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The description of the item flooded Kieran's vision instantly.

[Name: Alchemy Grenade]

[Type: Hand Grenade]

[Rarity: Magic]

[Attack: Powerful]

[Attribute: 1. Armor Penetration Lvl 1, 2. Blazing Fire, 3. Wide Range Lvl 1]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is a new model of grenade that has been modified by the powers of alchemy.]


[Armor Penetration Lvl 1: Able to easily penetrate light armor (Average defense)]

[Blazing Fire Lvl 1: Inflict Average level fire damage to target]

[Wide Range Lvl 1: Increase blast range by 5 meters]


Kieran wasn't surprised for a one-time consumable item to have a Powerful attack.

After all, he had the [Exploding Thunder Spell] with him which had an Extreme attack and was also a one-time consumable item.

The real shocking thing was the item itself!

A hand grenade wasn't rare at all but a Magic rank hand grenade was a first!

The remarks on it were also very concerning to Kieran.

"Modified with alchemic powers? Which means… this can be mass produced? No, no, no… if it could be mass produced, the Union government wouldn't stay as passive as they are. So, they should be able to produce this on a smaller scale!"

Kieran had some understanding from Anne Aldrich Augen about the minister's true face, he wouldn't doubt his ambitions and cold-blooded means.

If the [Alchemy Grenade] could be mass produced, the minister would definitely wage war from his side and they would send out "human bombs" one after another.

As Kieran was spinning these thoughts quickly in his heart, his mouth was speaking demandingly like a lion widening its mouth, "I want ten of these and… its modification techniques."

"Impossible! You still don't understand its value, it…"

"It is because I understand its value, that's why I stated such a condition."

Charter shook his head repeatedly but Kieran interrupted his words.

"You are truly farsighted, but I cannot make any promises. From the research stage to the deployment, this alchemy grenade had a great cost behind it and the complete products were only a handful. Although I really want to finish the deal with you, I have to consider our benefits as well. The most we can offer is two and it's really impossible to go any further than that." Charter bitterly smiled.

Kieran, however, stayed quiet. He believed what Charter said was the truth but as for the last part...

Anyone who believed him would be an idiot.

No one would ever expose their trump cards at the very beginning, especially Charter, the spy leader.

Besides, Kieran was very doubtful about the [Alchemy Grenade] that he saw, was it the newest product Charter could offer?

In other words, did Charter possess a stronger and newer version of the [Alchemy Grenade]?

Since Kieran was in the position to call the shots and speculations plagued his mind, he negotiated patiently with Charter for the best deal.

After half an hour later, Charter with a stiffened expression took the leftover equipment from Kieran and left Augen Manor. He also left 5 [Alchemy Grenade] and 1 [Alchemy Grenade II] behind for Kieran.

Compared to the normal [Alchemy Grenade], the [Alchemy Grenade II] was almost identical to the [Alchemy Grenade] in terms of looks but the real attributes inside were not just a slight increase.

Not only did the rarity increased to Rare, but its attack was also at the Extreme level while also having Armour Penetration, Blazing Fire, and Wide Range at level 2.

"Well done! It's been a while since I've seen such an expression on that disgusting man's face. What a pleasant scene."

Anne Aldrich Augen placed the red tea in front of Kieran with a warm smile.

"I've added honey, so it might be on the sweeter side, just how you'd like it."

As she spoke, she leaned her body close towards Kieran's chest.

Kieran immediately stiffened his body but he didn't push her away because his senses had picked up that three gazes were staring at him in a vague manner.

It might be from the Union spies that had been concealing themselves within Augen Manor but it also might be from the Saint Relic Association or the Elder Council.

Either way, regardless of who they were, he had to pretend to enjoy the feeling for the sake of the plan.


The act was too hard for him, he had no choice but to cover his awkward look by drinking tea.

Kieran was grateful that he simply gave an excuse for Anne Aldrich Augen to leave the room just now.

The sweetness that came after the slight sourness was getting richer. As he was savoring the taste of the red tea, Kieran slightly diverted his attention but it was just for a moment.

When Anne Aldrich felt Kieran's body had stiffened, her smile got even brighter and started to wriggle around Kieran's arms, at the same time, she leaned her head on Kieran's shoulder.

"Those disgusting guys aren't really as disgusting as I thought, am I right? If I can have such special treatment, I can't refrain myself from hoping that they would take a few more peeks," Anne Aldrich Augen said softly. Her flowery fragrance swiftly entered Kieran's nose.

More importantly, the soft itching and numbing feeling that came from Kieran's ears made his body extremely unsettled. He was actually using his tough will to prevent himself from dropping the tea on the floor.

"One time will be enough!" Kieran clenched his teeth and squeezed out the words from the seams of his teeth.

Then, he stood up suddenly and went back to his room swiftly. The watching that he sensed had vanished as well.

"What a cruel man!"

Anne Aldrich Augen who fell on the sofa stared at Kieran's back like a grudgeful spirit.

Until Kieran's figure had completely vanished and made sure her voice wouldn't be heard anymore, the lady seriously spilled out a single sentence.

"Thank you."

Her voice was soft and weak, not a single soul heard what she had just uttered other than herself.


After returning to his room, Kieran was taking in deep breaths quickly.

Minutes later, Kieran finally calmed his emotions down and looked down at the reflection in the tea that was in the cup. He couldn't help but utter, "What a scary woman!"

Kieran drank the tea with a single gulp and continued perfecting his plans.

He knew that time left for him was limited and in fact less than 10 minutes later, he saw the three knights.

"Sir 2567!"

When the three of them saw Kieran again, all of them saluted at Kieran with the most solemn salutations to greet him.

"We need to leave Edland City and return to the Saint Relic Association headquarters! We hope that you can come with us. Your bravery of facing the Elder Council is admirable to us but having guts over wits is not the virtues of a true knight."

Rodney said without further ado after saluting and introducing himself.

"Thank you, Rodney, but I can't leave, I have reasons to stay behind. I'm sorry!" Kieran said with utmost sincerity.

"Is it because of Lady Anne Aldrich Augen?" Rodney asked after being stunned for a moment.

The intimate relationship between Kieran and Anne Aldrich Augen wasn't a secret long ago for the organizations who had channels to gather news.

"Part of it! But also because of my memory!"

"After losing my memories in Winchester House's explosion, I've been searching for it since then. Now I discovered my memories might be related to the Elder Council. In fact, I've been suspecting everything that happened was part of the council's plot, including the Yggdrasil fruit as well." Kieran pointed at his brain and said with a heavy expression.

"Part of it?"

The three of the knights exchanged gazes and were unconsciously attracted by Kieran's words.
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