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Chapter 714: Observer
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The sudden appearance of the figure alarmed Teresa in an unusual manner.

She raised the gun in her hand almost instinctively.

"Relax, I mean you no harm! I am Jorffany, an observer from Elder Council."

The man raised his hands up, signaling that he was harmless and introduced himself quickly.

"An observer from Elder Council?" Kieran squinted his eyes and sized the man up meticulously.

A black grayish wind coat with the same color pants and shoes. He had common facial features and looked like a mixture of a buff man in his thirties and a young adult in his early twenties.

The shock was still lingering in his eyes.

Kieran was very certain he had never met the person before.

Although the man's face was common, Kieran had quite the confidence in his considerable memory.

The identity that he claimed to be though, who could verify whether or not whether was fake.

So, Kieran had no intentions of letting his guard down.

He slowly walked towards the man, his figure was still blocking the trajectory in front Teresa in case the man tried something fishy.

Kieran's obvious manner made the man raise his hands higher.

"I really am an observer from Elder Council! I have proof! Bring to me to Yuda State University with you, the Gravens can prove my identity. Or we can return to Edland City, the mystics there can prove it as well. Don't worry, I can assure you nothing will happen to Hoskin." The man said out loud.

Kieran's steps were forced to a stop.

He had limited understanding about the Elder Council to begin with.

In fact, other than the infamous Twenty Hounds, the Elder Council was a very mysterious organization even though everyone thought they were crazy.

However, a crazy organization couldn't have lasted so long without some "normal" people helping within because their craziness would very well be their own demise.

Kieran guessed there must be a logical side of the Elder Council other than the crazy one that is presented to others.

Naturally, it wouldn't be lacking positions such as the observer here, otherwise, how could the Elder Council collect their information on the mystical realm.

So, when Jorffany mentioned that the Graven Society or the mystics in Edland City could prove his identity, Kieran already believed some of his claims.

He wasn't worried that it might be a trap set up by Graven because Graven's influences should only be within Yuda State University, it couldn't have reached Edland City despite both locations being in the same state.

Coincidentally, Kieran knew a lady who claimed to be a clairvoyant within Edland City.

He pulled out his phone and called Anne Aldrich Augen, after he mentioned Jorffany's name and described how he looked, Anne Aldrich Augen gave him a precise answer five minutes later.

Jorffany wasn't lying.

"See, I wasn't lying to you guys!" He laid down his hands and shrugged to express his innocent.

"Seems like you know more than I expected eh?" Kieran asked casually but his mind spun rapidly.

Jorffany's identity was clean but what about the purpose of his presence?

Although Kieran didn't know the precise rules and orders of the observer from the Elder Council, Jorffany showed up in such a generous way seemed way too careless for him.

Which mean there was only one explanation left!

His "knight" identity! Kieran couldn't think of others except for that.

"Seems like the identity of a "knight" is much more valuable than I thought. Not only a church like Dandon but even the Elder Council is attracted!" Kieran thought in his heart, at the same time his eyes were locked at Jorffany.

"Sir 2567, please don't stare at me like that, I am just a petty observer and you are destined to be a grand figure! If you don't mind, please allow me to follow you for the time being. Even though my observation mission has failed, I do not wish for further accidents for the rest of my mission," Jorffany said.

After Jorffany's words, the system notifications came.

[Sub-mission: Unworried Blood Debt (Complete)]

[Acquired decreased time: 3 days!]

Kieran glanced over the notification silently and raised his brow for the next question, "The rest of your mission?"

"You have successfully resisted all three hunts and based on the Elder Council's rules, you are presented with a chance to join our ranks. So I need to give a warning to the Gravens, telling them what the right choice to make is."

Jorffany kept his respectful manner but his tone sounded a little proud, it felt like he wasn't facing a well-known mystical force in Yuda state but a beggar that he could simply send away.

Kieran didn't feel strange either since he knew how powerful the Elder Council was but Teresa's eyes had curiosity floating all over.

Yet, Teresa didn't choose to speak at the time since she knew nothing about the mystical realm. She would leave everything for Kieran to handle and he would do his best.

After Kieran's deep thoughts, he chose to let Jorffany tag along.

Why Kieran did build his image and identity as a "knight"?

Wasn't it to increase the acknowledgment of the people around him of his new identity so that he could cover his old one?

What would be more suitable than the acknowledgment from the Elder Council, the mysterious, powerful, and crazy organization?

Since the Elder Council was well-known, it would be a decent "witness".

Of course, Kieran still remembered the Dandon Church, the church which was one of the Saint Relic Association members was also one of the "witnesses" that Kieran recruited.

Both "witnesses" had fatal incompatibilities like water and fire which would undoubtedly increase the believability of his new identity, increasing it higher.

However, Kieran would need to be more careful from here onwards since water and fire were merciless!

A slight misstep would place him in a much more difficult situation. Be it the Elder Council or the Saint Relic Association, both sides were not to be messed with.

"Sir 2567, I didn't expect you to be a real knight!"

After the car was restarted, Jorffany who sat in the passenger seat started to talk non-stop, it felt like Kieran's friend Lawless.

But Lawless was all nagging and bullshit, while the Elder Council observer had tons of schemes, countless words of testing were hidden between the lines.

"I never thought about it either. Although during my friendly spar with Mayer, he had guessed and said that I am a knight, I don't have any bits of a knight's memory in my head."

Kieran had prepared for this beforehand, he slightly frowned and said with worry.

"Mayer? Edland City's strongest fighter?" Jorffany said in surprise.

"If there isn't another fighter who share the same name, I think it's him." Kieran nodded.

"This is incredible…" Jorfanny's voice dimmed down as he continued.

Still, Kieran's sharp senses picked up the excitement on Jorffany's face.

No doubt, his value had once again increased in Jorffany's heart.

A common knight and a knight that sparred with the strongest fighter in Edland City were two completely different concepts.

Kieran adjusted his seating posture and prepared himself for further test and probes from the observer.

While Kieran and Jorffany were having talks, the group had safely reached the gates of Yuda State University.
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