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The details of the Griffin Medal's attributes piled up in Kieran's vision.

[Name: Griffin Medal]

[Type: Medal]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attribute: Glory Insignia, 1/3]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Secret Techniques Activations]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This was once the origin and also the pride and glory of the Griffin Church. If it wasn't for some certain matters, it would always be the Griffin Church's legacy item.]


[Glory Insignia: Summon a real griffin to aid you in battle!]

[Note: Every summon represents a new pact with the griffin. You can make the griffin complete one matter of your choosing but can not command it for long.]


"Summon griffin?!" Kieran couldn't help but widen his eyes even more.

Although he knew the specialty of the medal from Charter, when he really looked at the attributes, he realized he had still underestimated its value.

Griffin, the legendary beast. It was sung about in songs by people together with Elder Dragons, Pegasi, incubi, behemoths, and others mythical beasts; the Griffin would always come up on top.

"The Griffin Church really had a griffin by their side? So why didn't they summon it when they were annihilated… because of some matters? Was it stolen before?" Kieran's gaze started to ruminate over the questions.

In order to properly play the role of heir to the Griffin Church, Kieran had gone through the records of the Griffin Church in detail and although the records were incomplete, it didn't stop him from feeling how powerful Griffin was in the past from the words he read.

Its existence was even slightly greater than the current six main deciding churches inside the Saint Relic Association but it was also because of such power that Griffin drew much fierce hostility from the Elder Council.

Both sides fought multiple times, openly and secretly, and they were locked in a fierce battle until the Elder Council completely wiped out the Griffin Church who was isolated from any reinforcements.

Most of the books only vaguely described the "isolation" of Griffin and concealed the role the Saint Relic Association played in the scenario.

Kieran's guess was that the other churches stayed as bystanders and judging from the [Griffin Medal] in his hand, those churches even took drastic measures to the situation.

Now, Kieran was absolutely certain that other than the [Griffin Medal], the Saint Relic Association must have "safeguarded" a lot more of the Griffin Church's items.

Of course, the most valuable item had fallen into his hands by mistake.

Kieran lifted his mouth into a grin as he looked at the medal in his hand.

If he had less than 50% of winning chance against the elder from the Elder Council before, the [Griffin Medal] had boosted his confidence by another 20%, and if the elder were to be careless…

Kieran might be able to strike him down with a single strike!

A cold glare flashed in Kieran's eyes.

He never doubted how powerful a griffin was, he also believed that if it wasn't for the usage counter, the [Griffin Medal] would certainly exceed the common item ranks and reach I rank or higher.

"You seemed a little excited? Does it increase your chances of winning by a lot?" Anne Aldrich Augen across from Kieran had been watching him since they got back into the car.

How sinister would her eyes be to instantly notice the difference in the slightest change in Kieran's expression?

Kieran didn't deny though as both of them were allies, it built a basis for their trust.

Even though some secretive things would still remain secrets, some were open up for honest discussion.

"Then I shall wait and see." Anne Aldrich Augen smiled lightly and her body couldn't help but lean over to Kieran's side.

Kieran, however, dodged her in a more skillful manner and naturally swapped seats with her.

"You should really pay attention to a lady's face!" Anne Aldrich Augen said with slight dissatisfaction.

"Given the lady wouldn't simply trash the guy's pride after everything." Kieran countered in his words.

Anne Aldrich Augen was stunned before giving out a pleasant laugh.

"You know what I was thinking… it seems like we are indeed connected in a special way."

"Please don't simply insult the beautiful phrase 'connected in a special way.'"

"So you want to do it with me…"


"You cold-hearted bastard!"

"You should look for a teacher and learn the precise meaning of each of the words."

"How would you like to be my teacher?"

"No way!"

Both of them kept swapping seats as they squabbled.

Anne Aldrich Augen always tried to find an opportunity to get close to Kieran and Kieran would dodge her nimbly, as if both of them were children playing around.

Chelsea saw the scene through the back mirror. Her face had a slight sense of jealousy because at that moment both of them had no extra thoughts in their mind.

They were so real and pure.


10 a.m.

With the continuous firecrackers sounding off, Edland City's celebration parade had started.

Colorful ribbons were dancing in the air, people were walking the streets with smiles, drawing on each other's face with colorful patterns.

There weren't any staple patterns though, anything could be drawn on people's faces, just like how they dressed.

There were knights in cardboard armor, wizards in broken old robes and witches with broomsticks, children and adults participated together as well.

They dressed crudely but it was hard to conceal their happiness.

Especially when floats came out one after another, the people's cheers almost turned the sky above Edland City into a sea of happiness.

Even when some meticulously dressed people joined in the crowd, none of them suspected anything. On the contrary, everyone welcomed those people with smiles and the meticulously dressed people would display their kindness as well.

They were no different than the people around them, they mingled around the crowd easily.

As cheers and jokes sounded, time flew.

When the day flew by and the sun had set in the west, the moon hung itself up and the entire parade's cheerful environment was at its climax.

Fireworks were on display one after another.

Large amounts of free-flowing beer were placed beside the roads.

It was one of the new benefits the new mayor provided to the people and it won a lot of hearts without question.

So, when Anne Aldrich Augen appeared standing on the float, she was welcomed by the people enthusiastically.

Iona saw Anne Aldrich Augen being welcomed by the people and inside the female knight's heart, Anne Aldrich Augen wasn't that high in value because she was no different than those women who exploited their sex appeal but everything before Iona told her Anne Aldrich Augen had something different.

"Surprised? Can't believe a woman like me can receive such a welcome?"

Anne Aldrich Augen didn't turn her head around but her voice clearly entered Iona's ears.

"That's right, but the most surprising thing is the feelings of Sir 2567 for you," Iona replied.

Anne Aldrich Augen instantly lifted her mouth corner, she clearly heard the jealousy from Iona's words and it pleased her, yet she certainly would not let the pleasant feeling get the best of her, so she purposely uttered her words in an ambiguous tone, "Who really knows anything about feelings?"

Iona didn't reply but a slightly aged voice echoed in both the lady's ears.

"I know right! Who really knows anything about feelings? Just like life and death!"

A black figure appeared behind both ladies suddenly.
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