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Chapter 704: Messing Up Plans
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Kieran clearly heard Anne Aldrich Augen's cursing since he didn't really leave but he stood in the shadows of the hall's ruins.

He didn't really care, his attention was all placed on the spoils of war before his eyes.

A book with a green glow. It looked like a skill book but slightly different.

[Name: Charlie Graff's Notebook]

[Type: Book]

[Rarity: Magic]

[Attribute: None]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: The notebook has recordings of many fighting skills and an accidental secret technique that Charlie Graff had gotten. It is the most precious item of the meaty mountain.]


"Accidental secret technique?"

Kieran squinted his eyes and unconsciously recalled the abnormal state that Charlie Graff was in. The scorching heat waves were not something that regular men could produce, it was also rare among fighters.

Kieran didn't even bat an eye at the fighting skills of Charlie Graff but he was very interested in the secret technique.

He put the notebook at his back without a second thought and swiftly left the place.

This time around, he really left.

He needed to deliver on the rest of the promise to Anne Aldrich Augen.

Killing Urtegand, Siberk, and Weldon couldn't present Anne Aldrich Augen with complete control over Edland City since their turfs were still in the city.

Only when all their turfs were wiped out would the first phase of Anne Aldrich Augen's plan be completed.

As for the rest of her plans, it would be the mayoral election.

Anne Aldrich Augen's ambitions were not just to become the queen of the night in Edland City but the ruler of the day would not escape her grasp either.

Kieran didn't want to comment on Anne Aldrich Augen's ambitions, nor would he explore the reasons behind her enormous ambitions.

He only knew that by helping her, he could fish in turbid waters and move Sister Reid's statue from the hospital to the library.

That to him was already enough.


"Wilderman" was the second biggest nightclub in Edland City.

When Symende Augen ended his business in the nightclub line, Wilderman became the biggest one and the place that youngsters from all over the city gathered.

The youngsters went there to release themselves under the colorful lights and deafening music.

On top of the stage, the DJ was jockeying the disk hard, producing the only rhythm in the noisy environment.


When an empty beer bottle was hurled to the stage and smashed the DJ's head, the bald DJ fell down bleeding and the music was stopped.

The partying people was instantly stunned by the abruption and before the crowd could react to what happened, gunshots were fired.


Muzzle flash shone from the guns, bullets were flying everywhere.

The crowd who was still partying a moment ago had started to flee in panic.

A group of black-suited big men was exceptionally eye-catching among the panicked crowd. What was more eye-catching were the firearms in their hands.

Despite the dimmed environment of the nightclub, people could clearly see the deadly weapons in their hands.

The fleeing crowd wisely ran away from the group of suited men and at the same time, the bouncers of the club saw the group as well.

The bouncers pulled out all their weapons without hesitating, trying to take out the group that crashed the party.

But before the bouncers could dash over, a silenced gunshot was fired.

The gun equipped with a silencer was fired repeatedly.

The first among the bouncers who was also the leader fell down after precise headshots from the gun. The other bouncers followed as well without any exceptions.

"Take the place down! Those bastards in the club, break all their legs!"

The leader of the suited men shouted loudly with a ferocious smile.

He had received his orders a while ago and following their leader's order, the other black-suited men answered in unison before they threw themselves at their targets like tigers and wolves.

Around 10 minutes later, Wilderman was in ruins.

The leader of the suited men pulled out a phone and dialed it.

"Boss, we've taken down Wilderman with his help!"

The terrifying big fellow who was looking ferocious a moment ago became humble and respectful like a dog after the call was connected.

"Good, continue." Anne Aldrich Augen's voice came from the other end of the call.

"Yes, boss!" The fellow answered respectfully.

He then kept the phone and returned to his ferocious expression.

"Off to the next location!" The big fellow said. He then led his men to the next location.

Anne Aldrich Augen certainly didn't only send out a single group of men. In order to remove Urtegand, Siberk, and Weldon's forces in the city as soon as possible, other than retaining the necessary security forces, she had sent out all her men in groups of three, sweeping away all the turfs that didn't belong to her in one go.

Kieran's role was to minimize the damage that Anne Aldrich Augen's men suffered by killing the leaders and removing the obstacles in Urtegand, Siberk, and Weldon's areas of influence.

Gunshots intertwined, agonizing screams filled the air.

Edland City was completely woken from its slumber.

Commoners hid inside their houses with doors and windows locked and shivered in fear.

The police officers within the city who were tasked to protect it were stationed in their posts without any further actions because they had just received orders to not interfere.

The orders enraged countless officers with hearts of justice, especially Teresa.

"Cheif! Are we just going to let a bunch of thugs go rampant under our eyes?"

Teresa questioned her own superior.


Chief Gregory lifted his head up with one hand clasped behind the other. The bald middle-aged director stared right into his subordinate eyes and tried to maintain his dignity and authority.

The captain clenched her fist hard, raging sparks in her eyes were radiating.

"What? Do you want to disobey a direct order? Don't forget you've just gotten reinstated, do you want…"

It was still okay if the chief didn't bring up the reinstatement but once it was mentioned, the police captain couldn't hold the rage in her heart anymore as she knew the truth behind the incident.


Teresa went around the desk quickly. She launched a punch into the chief of police's face and while the chief was covering his nose in pain and yet to make a sound, Teresa followed up with a kick to his chest.

The chief toppled over with his chair behind his desk.

Teresa then pressed the broadcast button on the desk after smashing her superior's nose.


Teresa's voice echoed loudly around the station.

The officers who had been holding back quickly stood up in cheers after listening to the broadcasted order. They didn't even care whose voice it was anymore, they took their guns and dashed out the station.

Less than a minute later, the police sirens echoed in the streets of Edland City.

"I'll surely remove you from your position… No! This is breaking the law, I'll throw you in prison!"

Chief Gregory shouted at Teresa after easing his pain.

"What the f*ck ever!"

Teresa presented another kick on the chief's face.

She then stormed out of the office while the Gregory was cursing and screaming in pain.

Teresa didn't regret what she did despite it being an impulsive move, she had prepared herself to bear the consequences of her actions.

"Bunch of trash!"

Teresa stepped on the acceleration pedal once she had gotten into her police cruiser.

The police cruisers were dashing towards the spot where the gunshots were most intense like an arrow let loose.


After another shot killed another foe, Kieran's face turned weird when he heard the police sirens.

After Anne Aldrich Augen's arrangements, the police shouldn't be on the streets of Edland City tonight but based on the looks of things, the lady's plan was messed up.


He might look weird but he quickly showed a smile of relief.

Although it was just a wild guess. Kieran was quite certain that the police officers dispatched were related to the chief officer.

Other than her, Kieran couldn't think of anyone else.

After heaving a heavy breath, Kieran turned around and went into the darkness without further tangling with the ongoing war between two sides.

Since Captain Teresa had come to mess up the plan, he could shift his own plans up earlier.
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