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Chapter 722: Summon
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While facing against an enemy that purposely concealed their trump cards, Kieran was more than happy to have someone else take the risks of heading in first.

Dandon deacon didn't notice Kieran's retreat, neither did the other sisters and father.

After listening to what Kieran had said, their attentions were all placed on the professor lying and shaking his body on the floor, especially the Dandon deacon who was slowly approaching.

They wanted to see what they would discover on Harondentte's body.

The white-haired bearded deacon walked over to the professor, bent his back and reached out towards the professor's body.

Right at that moment, Harondentte who seemed dead on the floor suddenly opened his eyes, a blazing fiery light shined brightly.

The deacon was stunned and instinctively wanted to back away before ordering the friars around to gang up on the professor.

However, the deacon suddenly realized, the friars around were all crying in panic, running around the place. Even those who were steadier stood still and shivered hard.

The two sisters and father were no exceptions and even Kieran as well.

"It's over!"

Despair rose up in the perplexed deacon's heart.

The panicking deacon didn't notice the shivers between Kieran and the others were entirely different.

The others were shivering out of fear and scared while Kieran doing so out of excitement!

The excitement from the bottom of his heart because the presence was too familiar.

[Light of Fear]!

Maybe because of his own body and the repulsion of [Fusion Heart] in the new host, the aura had weakened a lot but Kieran was sure that aura was [Light of Fear] after his devil transformation!

If Kieran was unsure until now, with Harondentte's changes his doubts were all cleared.

The question that Kieran had about the body in the Winchester House, whose heart was ripped away was cleared as well.

Leaving the heart in the body and allowing the executioners to find it was quite a decent confusing method but what else was more convincing than killing "me" and ripping away "my" heart?

Letting "myself" die with a scapegoat hosting "my" heart!

This was "my" ultimate plan!

Kieran finally understood the "better arrangement" that "he" prepared after feeling the sulphuric aura from Harondentte.

He stared at Harondentte, thinking, "Now, it's time to return the heart to its rightful owner!"


The Dandon deacon yelled out loud with the fear of death assaulting him as Harondentte stood up again.

At that moment, the lord deacon didn't care about his own nobility anymore.

Everything was equal before death.

The self-assumed nobility and prestigious position weren't better than anyone else.

His cry for help completely changed his pitch but the deacon didn't plan to stop.

Until… the deacon laid his panicking eyes on Kieran.

Kieran dashed forward fearlessly, swinging his greatsword.

"I will show the weak mercy!"

"I will face the enemies bravely!

"I will punish the sinners unreservedly!"

"Glory be upon me, as it is my life!"

The loud chanting was clear even among the panicking crowd, none of the messy noises could overpower the powerful chants.

It sounded like a victory banner, waving valiantly under the night wind and white moon.

The two sisters and the father were shocked as they saw Kieran charging forward.

Without their knowing, [Light of Fear] effect, which wasn't even the full version, started to fade away.

The friars running away even stopped their disgraceful act, they were still afraid but not helpless anymore because someone was leading the charge against the powerful enemy.

They saw the reliable figure leading them.

But the deacon himself didn't see all of that with his eyes, all he saw was his hope of surviving.

The deacon was delighted as Kieran came closer.

At that very moment, the deacon's heart already had the thought of forgiving Kieran's rude manners from before and thought of lessening Kieran's pain when the "bestowal" occurred.

The thoughts became more solid in the deacon's heart when Kieran stood before him and facing Harondentte alone.

"Move back!" Kieran shouted and swung his greatsword out.


A numbing air breaking sound was heard as the greatsword was slashed down towards Harondentte's head.

Harondentte whose eyes were blazing only raised one of his hands up.

His hand which supposed to be human suddenly grew huge and sharp as it was enveloped by magma.

The magma hand clashed with Kieran's greatsword.


The collision sounded like a great bell ringing, forcing Kieran and Harondentte back away one step.

Their powers were equal and on par with each other!


Harondentte was dissatisfied with the results.

A heavy and messy roar later, Harondentte backed away. A pair of blazing wings sprung out from his back instantly.


A 20-meter fiery blastwave was fired and engulfed the area before him which included the Dandon deacon who didn't move away in time.

The scorching temperature and flames engulfed his body swiftly robbed the life force from the lord deacon. He didn't even let out a cry and was turned into a charred corpse instantly.

"Lord deacon!!"

The friars around called out as they slowly recovered from their fear.

Both the sisters and the father was stunned instantly. Even though they didn't acknowledge the deacon's attitude, he was a necessary personnel among the Dandon Church's high ranking clergy.

Only the lord deacon could activate and open the altar of Her Majesty Dandon!

If he died… it would mean the end of the entire Dandon Church!

The thought erupted sorrow and rage from the three of them.

They wanted to turn around and fight Harondentte with their lives but another person was quicker!


As though the deacon's death infuriated him, Kieran ditched his defense completely and went on engaging with Harondentte with life-risking fighting methods.

Sister Liz Dandon smiled when she saw the scene.

"I was right! He is a real knight! And also the hope that the great Dandon bestowed us!"

"We should help him as a real knight!" The younger sister said.

"We should fight alongside when facing evil!" The father said.

Then, the three of them exchanged gaze before kneeling down on their knees.

"Oh, Great Dandon with overflowing battle spirit, a disciple under your command is fighting evil!"

"He seeks your aid! Your sword will be his sword, your armor will be his armor, your mantle will be his mantle and he will bring us to the path of victory!"

"To glory and honor!"

The praise sounded like a hymn and also felt miraculously as one.

As the hymn ended, a certain part of Edland City trembled softly.

Three white light arched across the sky like a comet and shot down directly at Kieran's body.
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