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Chapter 675: Someone Else
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"Mr. 2567?"

Anne Aldrich Augen asked politely but the next moment, she already pulled out the chair to sit herself down.

The whole process was soft and polite with even the absence of unnecessary rattling noises. Even the way she sat down was naturally beautiful as though she was a living painting.

Her actions and beauty stunned and bedazzled everyone around.

Kieran, however, did not pay attention to her. He stuffed the last piece of burger into his mouth and chewed hard before lifting up the glass of orange juice and finished it.

Instantly, the gazes attracted by Anne Aldrich Augen turned odd.

Even without any words, the sole look on their expression allowed Kieran to know what the people were thinking but Kieran didn't care at all.

A bunch of unfamiliar natives shared a similar existence to a toilet paper in Kieran's point of view, at least a toilet paper could be used to wipe his mouth.

"Yes," Kieran nodded.

He then adjusted his seating posture, leaning his back on the seat and crossed his legs. His fingers were crossed as well and placed it naturally on the top of his knee.

"Let's make a deal, how about that?" Kieran said.

"Of course! That's the reason why I came!" Anne Aldrich Augen said with a smile.

The smile could be considered as an overflow of gorgeousness, even the waiter that passed by couldn't help but allowed his pen fell off his hand.

A clear dropping sound later, the waiter bent down and picked up his pen with a blushed face but Anne Aldrich Augen bent down first, picked up the pen and handed it over to the waiter.

"Can you give me a cup of Pure Coffee?" She said with a smile and utter politeness.

"Yes, ma'am!"

The waiter humbly took his pen and expressed his gratitude in his embarrassed expression.

Kieran on the opposite of the table saw the scene.

Until the waiter left, he kept quiet and allowed Anne Aldrich Augen to perform.

That's right, a performance!

Anne Aldrich Augen was undoubtedly beautiful.

In Kieran's memory, Jeanne James from [The Queen's Shield] with the title of "Witch" was on par with Anne Aldrich Augen's beauty.

One needed to know, Jeanne James empowered herself with a special power and Anne Aldrich Augen didn't. All she relied on was her own face and body.

The effort she made was beyond what a regular people could imagine as well.

Kieran spotted calluses within her palm when she bent down to pick up the pen. Although it was purposely covered, traces were left behind.

It wasn't wielding weapons through the years but probably because of the intense exercising equipment. Plus, all she ordered was black coffee without sugar or creamer, Kieran could already guess how she maintained her body and how much she persisted through the hardship.

Though all of that couldn't conceal Anne Aldrich Augen's conscious effort.

Kieran clearly spotted the disgust in her eyes when she picked up the pen, even though it was just a flash.

The coffee was served to her swiftly. After expressing her gratitude to the waiter with her false attitude, Anne Aldrich Augen turned her eyes to Kieran.

"What are we making a deal out of? Or… What do you want?"

Anne Aldrich Augen held up the coffee and stirred it lightly with the spoon circulating its shape.

"I want Teresa's name on the wanted list removed and you to reinstate her position," Kieran said.

"Teresa? That hot-tempered chief officer? We've met before a few times and I do have a strong impression of her. So, Mr. 2567 are you wooing that chief officer now? Don't take my words the wrong way, because other than love, it's hard for me to think of any other reasons, or… you are fond of that chief officer's body?"

It was shameless and teasing.

While she was talking, Anne Aldrich Augen mimicked Kieran in leaning back in the chair.

Her breath-taking breast was instantly showed off. She overlapped her long and fair legs, popping eyes from the people around.

The people around only noticed that her red dress had a slit in the side from the mellow and full calf, all the way to her well-balanced thigh's end.

"You want to replace her?"

Kieran scanned Anne Aldrich Augen from the top to bottom and only replied calmly as though he was thinking deeply in his heart.

"If you wish." Anne Aldrich Augen replied with a smile.

"Too bad, I'm not interested in a woman that has been married six times and jinxed her husband to death each time." Kieran laid his hands open.

Anne Aldrich Augen's smile froze, those shining eyes of hers flashed over a sense of coldness.

The faint killing intent didn't surprise Kieran though since he did hear it with his own ears last night.

Two to three seconds later, Anne Aldrich Augen returned to "normal".

The smile on her face was still so alluring, her ripple-like eyes stared at Kieran for quite a while and she didn't even open her mouth.

It seemed like it was the first time she truly laid her eyes on Kieran, sizing him up.

"Mr. 2567, you are really a surprise. It's been a while since I met someone like you. Very well, I promise you…"

"Hold on, I have a second condition."

Kieran interrupted Anne Aldrich Augen before she could finish.

The beautiful lady's face froze again. Her cold glare appeared again.

"Please don't overextend yourself. Don't you know how much money and debt of gratitude that I have to pull in to fulfill your first request?" Anne Aldrich Augen questioned Kieran.

"I know but the condition to make a deal with me starts with two." Kieran wasn't stepping back at all.

Both of them glared at each other for almost twenty seconds.

In the end, Anne Aldrich Augen chose to step back after confronting Kieran's eyes and manner that showed unparalleled calmness, because she saw similar eyes and such a manner before.

She knew a person with those eyes and mannerisms would never alter their decisions once made.

A mistaken illusion even rose up in her heart, causing her to think it was that particular person in disguise that was playing a joke on her.

Though, it wasn't possible. If that particular person could joke, the world wouldn't have to end.

"Say it then, your second condition but please don't go too far!"

Anne Aldrich Augen took in a deep breath to regulate her breath.

"What really went down at the Winchester House's explosion? Or should I say, why was Symende Augen is there at the scene?" Kieran asked.

Kieran then witnessed the astonishment on Anne Aldrich Augen's face. Obviously, the question had gone beyond her expectations.

"I am very sure that you really like that hot-tempered lady chief officer. Otherwise, you wouldn't have wasted such a good opportunity. Do you know I've prepared a million dollar for you to shut up?" Anne Aldrich Augen exclaimed.

"Money isn't everything. Tell me what I want to know," Kieran rushed her.

"Money isn't everything, it couldn't even buy love. I would believe it when I was 15 but now, I look at it as a gigantic joke! Do you know I…"

"Sorry, I don't want to know anything else."

Given Kieran's truthful words, Anne Aldrich Augen had become relatively talkative but Kieran didn't have the time to chit-chat with her.

He interrupted her once more and this time, it made Anne Aldrich Augen frown.

If it was possible, she really wanted to splash the coffee in her hand on Kieran's face but her logic told her not to.

"A boring man can't maintain a fulfilling marriage!"

Anne Aldrich Augen said in a slightly irritated manner and before Kieran could speak further, she took the initiative and continued, "Symende Augen went to the Winchester House for a trade with a mysterious person."

"As for where the mysterious person came from, I have no idea but I know he bought Winchester House and seems to have big plans ahead. Otherwise, it wouldn't have attracted Symende to let down his mayor election and go for the meeting. So, in the end…"

A smile of mockery was hanging over Anne Aldrich Augen's face when she spoke of her dead husband.

This time around, it wasn't a false smile but a genuine one. Different from her usual disguise, the real Anne Aldrich Augen must have a unique sense of humor as well but Kieran didn't have the mood to admire her.

His brows had completely furrowed together as she gave the information.

"A mysterious person? It wasn't Barney the Jackal?! There's someone else?!"
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