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Chapter 707: Marulyn Prayers
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The dark cover of the book didn't stop Kieran's dazzling gaze.

He knew the value of the book was high because of its placement, it was much higher than the three golden and orange items beside it.

Among the list of legacies of the Marulyn Church, there was only a single item that possessed such value: the Legacy itself!

The Legacy that had recorded all the Marulyn Church's secret techniques and spells!

Even though as a player, items that could be instantly used or skill books that provide new skills were more useful, it didn't stop Kieran from keeping the book carefully.

A church's legacy had its own marvel despite how small it was.

After putting away the book, Kieran turned his attention to the three items.

A golden glowing scroll and two orange glowing rings.

[Name: Marulyn Prayers]

[Type: Scroll]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attribute: Prayers, 1/1 (Think of the thing you want, it will happen inside an extremely small range)]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: It is impossible to grant you your wish, you need to be more precise and understand what you really want so that it could bring out its proper power.]


"Marulyn Prayers?"

Kieran looked weird after he checked the scroll.

He heard about prayer spells before and it echoed in his ear like thunder.

Back in Nikorei's book collections, there was indeed a book named "The Miracle Spell: Prayers".

Kieran flipped open the book back then out of curiosity and read through it seriously.

Not only because the miraculous prayers were within the range of divine beings, but it was also because of the effect of the miracle spells.

Turning the impossible into the possible!

In simple words, it could alter day into night, turn desserts into lakes and turn the sea into land. All sorts of impossible feats were possible with prayer spells.

That was the reason it was labeled as the miracle spell.

Unfortunately, the book "The Miracle Spell: Prayers" only introduced the effects of prayers, it didn't explain how to use it, not even a single sentence of incantations!

If Nikorei didn't acknowledge it with her own mouth, Kieran would think prayer spells, which were labeled as miracles, was some tricks made up by the author.

As for further details?

Nikorei kept her mouth shut, thus Kieran couldn't know more.

But the [Maruyln Prayer] scroll in front of his eyes gave him more thoughts.

"Think of the thing I want and it will happen inside an extremely small range?"

"What kind of range is that? Or what kind of power level? Can it affect the Advance Rank skills? "Advance Rank skills are higher than Legendary ranks, but one-time consumable Legendary obviously ranked higher than common Legendary. Based on this theory, it seems possible to affect Advance Rank skills!"

Kieran thought in his heart, his body was trembled by the thought.

He didn't need that of a high level either, all he wanted was the scroll to affect at least the battle level with the Prairie King, he would get another rare harvest.

The excitement struck his heart when he thought about the grand harvest of items. After a few more deep breaths, he calmed himself down and carefully placed [Marulyn Prayers] into the bag on his back before checking the other two items.

[Name: Ring of Protection]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack/Defense: None]

[Attribute: Protection Field, 2/2; Protection Barrier, 1/1]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: This is a non-replenishable consumable item, please use with care.]


[Protection Field: Create a 5-meter radius Powerful rank defensive energy field with you at the center. Able to follow your movements, 60-second duration]

[Protection Barrier: Create a 25-meter radius Powerful rank protective barrier at your will. Unable to shift or move but extremely repellent against negative energy beings, 30-second duration]


[Name: Ring of Blessing]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack/ Defense: None]

[Attribute: Light of Healing, 2/2. Light of Revival, 1/1]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: This is a non-replenishable consumable item, please use with care.]


[Light of Healing: Fire a light of healing from your hand that can bounce between three targets. Able to heal allied targets from High Damage, Medium Damage, and Light Damage based on the bounce order.]

[Light of Revival: Any allied targets inside a 3-meter radius will recover from one Lethal damage.]


"Should I say as expected of Marulyn Church?"

Kieran couldn't help but exclaim the attributes of [Ring of Protection] and [Ring of Blessing].

Based on the information he had gotten, Marulyn Church was a peaceful church that preached harmony across mankind and saving the poor and sick was their duty.

Many real doctors and nurses were nurtured by the hands of Sister Reid in the past and that was the reason St. Reid Hospital was built in the first place.

Or rather, St. Reid Hospital was built to commemorate the sister.

Despite the fact that the Marulyn Church had vanished in the rivers of times, Sister Reid and St. Reid Hospital will be remembered by the future generations in their hearts.

"Death will not take away your achievements because one's glory will penetrate the veil of death…"

Kieran muttered softly in front of Sister Reid's statue.

It was a phrase that Kieran had remembered unconsciously while reading the records of the Marulyn Church and he uttered it out at that moment because of his feelings, without any other special thoughts.

However, the moment his words faded.

"You are willing to inherit my will?"

A merciful and peaceful voice sounded, a phantom of Sister Reid appeared out of the statue.

This time around it was different than the one from before, it felt and looked extremely real!

If it wasn't for the faded part below her legs, it looked like Sister Reid had come back to life.

Kieran swiftly stepped back.

The distinguishable difference of the phantom raised an alarm in Kieran's heart.

He stared straight at the phantom in front and his left hand was already on the hilt of [Interrogator Knife].

The sister's phantom looked at the weapon in Kieran's hand and she then sighed like a real person.

"A weapon filled with grudge and cries… Aren't you a friar of Marulyn? Or… Did Marulyn become corrupted?" The phantom asked.

Kieran frowned.

What should he reply?

Honestly? Or more lies?



Kieran suddenly thought of something from his sea of thoughts.
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