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Chapter 689: Donna? Donna!
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As for who exposed his location, Kieran initially thought of Anne Aldrich Augen but soon he shook his head.

Anne Aldrich Augen was a benefits-first woman. Such a woman couldn't be really trusted but because of that, Kieran discarded the possibility of her tipping others off.

After the battle with Mayer and the clutched win, Kieran's performance was enough to allow Anne Aldrich Augen to know how to get the most benefits out of him.

Due to the fact that she sealed off the garden in Augen Manor to repair the trench that Kieran cut with his Dawn Sword, he knew that her plans or plots were definitely not something small.

"Really a perfect match for Symende Augen!" Kieran exclaimed.

Kieran then checked thoroughly throughout the clubhouse and after making sure he didn't miss anything, he took out his phone.

"Mr. 2567, do you want to have dinner with me? The aroma of roasted lamb shank is quite similar to your temperament, tender and alluring yet refused to be welcomed."

Anne Aldrich Augen's lazy voice sounded at the other end of the phone.

"What about dipping it in your blood? I guess it'll have another distinctive taste, right?" Kieran said while sounding cold.

"What happened?" Anne Aldrich Augen's voice instantly turned serious.

"After I settled the two fighters at the clubhouse, I was attacked. I don't know how he found me and it wasn't possible for him to track me throughout the journey. So, guess what I'm thinking right now?" Kieran laughed coldly.

"Give me some time, I'll get back to you with a satisfying answer!" Anne Aldrich Augen was being direct and hung up the phone after that.

Kieran shrugged when he saw the notification on the phone screen.

It wasn't really a bluff to Anne Aldrich Augen, but it was just a reasonable usage of her presence, similar to how she used him.

Since Kieran couldn't be everywhere at once, he had more intriguing things on his mind right now.

What will be waiting for him at Donna Bar and Ximi Candy House?

What is the purpose of that fake Gannett?

While heavy questions lingered in his heart, he quickly left the clubhouse in the outskirts.


Ximi Candy House, a long signboard was still hanging outside it from two hundred years ago.

The wooden signboard was filled with colorful candy icons, placed inside a container similar to a large-sized beer mug.

Although the color was a little mottled, the wooden material was extremely well preserved. It didn't peel off under the rain and sun throughout the century and remained in its original shape.

While hanging on the metal rail sticking out of the eaves, it merged with the slightly lowered two-story building and formed a unique architecture style that stood out from common Edland City's structure.

Kieran went up the stairs and pushed the door to go in after seeing that it was lit up inside.


The wind chimes gave out a pleasant sound and entered Kieran's ears but Kieran frowned hard.

His nose picked up a faint bloody stench, it was hidden among the sweetness of the candies of the place.

Kieran activated [Tracking] out of instinct as he entered Ximi Candy House.

In fact, he didn't even need to check carefully and could already spot the feet behind the counter.

Kieran moved over from the side of the path and saw the owner Ximi.

The fourth generation young owner Ximi had panic and fear smeared all over his face as he was lying down on the floor of his own shop. His chest was pierced and blood was oozing out, soaking his body.

The wound at his chest was bulging, it seemed like Ximi was assaulted by someone from behind.

When Kieran used a piece of candy wrapper as a glove to flip the body around, he squinted his eyes as he inspected the wound on Ximi's back.

The wound wasn't wide but very deep! Similar to how Brigal the thug who stole from the museum was killed!

"The same dagger and the same person!"

Kieran then went on to check the place but he found no traces left behind.

He quickly listed the killer of Ximi as the person who heavily wounded Brigal and also the potential culprit of the Winchester explosion case.

Now, Kieran had to add another possibility about the person: he might be related to the fake Gannett.

"If that's the case…"

Kieran turned around and left the place as thoughts bloomed in his mind.

He needed to pay Donna Bar a visit.


Almost a dozen fire engines had their loud sirens up but the more irritating noise were the continuous explosions inside Donna Bar.

"What caused the explosion?"

"Hurry up and cut all the facilities including the gas pipe leading inside the bar"

One of the leaders of the firefighters shouted at his men.

Kieran who was in the shadows at the side was staring at the blazing Donna Bar as he arrived at the scene. His squinted eyes were shining, unable to show what was going through his mind.

The huge fire plus the explosion couldn't have spared a single soul inside the building.

Despite how fast the firefighters arrived on site, all they could do was stop the fire from spreading.

After another glance at the building engulfed in blazing fire, Kieran turned around and vanished into the darkness.


Kieran didn't return to Augen Manor right away but went back to the Mecathy and Borjane Bookstore.

The moment he stepped into the store, his phone rang.

"There was a slight error that happened on my side. Some bastard inside the manor had sold off your location at a high price!" Anne Aldrich Augen reported quickly once the phone was answered.

"The one who bought the intel, is it Donna Bar's owner?" Kieran asked.

"How did you know?" Anne Aldrich Augen was stunned which was soon followed by realization.

Then, Kieran heard running noises and the sound of a TV switching on from Anne Aldrich Augen's side of the phone. The fire engine's siren that had subsided came through the phone once again.

"Don't tell me it's your handy work that the TV is reporting!" Anne Aldrich Augen asked in shock.

"Of course not!" Kieran answered in an affirmative tone.


"I need to deal with my own personal stuff for now. We can work together in the future given the chance!" Kieran interrupted Anne Aldrich Augen and hung up the phone without giving her the chance to speak.

He locked the door afterward but he didn't go back into the secret study room right away but pulled out a chair and sat right in the middle of the store.

"Winchester House explosion."

"Dancing Diva nightclub that had been rigged with a bomb.

"Test from the fake Gannett."

"Ximi and Brigal sharing the same lethal wound.

"Selling my location and blowing up Donna Bar."

Kieran muttered to himself while sitting there alone. He was arranging the intel he had gotten so far. He tried to exclude the unnecessary information and keep the useful bits.

In the end, Kieran mumbled softly, "Donna? Donna!"
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