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Chapter 741: Eliminate
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It sounded like a ton of explosives going off together, dust flew everywhere and clouded the area.

A full three to four seconds later when the dust settled, the scene slowly revealed a morning star mace the size of a millstone, half of the mace had plunged into the ground.

Each sharp spike on the mace was as thick as an infant's arm. While bathing under the sunlight, its glare sent shivers down one's spine.

"Knight Calga!"

The remaining friars of Ourin cheered in joy after being beaten badly by Dandon's forces with modern firearms.

Everyone on Dandon's side suffered a change of expression but recovered from it soon enough because Dandon themselves had a knight now!

A knight with the inheritance skill of Griffin!

"Sir 2567, please be careful…"

Sister Liz Dandon wanted to warn Kieran but she was shocked by the following scene.

Kieran lifted one of his feet and stepped on the morning star mace.

The Dandons who had recovered to their normal face suffered another change of expression.

It was very well known that Ourin's Knight Calga's strongest point was his strength.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have chosen a heavy morning star mace as his main weapon.

Now, Kieran wanted to have a test of strength with him?

As the thought rose in the hearts of the Dandons, it was followed by messy anxiety.

Calga's strength was too famous! To the point that even Liz, Grittel and Rayman who had decent trust in Kieran started to worry anxiously.

On the contrary, the remaining Ourins cheered even louder. They thought victory was around the corner.

Every one of the Ourins wanted to see that sinner being throw on the ground.

When Calga heard the voices of the friars, he sneered at Kieran's overestimation of his own power on the roof of the church before pulling the thick iron chain curled around his arms.

After the unique clunking of the iron chain sounded, the whole chain was instantly straightened but…

The scene that the crowd anticipated didn't happen.

Kieran didn't get thrown on the ground, his body didn't even budge.

All he did was stare at the enemy above his head with a cool expression and size up the knight carefully.

On the other hand, the huge and buff Calga was in a tough spot.

His face didn't just flush, his neck swollen, veins had popped up on his forehead that was filled with sweat the size of peas. He even panted heavily after the pull like he was short of breath.

The straightened chain was producing heavy screeching sounds as well.

Anyone who saw the scene was certain that Calga was exerting his full strength and because of that, it was unbelievable.

Kieran's strength suppressed Calga?

Kieran's strength suppressed Calga!

Although Kieran's strongest attribute was Spirit, his Strength wasn't weak, especially after he limit broke [Hand-to-hand Combat] and regained his Transcendence level, when Kieran fought with his legs and certain authentications occurred, his displayed Strength was enough to change anyone's look when they saw it.

Though, it wasn't the reason Kieran chose to fight the battle this way.

He possessed Agility that was on par with his Strength and against such an enemy who was obviously unskilled in speed combat, Kieran had a faster and more efficient way to deal with Calga.

But if he went that option, he couldn't display how powerful he was.

Only with direct perceivable strength could he make the association pay attention to him.

It was necessary if he wanted to acquire a seat within the association as well.

Then, Kieran squinted his eyes and pressed his feet down further.

Gak Tsk Tsk!

The morning star mace kept sinking into the ground right away after Kieran's step and Calga on the roof was pulled to a stagger, almost falling off the roof.

The Ourin friars weren't willing to believe what they saw but the scene before their eyes forced them to accept the fact.

When the cheers from the Dandon friars echoed in their ears, all the remaining Ourin friars turned pale one after another as if Armageddon had arrived.

"Sir 2567 is really strong!" Sister Grittel said respectfully.

The others around her nodded simultaneously following her words.

For the Dandons, they admired the direct way of competing in strength.

So, when Calga hurled another morning star mace at Kieran, Sister Grittel started scolding Calga which was followed by similar actions from the other Dandons, stating that it was a shameless and despicable move.

The morning star mace on the other end of the chain was falling towards Kieran.

He fixed his gaze on it, calculating the distance before coming in contact with the morning star mace, then he launched a kick at it.


Everyone present at the scene had their jaws drop uncontrollably.

The fiercely thrown morning star mace obviously suffered a delay after Kieran's kick at it and it flew back where it came from with even more speed.


A big part of Ourin Church was smashed away by the rebounding morning mace but that wasn't the end.

When the flying morning star mace had reached its maximum limit, because of the iron chain's pulling, it started to fall backward, together with the chain.

The weight of the morning star mace pulled the special forged chain through the church's front walls and main gate with crushing force, cutting it down.

Some others with sharper sights noticed the walls and gate had started to wobble.

"You shall die!"

Calga shouted loud as he jumped down from the roof and landed beside Kieran, pulling out his sword and thrust it at him.

As the Ourin Church's knight, protecting his church from attacks was one of the most important duties and now his church had suffered such devastating damage. It infuriated the Ourin knight.

His rage made him anxious in cutting Kieran into minced meat, it also made him lose his calm and rightful judgment.

Calga swung his greatsword at Kieran with force fiercer than usual and what it welcomed was another bigger and heavier greatsword.


Kieran gripped [Elmerius Sword] tightly and swung it at Calga in a circular motion.

He would never be this rash in his attack if he was facing other enemies but facing Calga with his lowered speed and enhanced strength, such an attack was very effective.

Calga didn't back off when he saw [Elmerius Sword] smashing at him.


Calga was then sent flying into the church with his greatsword upon contact.

The already wobbling gate and walls crumbled completely as Calga crashed through them.


The gate and walls were gone.

The crowd outside could see everything inside the church with a single glance.

They saw the sisters, fathers and deacons of Ourins. One of the fathers was still trembling as fear was evident on his face.

Especially when Kieran went forth, the fear resulted in despair.

"How is this possible? How could the remains of Griffin be this strong? You can't kill me! I am Ourin's…"

The unsought confession was stopped abruptly.

[Elmerius Sword] whipped up a great wind, sweeping the father into another wall.

"We will report your doings to the association! You people will be sanctioned!" The Ourin deacon shouted with intimidating manner but actually weak at heart.

"Sanction? You people won't have the chance. This is a Holy War! A Holy War waged against Ourin's despicable assassination in the combined name of Dandon and Griffin!

"Kill all of them! No one in Ourin lives!"

Sister Dandon walked over and spilled that terrifying speech but all of Dandon thought it was natural.

A Holy War itself would only end when one side was completely eliminated.

Kieran who knew the facts early on raised [Elmerius Sword] and swept it across the two high clergies of Ourin.

Moments later, two purple glow which only Kieran could see floated up from the two bodies.
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