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Chapter 731: Confidential News
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Fires were blazing and the holy light was dazzling.

As the light and shadows were reflected away, Kieran slowly emerged from the fire.

Among the astonished high ranking officers of Edland City. Chief Gregory who met Kieran before instantly called out in shock, "Sir 2567!"

His loud call broke the silence in the area.

The panicked aide who fell on the ground said in a clutch, "Impossible! Impossible! How could he get the core legacy technique of the Griffin Church? How could the Knight of Eagle give him that?!"

The aide's reaction made Deburo, who stopped on the spot, was frowning hard.

The group of bodyguards that came with Deburo sent a man out to cover the aide's mouth and dragged him back into the car like a rucksack, still, the information the aide had spilled was enough.

As for the high rankings of Edland City, many of them knew something about the mystical realm, especially from the great incident that spread like wildfire across the mystical realm.

Either the assault on the Griffin Church from the Elder Council or the Knight of Eagle that single-handedly fought off the Twenty Hounds, both were well-known among them.

"Griffin Church! The Knight of Eagle!"

Everyone's eyes started to shine, their gazes at Kieran became entirely different.

If the crowd shivered because of the sudden shock a moment ago, now it was entirely because of the reverence from their heart.

The reverence to a powerful individual, even Deburo was no exception!

The frowning governor looked at Kieran who was walking towards him, after his expression went through two rapid changes, his serious face showed a smile.

The governor walked up front and extended his right hand.

"Mr. 2567? You are really astonishing!"

However, Kieran acted like he couldn't hear and couldn't see the governor as he walked past him and went towards Anne Aldrich Augen.

"Sorry, some accidents happened. Am I late?" Kieran asked.

Anne Aldrich Augen lifted her mouth corner into a smile when she saw him.

After regaining her smile back, the colors and attention around the area were taken back by the female owner of the manor. The gloominess faded away and she became the woman that everyone was fawning about again.

"Not too late, just in time!" She shook her head and glanced the surrounding.

None of the Edland City high ranking officers dare looked into her eyes as they lowered their heads as if the gazes of taking pleasure of her misfortunate didn't come from them earlier.

Only Deburo was different.

The governor stiffly kept away his right hand and turned around, looking at Kieran and Anne Aldrich Augen with an unusual gaze.

Kieran ignored his gaze and Anne Aldrich Augen stared back without stepping down.

Anne Aldrich Augen who had the title of Black Widow wasn't a naive and kind little girl to think that the things that happened today could be solved peacefully.

She quietly sent out her signal, ordering the security around the manor to take action.

Likewise, the bodyguards that followed Deburo were prepared for a fight as well.

Both sides were ready to fight. The Edland high rankings all moved aside, wishing not to be caught in the crosshairs.

"The Union having you as the mayor of Edland City is really the Union's wealth! Your arrival made the ignorant women cheered in joy, thinking this is a sign of sorts but I guess they are wrong. You are too either reckless or too full of yourself, you think you can resist me?" Deburo asked in a low voice.

"If I don't resist, should I give up and die? Those women cheered for me? It's because they are too weak, they don't even know how to resist you, a tyrant! Or, they still have their fantasy for the Union. They don't even know what kind of deformed product this Union is!" Anne Aldrich Augen said in clenched teeth.

She looked like she was bearing something heavy that could crush her anytime.

Those Edland high rankings too felt like they saw some ferocious beast, faltering backward while panting heavily.

A series of Spirit authentication appeared on Kieran's vision.

The moment Deburo spoke, the aura of a high-rank person that had reigned for a long time was revealed to Kieran and Anne Aldrich Augen.

With SS+ Spirit, such low-level authentications made Kieran feel like bathing in the spring breeze but to Kieran's surprise, Anne Aldrich Augen could hold herself under such circumstances.

The fine sweat was all over her forehead and yet she held on bitterly. Kieran was very surprised, he never thought she would have such a look.

Kieran was much more interested in the topic that both of them were talking about.

Who were those women?

The comment about how the Union was a deformed product?

Each line of their conversation piqued Kieran's interest because he could smell the scent of a sub-mission.

Of course, he understood if he were to acquire a sub-mission, he would need to clear the situation before him first.

The bodyguards that Deburo brought had surrounded him and Anne Aldrich Augen, ready to take them down any moment.

Although Augen Manor had sufficient security, Deburo's bodyguards were undoubtedly much sharper and stronger.

Judging from their presence, there were at least three fighter level men among them.

The other seven were slightly weaker but also nearing the levels of a fighter.

In particular, they were obviously having the idea of taking out the leader.

Once they made their move, Anne Aldrich Augen would be the primary target.

No doubt Kieran would have to assure the safety of the lady beside him.

Under such circumstances, it wouldn't be easy even for Kieran when he still needed to fight ten more fighter level opponents.

As for Mayer, the moment Kieran thought about the stick-to-the-rules fighterr, he quietly shrugged.

He knew Mayer would never come forth even if Anne Aldrich Augen's life was concerned because the moment she ascended to mayor, the promise between them was complete.

Why did Mayer still linger around the manor though? Perhaps it was because there were some more promises that Anne Aldrich Augen could use against him but it was hard for her to say anything at that particular moment.

In fact, Anne Aldrich Augen who held on until now without passing out was already out of Kieran's expectation and it too shocked the governor as well.

But after the slight shock, all that was left were relentless mockings.

"Huh? A deformed product? Then what are you? A product of a deformed product?"

Deburo then looked at Kieran after that.

"I'll give you another chan…"

Before the governor could finish his words, he was interrupted.

Anne Aldrich Augen beside Kieran had vanished without knowing.

An area of shadow shrouded the place.

Inside the darkness darker than the night, cold wind was blowing and killing intent was honing like sharp knives.
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