over the float roof and eventually turned into countless light particles, fading away into the air.

"Still unwilling to come out eh?" Elder Juen looked at a certain spot of the float roof.

The figure at that spot was distorting like rumbling smoke when a giant formless hand grabbed it and dragged it to Elder Juen.

"You are the one who killed all my beloved Hounds? What a disappointment!"

Elder Juen looked at Kieran who was bearing a proud and cold face. The exposed beard of the elder fluttered a little and his mouth lifted up for a smile despite being covered by the shadows.

The proud and cold Kieran also showed a smile, a smile filled with sneering and mockery.


Amid a metal cutting noise, a giant sword pierced through the bottom of the float as the large blade was driven directly at Elder Juen's bottom.


After an irritating metal clunking, the sword was stopped.

Elder Juen only lifted out a finger from his hand and pointed precisely at the sword tip.

Then, as his finger moved, the giant greatsword was dragged away from the float roof, including Kieran who was wielding it on the other end.

'Kieran' struggled with all his might but it was useless against the motion, all he could do was glare at Elder Juen with an enraged expression.


As the night breeze blew, another 'Kieran' appeared with a heavy envious expression.

The [Interrogator's Knife] and [Dark Venom Dagger] were like a venomous viper's fangs, striking at Elder Juen's neck and the back of his heart but when both weapons edges' were inches away from the target, the envious 'Kieran' couldn't move anymore.

"Not bad! At least one of you didn't let me down!" Elder Juen gave a pleasant laugh.

Following the laugh, more 'Kierans' showed themselves under the night sky but all of them were frozen in mid-air and were dragged towards the elder without exception.

The elder glanced over every one of them.

"The real one should be…"

As his voice faded, the elder looked behind him.

The real Kieran then jumped up and grabbed Anne Aldrich Augen and Iona by the waist, retreating backward swiftly.

While the 'Kierans' who were dragged in front of the elder showed a disdainful look, a cold laugh and angered glare, a moment later...


Blazing flames rose up high as the explosion burst and cracked the night.

Five [Alchemy Grenade]s and one [Alchemy Grenade II] exploded all at once.
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