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Chapter 720: Fighting Alongside You
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

During the afternoon tea in Augen Manor, Sister Dandon who has been rejected far too many times finally met Kieran.

"Good day, Sister Dandon!" Kieran stood up and greeted her politely.

He didn't seem sorry at all after sending Anne Aldrich Augen to reject the sister so many times.

"It's been a while, Mr.2567," Sister Dandon replied with a smile.

Likewise, the sister's face didn't seem embarrassed after being rejected so many times either.

Both of them were like old friends that hadn't met for a long time. They sat in a corner of the garden, chit-chatting softly and even laughed occasionally.

That was until Anne Aldrich Augen came.

The future mayor and the manor's owner was pushing a small cart into the garden.

On the cart was a long rectangle shape box made out of wood.

The leather outside the box had neat patterns sewn on it, giving the rectangle box a vintage look. Though, the important thing about the box was its contents.

Sister Dandon's gaze was captivated the moment Anne Aldrich Augen entered with the cart.

She was surprised to see the box on the cart and even without checking it herself, she noticed that the thing inside the box was very heavy.

Tsk Tsk Tsk!

Each step Anne Aldrich Augen took, the wheels would give out irritating screeches because of the load.

"What is this?" Sister Dandon didn't ask Anne Aldrich Augen, the lady who shut her out many times. She knew how hard was it to deal with the future mayor, so she asked Kieran instead.

While being oblivious to the fact that it was Kieran who incited all the rejections, Sister Dandon felt that the amnesia Kieran was far better to deal with than Anne Aldrich Augen.

"My weapon." Kieran then walked towards the cart, opened up the box and took out the item inside after saying.

It was a two-handed greatsword with a man's height.

The thinnest part of the blade's body was even thicker than a grown man's palm and the thickest part looked like raw metal but the luster on the blade stated that it has been thoroughly tempered.

The hilt was extremely long, to the point that even with both hands gripped on, a lot of space was left.

The extra long hilt wasn't the mistake of the blacksmith, on the contrary it proved that the blacksmith who forged the sword wasn't an amateur. The blacksmith knew how much strength the user would need to insert to swing it around.

[Name: Sturdy Heavy Greatsword]

[Type: Heavy arms]

[Rarity: Magic]

[Attack: Common]

[Attribute: Armor Penetration Lvl 2, Sturdy Lvl 2]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Pro), Strength B for both hands and A- for single hand.]

[Remark: This is an extremely heavy greatsword. After it was forged, no one could truly swing it.]


[Armor Penetration Lvl 2: Able to easily tear apart medium armor of Strong defense]

[Sturdy Lvl 2: Gains +2 buffs when using the weapon defensively.]


Kieran took up the [Sturdy Heavy Greatsword] with one hand and swung it around.

It was slightly heavier than [Arrogant Word]!

Anne Aldrich Augen and Sister Danon were forced back by the heavy wind pressure.

Both of their faces had similar surprises, they were quite shocked at the strength that Kieran displayed.

But once the thought of the stronger Kieran was, the more they would benefit, uncontrollable happiness appeared on their faces.

However, a sudden realization hit Sister Dandon and changed her face right away.

"You've recovered your memory?" The sister asked.

"Nope! But after I've encountered a powerful enemy, my instinct told me I should use a heavy weapon to fight. A sudden thought, maybe it is part of my lost memories but I'm not sure."

Kieran pretended a bitter smile and placed the greatsword back in the box before strapping the box on his back.

"Powerful enemy? You were attacked in Edland City?"

A rare angry expression appeared on the sister's face. She was angered by the fact that someone dared to defy the orders from the Dandon Church.

Kieran was sure of that and he knew even better what kind of thoughts were running in her mind

So, he quickly added on without any guilt, "Not Edland City but Yuda State University, I've come across…"

After briefly explaining the incident, the sister's face changed once more.

"Heretics that violated the dead!"

Unlike the anger just now, this time around the sister's face was filled with killing intent

The Saint Relic Association was formed by multiple different churches but since they could form a union among themselves, the churches shared many common restrictions.

The dead should not be violated. It was one of the listed restrictions and from a certain aspect, it was also a core restriction as well.

Kieran was well informed that the Elder Council wouldn't mind digging the dead out from their grave and incite them into doing something that would result in the wrath of Gods and resentment of men.

He knew after stating as such, a high chance that the Dandon Church would already agree to help him. Still, he didn't mind adding fuel to the fire.

"He is powerful! So, I've closed myself up temporarily and trained with Mr. Mayer, enhancing my skills along the way. But as I improved myself, I suddenly realized not only the man was strong, he had something that disgusted me from deep within."

"I didn't feel as resentful when seeing a tiger prey on the weak but that man… he made me feel that I have to kill him at all costs."

Kieran looked down at his hands with a bedazzled expression.

Right at the moment, Dawn Force was shining on his hand.

While feeling the denser and more natural Dawn Force, Sister Dandon immediately acknowledged the closed door cultivation that Kieran mentioned and also the words Kieran said.

"My child, you don't have to be confused. This isn't the habit of indiscriminate killing, it's only because you've met your mortal enemy! Now I can safely tell you that you are a knight before you lost your memory and your duty is to protect the weak from the harms of darkness and the wicked!"

"That is why you acted like that before the darkness and wicked!" Sister Dandon looked at Kieran with a merciful face.

She then pulled Kieran's hands over as an elder and it made Anne Aldrich Augen beside her raise a brow uncomfortably. But soon enough, Anne Aldrich Augen was captivated by the changes that happened next.

A layer of similar brilliance appeared on the sister's palm and when the unique power came in contact with Dawn Force, they resonated.

They felt similarly tender and soft, one felt tenacious and indomitable and the other one felt bright and grand.

"The Dandon Church will not tolerate against evil, we will fight alongside you!" Sister Dandon said solemnly.

"I will be extremely grateful for that!"

Kieran stepped back and bowed down, saluting the sister with an old salutation with precision and official manner like a real knight.
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