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That evening, when the sun had set, Sister Grittel brought the secret letter from the Saint Relic Association with her to Augen Manor for a visit.

While Chelsea led Sister Grittel in, the sister saw Kieran who was running in circles with [Elmerius Sword], [Calga's Crush] and other sorts of heavy items on him.

He was said to be running but more precisely, he was walking swiftly but each step he took, the firm ground would tremble slightly.

Bang Bang Bang!

The series of heavy steps made Sister Grittel who upheld power emanated shine in her eyes and her face was filled with respect.

"As expected, all kinds of strength has hardship behind the scenes that others don't know of!"

Sister Grittel gasped in admiration.

Chelsea beside her didn't refute her words. As Anne Aldrich Augen's secretary, Chelsea knew more than others.

She was perfectly clear as she recalled how many times a fight had broken out inside the space, how many times she felt the hard whistle that numbed her scalp and suffocated her before this secret spot was rebuilt.

Of course, she had a deep reverence for those who could cause such whistles.

Both ladies who showed similar but different emotions at Kieran silently watched him walk over from across the room along the side of the wall.


When Kieran laid down the weight from his body to the ground, both the ladies felt fiercer trembles from under their feet.

Both of their expressions changed at once, Sister Grittel's admiration became denser and Chelsea's reverence became thicker.

"Sir 2567, this is the secret letter from the association. Actually, teacher should the be one delivering this to you personally but with the sorts and counts in addition to dealing with the aftermath of Ourin's incident, she has her hands tied at the moment, please excuse her."

The young sister then handed a goatskin scroll respectfully to Kieran after she explained.

Because of the extreme consumption of his Stamina, Kieran panted ceaselessly and only nodded at her before opening the scroll straightaway.

Kieran quickly glanced over the words and the six different seals with a unique presence respectively.

The letter generally had two meanings to it.

First, the association had recognized Kieran's identity as the Griffin Church's knight and welcomed Griffin's return to the table.

Second, they hoped Dandon and Griffin would work together and locate the person responsible for the fruit of Yggdrasil's theft.

"Understood. Pass my greetings to Sister Liz," Kieran raised his head to the young sister and said.

Then, before waiting for Sister Grittel's reply, Kieran placed the scroll aside, putting on the weight on him again and continued his circular running.

Sister Grittel didn't show any dissatisfaction.

She bent down and bowed at Kieran before Chelsea led her out of the manor.

When the two of them left, Anne Aldrich Augen with a wine glass in her hand came in.

She picked up the scroll and couldn't hold her sneering laughs after she read it.

"The association really knows how to put out some good words!" Anne Aldrich Augen commented but the laughs she mixed with her comment made it completely unreliable.

"They are only worried about this being a lie. The one I asked you to keep an eye on, anything on him?"

Kieran didn't pause his steps because of the reply. He tried his best in maintaining steady breaths while asking Anne Aldrich Augen.

"Nope. Within the area that I can reach for investigation, there isn't someone or some forces that fit your requirement. Although they are quite interested in the Winchester House's explosion, most of it was because of the fruit of Yggdrasil and not other people or you, Mr. Memory Loss Knight." Anne Aldrich Augen shook her head.

After a slight pause, she spoke again, "Isn't losing your memory a good thing? Forgetting what you did in the past, whether happy or sad, you have the chance to restart your life. From my point of view, it's quite a decent chance."

As she spoke, Anne Aldrich Augen went beside Kieran's side, walking beside him side-by-side.

"Everyone has their own persistence and choices. Just like now, I'm running around with weights looking ridiculous and ugly but you with the wine glass is walking elegantly," Kieran answered.

"Different persistence and choices sometimes reach the same goals just with different means. You and your weights look ridiculous and ugly, however, you are displaying overwhelming power and attracting me who is walking elegantly… Isn't this amazing?"

Anne Aldrich Augen tilted her head and looked at Kieran seriously.

Kieran frowned, he knew the lady before him had started to return to her old habits again.

Though he had quite the experience in handling her.

But before he spoke, Anne Aldrich Augen placed her hand on his face.

It was not that Kieran didn't want to evade but the weight on him plus the extreme consumption of his Stamina forbade him from performing any effective evasion.

Although he had the intention, the outcome couldn't change.

When Anne Aldrich Augen noticed Kieran's awkward position, her hand became bolder.

Her fingers were slim, long and fair, as she wanted to move down along Kieran's body with her chilly touches, her movements stopped abruptly.

Kieran had removed the weight on him.

"What a wonderful day today is!"

Anne Aldrich Augen ran outside with a series of charming laughs.

"Crazy woman!" Kieran commented.

He placed the half removed weight on him again, resuming his circular run. He discarded the "malicious prank" of Anne Aldrich Augen out of his mind almost instantaneously.

It wasn't that Kieran had any kinds of fetish in torturing himself but earlier today when he put on [Calga's Crush] on his body, the feeling of reaching his Strength's limit and consuming his Stamina in great extent struck an idea in his mind.

Could he use the weight to limit break his Strength's restriction?

As the thought popped up and after some thoughts about it, Kieran believed it was doable.

Kieran was eager to limit break his attribute, he was bogged down in a weird cycle as if he never noticed the clue despite it being so close to him and now after getting an inkling, he couldn't wait anymore.

Moreover, his time was running out if he continued on with his plan.

"No! The weight is not enough! My speed is still too slow!"

After another round, Kieran went beside and added more weight to his body.

The disks as big as a car's tire were added onto his body one after another and when Kieran started to feel extremely strenuous plus the appearance of the "Overweight" debuff, he stopped adding the disks.

Kieran's figure at that time had been completely covered as if he was a small mountain on the spot.

When Kieran resumed his course, the firm ground didn't only tremble, small cracks started to appear all over as well.
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