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The Devil is Cage 752 Unexpected Gues

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Inside Dandon cathedral's reception room, the three knights who had been through the life and death situation were looking at each other.

Although the news of Kieran defeating the Twenty Hounds and annihilating them had been spreading for quite a while, the three of them still couldn't believe it.

In fact, when they faced Kieran's decision to stay back to cover them, they had already prepared for the worst possible outcome.

Who would've thought that Kieran would emerge the victor with an unprecedented massive victory aside from not dying?

"It's really unbelievable…"

Rodney, the Garcia Church's knight sighed.


Iona and Dan, the other two knights nodded in agreement.

Especially Iona of the Quake Church praised, "As expected of the one who inherited the legacy of the Griffin Church, he is exactly on par with the Eagle Knight from back in the day."

"No, Iona! Trust me, back in the day, the Eagle Knight Sir Decobalt was incomparable to Sir 2567 now. After tonight, Sir 2567's name will be elevated to new heights!"

Dan of the Eder Church said with utter respect.

To the young knight, he had unconsciously shown admiration towards Kieran who was strong and at the same time saved his life.

The female knight thought for a while and didn't further refute because she thought Kieran deserved to have such honor.

While looking at both his friend's expressions, Rodney bitterly smiled in his heart.

He wouldn't forget the debt of Kieran saving his life but Rodney was very clear about the things that would happen soon.

The Elder Council will not let this subside as their Twenty Hounds were annihilated.

Kieran who had just wiped out the Twenty Hounds may look infinitely glorious now but actually, he was in extreme danger.

Rodney wished not to get caught up in such danger with his friends.

So, after a light cough, Rodney said, "Our mission this trip has completely failed, we need to return to the headquarters of the association right now."

"Of course, we will also bring Sir 2567 with us!" Rodney added after pausing for a slight moment.

The lady knight instantly got her friend's meaning.

"Only in the headquarters of the association can Sir 2567 really be safe and get the best treatment for his wounds." Iona expressed her agreement.

"So, what are we waiting for? Let's visit Sir 2567 now, shall we?" The young knight Dan was even more eager.

Though, before the three of them made a move, Sister Liz brought news to them.

Kieran was using Anne Aldrich Augen's relationship network to trade for better, stronger equipment and items from the spoils of war he had gotten from the Hounds.

"This...is…Does Sir 2567 wish to face the elders of the Council directly?" The young knight stuttered.

Iona and Rodney were completely speechless. Both of them exchanged gazes before heading outside right away. They wanted to visit Augen Manor to talk Kieran out of it.


Meanwhile, Kieran was receiving an expected guest.

Charter, the spy leader who Anne Aldrich Augen claimed to have perpetrated every conceivable crime and the most loyal dog of the Union Ministers was bowing at him with a face full of smiles right before his eyes.

"Mr. 2567, I am truly sorry for appearing before you under such circumstances. As we are pressured by time, I have no other choice," Charter said as his face was filled with the sincerest apologetic tone.

"Then, can I use the "no other choice" method to… kill you?" Anne Aldrich Augen said with a pleasant smile.

Anne Aldrich Augen has zero fondness over Charter, if she could kill him off, she wouldn't even blink an eye over the act but it wasn't the best time right now.

Still, she didn't mind expressing her stand in front of Charter's face. After all, it was also one of the plans between her and Kieran.

"Of course! I have absolutely no resistance against you if you choose to do that now. Whosoever Mr. 2576 decided to back, they would have such rights over others, wouldn't they?" Charter said with his very smiling face.

His eyes were placed at Kieran throughout the conversation and didn't even bat an eye at Anne Aldrich Augen as if Kieran was the owner of the manor.


"Anne, can you get me a cup of red tea?"

Anne Aldrich Augen wanted to say something further but Kieran stopped her.

He wasn't saying it with a stern and severe voice but a tender and pampering soft tone.

Anne Aldrich Augen instantly nodded. She glared at Charter before leaving.

Right after she left, the study room was left with the two of them, Kieran and Charter.

"Really, only a strong person like you who could tame Anne Aldrich Augen. Your last victorious battle was very admiring, a single battle with the Twenty Hounds and you were able to wipe them out completely. Your name will be written down in the history books!" Charter uttered words of flattery.

"You came here just to tell me that?" Kieran said lightly with obvious ridicule and hostility.

"I think you are a little bit prejudiced. You are somehow affected by my best student, I…"

"That's enough! Anne told me what did you people do to her and the other girls in the past. Such things really infuriate me! You should be grateful that my rage didn't make me lose my senses, otherwise, I'd tear you and the person behind you apart right now!"

"Now, I'll give you another chance, tell me why you are here."

Kieran tapped on the arm of the chair hard and a cold aura suddenly erupted from his body.

It was killing intent!

Charter could tell it apart right away and he was quite familiar with such killing intent, Kieran would surely be an executioner who had killed countless people.

Only a butcher who killed hundreds and thousands could accumulate such intense killing intent.

Charter was surprised by how much blood Kieran had on his hands. However, he knew what he should do because he knew a person like Kieran wouldn't joke.

So, he quickly said, "We wish to have priority in trading for the spoils of war in your hands. Of course, we will pay you the best price and Anne Aldrich Augen will also be recognized by the Union."

"Are you threatening me?" Kieran asked coldly, there was even more killing intent from his gaze.

Charter could even feel the temperature around him falling.

After a sudden shiver throughout his entire body, Charter immediately showed his sincerity: a silver hand grenade.

"This is one of our research results! If you are willing to trade with us, we can provide you with another!"

From the looks of the grenade, other than the color, it was barely any different from all the hand grenades that Kieran had come across in the past.

After checking it for any possible error and tricks, Kieran took the grenade and when the system notifications popped up the details for the grenade, Kieran's eyes shrunk!
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