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"Yes, part of it!"

While Kieran was being looked at by the three knights, he continued, "Let's just say if the plan went in Elder Council's favor and all of the Knights of the Saint Relic Association were wiped out, what would they do?"

"It would be almost certain that they would follow up their victory with hot pursuit. So… Where would they place their next target?"

Kieran raised his head to the three Knights in deep thoughts.

Seconds later, the three knights glanced at each other and said in one voice, "the Saint Relic Association headquarters!"

The three knights knew their old rival too well. Not only did they understand their rival's organizational structure but they also knew how they worked.

Sieging the headquarters of the Saint Relic Association may be something totally unimaginable for other mystical organizations or factions but for the Elder Council, it was a common thing.

In the last decade, there had been two sieges from the council and within the hundred years of history of the Union, there were more than ten instances.

Although none of their attempts could break through the headquarters, from the looks of their actions it was enough to let people know how crazy the Elder Council was, especially when such craziness was built on top of hundreds and thousands of bodies, it was even more terrifying.

Kieran knew such incidents from books and Anne Aldrich Augen's mouth, it would be natural for him to weave them into his plans, making his plans seemed more logical.

Kieran glanced over the three knight's surprised faces, he knew his first step had succeeded but the second step was the crucial part.

So, Kieran continued talking without giving more time for the Knights to think.

"That's right, the headquarters of the Saint Relic Association. And my guess is, even with the Twenty Hounds being wiped out, the Elder Council would not give up on their original target. From preparing to initiating such a war, they've wasted enough manpower and armed forces. Given such circumstances, it is impossible for them to give up. They would probably slightly alter their targets and include me, the unknown variable in their calculations. I wonder which elder will come to Edland City to erase this variable from existence? I am really looking forward to it."

Kieran then revealed a smile filled with battle intent on his face. He learned the expression from Mayer who was normally serious in speech and manner but would show such a smile when fighting an opponent on his level.

Kieran had skillfully learned Mayer's smile, to the point that the three knights didn't doubt his intentions.

The three of them had been persuaded by Kieran's words. After another exchange of gazes later, they saw the intentions on each other's face.

It was the thirst towards glory and achievements. If one of them could even kill an elder of the council…

The eyes of the three knights had started burning. Kieran saw the changes on them and couldn't hold back his smile.

He did it! The three knights before him were influenced by his words.

In doing so, at least he didn't have to worry about facing the Elder Council alone.

With the three knights present at the scene, the reinforcements from the Saint Relic Association would become a reality because neither one of them could deny the assumption Kieran had said, but of course, what he said might also be the truth.

The chances of winning by fluke that came from human's greed would always incite people to hope for the better, the three Knights before him were no exception either.

They might not spare a glance at wealth or the power of position but they would gladly endure the hardship in the name of achieving eternal glory.

"Sir 2567, please allow me to join you!" Rodney was the first to speak.

"And me!"

"I want to join too!"

Iona and Dan followed as well.

Although Kieran's heart wanted to agree right away, he didn't open his mouth. He slightly frowned.

"Sir 2567, you might've heard of how powerful the elder's of the Council are but your understanding of them is quite lacking compared to us. We can provide you with detailed intel, and more importantly, with us joining your side, we can better protect the innocent! In fact, Edland City is too big for the three of us, we should call it in to request more men to support…"

Rodney started to persuade Kieran who was looking hesitant.

"More men? Don't bother unless the men are at knight's level, otherwise, no matter how many men you request, it will be useless. Please don't tell me it's one of the high ranking overseers of the association. That won't do it, if the overseer left headquarters, it would only create an opportunity for the council to strike! Don't forget the elder that is coming for me is only doing it along the way, their real goal is still the Saint Relic Association."

Kieran shook his head and interrupted Rodney.

The Elder Council had a total of six elders that terrified people with just a look.

Likewise, the Saint Relic Association also had six respectful overseers, similar to their counterpart.

Kieran didn't mind one of the overseers appearing in Edland City but he knew it was impossible.

Aside from their identities, the council's elder had immense hatred for those overseers, thus preventing them from acting recklessly.

Maybe the council wouldn't give up the preparations for war because of a petty shrimp like Kieran but it would be a different scenario if an overseer was involved.

Kieran was quite certain that not only would the council give up the preparations for war, but they might also even directly mobilize all the elders and gang up on the overseer who came forth to support him.

As for the honor of the powerful, perhaps it might exist in other powerful individuals or Knights but why would one discuss honor with a bunch of lunatics? It would be a lousy joke!

Still, Rodney's words piqued Kieran's attention. He believed that Rodney wasn't unaware of the current situation and yet he gave such a suggestion.


Kieran's heart was seized by a sudden thought as he thought of something. It further made his heart tighten following the thought but he acted more and more natural on his face.

"No, no, no, Sir 2567, you misunderstood! We aren't talking about the overseers but the other secret squads. They are different than us knights but still obey the overseers' orders. Don't worry, they are very strong as well," Rodney explained after looking hesitant for a while.

"Secret squad?" Kieran pretended to be surprised.

"It is a special team of men formed by ex-sinners. We call them the arbiters and although I don't like them, I have to admit it, they are very powerful, just like Rodney said," Iona added.

The arbiters! It was really them!

Kieran's heart skipped a beat.

When Kieran searched up and down through Edland City, even with Anne Aldrich Augen's forces, he couldn't locate the traces of the so-called arbiters. So, he had a new speculation.

Could the arbiters possess another identity?

An identity that could draw attention! Or more precisely, the executioners and the arbiters were from the same organization!

It was just that their existence was not known to the public as people only knew the organization on the surface level.

Everything was just as Kieran's guess, but…

Did the three Knights, who revealed the arbiters unintentionally, really treat him as one of their own? Or was this a test for his identity?
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