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Chapter 728: Ill-intended Arrival
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Three days.

Kieran and Teresa stayed at the Dandon Church for a full three days.

Other than the necessary food intake, they even shortened their resting time to a minimum but still, Teresa didn't find anything on her end.

"You sure all these books are everything?"

Teresa raised her head at Kieran in a tired manner after going through the last book in her hand.

"En." Kieran nodded and rubbed his swollen temple.

He wasn't acting though, he started to read through the books carefully after he was onto something. Kieran would never be careless about his plans in the future.

"Teresa, you should get some rest. Even if you want something out of all these, you'll need an energetic body."

Kieran immediately presented his suggestion when he saw Teresa was about to dive into the books again.

After hesitating for a while, Teresa decided to accept Kieran's suggestion.

Though, the rest couldn't have taken place within Dandon.

Both of them said goodbye to the sister and walked outside side-by-side.

"Where are you heading? I'll give you a lift."

Teresa offered a friendly ride casually after opening her car door.

"The place you'll never go." Kieran gave a suiting bitter smile.

"Be careful of being the next prey of the Black Widow!" Teresa frowned and grunted slightly.

"You don't think she would help me selflessly right?" Kieran laid his hands open.

Teresa then kept quiet and stared at Kieran, the gaze from her eyes made Kieran feel weird and give him goosebumps.

Fortunately, Teresa soon put away her gaze and another grunting sound later, waved at Kieran and drove off without any further words.

After seeing Teresa leave his sight, Kieran called a cab and returned to Augen Manor.


Once the cab entered the Augen Manor premise, it was asked to leave right away as Kieran hopped into the other car which Chelsea the secretary was driving.

Surprisingly, Anne Aldrich Augen who was already mayor was inside the car waiting for him.

"Is it my pleasure to be welcomed by the mayor herself."

Kieran said to Anne Aldrich Augen who was sitting opposite him in her formal dress.

She said with a smile, "Then you should show your gratitude by telling me what have you found out."

Anne Aldrich Augen leaned back and looked at Kieran with her gorgeous smile, crossing her fairly long legs along with the motion. Her posture and manner were exceptionally attractive.


Kieran was used to her provocative actions, it didn't affect him one bit.

He shook his head and said seriously, "Even though I was able to locate Harondentte and found a lot of noteworthy things on him, I couldn't find anything in the books that he didn't mind killing for."

"Are you sure the books you've read are all of it? You did return to Dandon's base first and the books were delivered after that right?" Anne Aldrich Augen asked.

"Teresa asked the same questions as well, but I am sure what I've read was everything."

Kieran wasn't surprised at all that she knew all those details.

Before Anne Aldrich Augen even became the mayor, she was already similar to a clairvoyant in Edland City. Now after her election, any signs of movements could not escape her notice.

He wasn't surprised that the Dandon Church requested help from her to clean up the streets as well.

"That Liz Dandon is a trustable one but what about the others?"

Anne Aldrich Augen gave out several disdainful cold laughs.

Kieran went along with her flow and frowned naturally against her but he didn't further open his mouth.

The effect that he sought has been achieved, the more he spilled, the more the smart lady before him would notice something was not right. Might as well present himself to be in deep thought.

"The Dandon Church wasn't as stiff as an iron plate either, don't forget it is one of the Saint Relic Association and not the entire group! The incident that happened three days ago plus Harondentte's abnormalities would have spread throughout the entire association's network!"

"You know, two days ago, a very eye-catching group of people appeared in Edland City! They are attracted here by Harondentte's research. A bunch of insatiable greedy bastards!"

Anne Aldrich Augen mocked.

But Kieran could tell the mayor wasn't solely upset because of the uncontrollable variables arriving at Edland City, it was also because their arrival messed up her plans in searching for the Immortal Fountain, the land of Fallen Gods, the Fruit of Yggdrasil, etc. If they really existed, who wouldn't be moved by them?

If all of those weren't made up stories by Kieran, he himself would be attracted as well.

That's right, all of these were part of Kieran's plan.

From the moment he left Yuda State University and confirmed Harondentte was the heart transplant host, he had formed such a plan.

With Harondentte's "convincing" movements that sank deep into people's heart, it made Kieran's arrangements extremely easy. A little guidance from himself would allow him to form a channel with the flowing water.

After brewing his plans for more than a month and the battle from three days ago, the Dandon Church and the Saint Relic Association behind it, the Elder Council and other mystics who heard the rumors of the news would place their attention on Edland City.

Amongst the captured attention, it included a certain organization with the arbiter and executioner.

That particular organization would surely present itself with distinguishable feats because only they knew what changes occurred to Harondentte and because of that, they would suspect and be doubtful over the rumors but would never give up their search.

They didn't just want to erase the traitor Kieran but also the affinity of the mythical and legendary items.

Of course, they would conceal themselves but compared to the others who solely had their attention on the mythical and legendary items, it would be slightly different, similar to mixing a white fish into a group of black ones, regardless of how good it hide or concealed itself, it would still be eye-catching.

It was exactly what Kieran wanted. He hoped to know which organization he originated from and only from there, he could form specific countermeasures and not passive wait for the time to end.

Why though?

Other than Kieran's character who disliked being passive, it was also because of the acquisition of a better Talent.

Judging from the rules, Kieran was certain clearing the current dungeon world earlier would bring a good effect in activating his Talent.

After experiencing his continuous increase in strength, how could Kieran give up such a wonderful opportunity?

More importantly, he was currently stuck behind his door thanks to the curse and Broker the powerful enemy was hiding in some corner of the city, planning who-knows-what.

If he didn't get stronger soon enough, it would be game over for him and death would come knocking on his door.

His heart was spinning quickly around these thoughts, he didn't slack off on the surface either.

He looked at Anne Aldrich Augen with the indignant face, asking "Those greedy bastards aren't the reason for madam mayor to welcome me, I suppose now you wished the situation would be messier so you can fish the fish in troubled waters right?"

"Are we connected somehow?" Anne Aldrich Augen winked at Kieran and turned around, sitting beside Kieran and said with a begging tone, "The governor of Yuda state is coming for my inauguration dinner! That governor is famous for his strictness. Since I am a weak lady, I really need a reliable and strong partner beside me to calm me down."

Yuda state governor?

Kieran squinted his eyes.

With Anne Aldrich Augen the mayoral candidate beside him, even Kieran who knew nothing about the election rules before had a rough idea now.

Based on what he knew of the current dungeon world, there wasn't a governor that would participate in a mayor's inauguration dinner, unless both of them were specially connected.

Anne Aldrich Augen obviously wasn't related to that governor in any way but the timing was uncanny.

While doubts lingered in his heart, he asked directly, "When did the governor send you the notice? Don't tell me it was three days ago when I fought with Harondentte."

Anne Aldrich Augen didn't reply but she gave Kieran a charming smile.

The answer was self-explanatory.

The one who comes bear ill-intentions!
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