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Chapter 667: Contact
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The air-breaking noise from the dagger was insignificant but Kieran turned his body towards the right as though a pair of eyes grew on the back of his head.

Not only he did dodge the dagger strike, but the [Interrogator Knife] in his right hand also slashed across the attacker's neck as it went along with the motion.

Blood splashed out.

The attacker who wore casual clothes looked at Kieran with an unbelievable face before he fell a puddle of his own blood.

Two green glowing items came out from the dead body after that.

Until the last moment of his life, the attacker didn't understand how Kieran noticed him.

Truth be told, Kieran noticed him the moment he entered the hospital.

Kieran had tested out beyond Transcendence [Undercover] before and despite his current [Undercover] level being reduced to Musou, the feeling of beyond Transcendence has been branded in his mind.

Therefore, when Kieran saw the obviously unusual piece of shadow, he kept an eye out for anything sudden.

However, the eyes that glanced over him was unexpected, similar to the owner of that gaze which was walking towards him at that moment.

Everyone within the main hall of the hospital was busy with their own matters, as though none of them noticed the elder that was walking slowly towards Kieran.

At the same time, none of them saw Kieran and the dead body beside him, it felt like the three of them had entered another dimension.

A distorted and unusual dimension.

Kieran sensed that his surroundings were different, he frowned as though he was facing his greatest enemy.

The scene before his eyes was kind of similar to [City of Fiends] where he met the old monk in Rassho temple with its main hall moving.

"I mean you no harm, hunter who lost your memory. Pardon me, I really don't want to spy on you but the Elder Council is something to be cautious of, you'll never know what kind of scary things those a bunch of lunatics can do."

The elder said with a smile. His words had the power to calm hostility and malicious intent yet Kieran didn't lower the [Interrogator Knife].

In fact, he gripped it tighter, his eyes were shifting between the elder who was donning a long robe and the [Sister Reid Statue] further away.

His S+ Intuition told him both of them were connected.

"What a sharp sense! Before you lost your memory, you must have been a hunter that struck fear into those malevolent beings. If you don't mind, you can first take care of your spoils of war and maybe let me deal with the body? Although there is Madam Saint Reid's statue to aid, covering all of this does consume a lot of energy," the elder said with a gentle face.

Kieran looked at the elder and slowly squatted down like a jaguar, ready to leap at its prey at any moment.

With the system's function, the elder couldn't have seen those two Magic rank items obviously, so to cover his actions and also to find clues, Kieran searched the dead body from top to bottom.

He didn't find any mobile phone, wallet or other personal belongings instead he found around $200 in the dungeon world's currency.

Kieran then stepped back slowly and exposed the body before the elder.

"Thank you for your help."

The elder pulled out a tube of potion from his sleeve, removed the cork and poured a single drop of the transparent liquid over the body.


Smoke instantly rose up.

The attacker was swiftly turned into smoke including his clothes and after the elder waved his hand, the smoke quickly dissipated.

The whole process was no longer than 5 seconds and an entire dead body vanished into nothing.

It made Kieran add another layer of scruple in his eyes when he looked at the potion in the elder's hand. His mind quickly formed a simulation about what should he do if he had to fight the elder before him.

The first thing he would do was discard the chances of a melee combat, he wouldn't want to touch that solution by any means.

"The best way would be none other than drawing a distance and firing at him with a sniper or rockets!"

Kieran thought in his heart.

The elder didn't notice the extra thoughts in Kieran's mind as he maintained his smile.

"There must be doubts lingering in your heart right? If it is possible, I hope we can meet again during dawn in front of Madam Saint Reid's statue, I'll explain everything then. Now, I have something urgent that I need to deal with," the elder expressed his apology.

His actions were simple but not devoid of any elegance.

It spurred more guesses into Kieran's heart but he didn't stop nodding in agreement to meet up later.

"Great! It's wonderful! Then until we meet again at dawn!"

The elder nodded happily after getting Kieran's reply.

He then swiftly walked away.

After the elder left, the hospital scene returned to normal once more.

People inside could notice Kieran again and some nurses and doctors even asked him if he needed any help.

Having the title of amnesia patient, it boosted Kieran into a famous person within St. Reid Hospital.

Kieran expressed his gratitude towards the enthusiastic nurses and doctor later, he looked at the direction where the elder went off.

"Elder Council?"

The strange term made Kieran frown.

He knew he had starting step into the current dungeon world's mystical realm. That elder could very well be from Marulyn Church which Hoskin claimed disappeared vanished in history.

Though, Kieran wasn't sure whether the elder was making his identity up, similar to himself which purposely equipped the title [Demon Buster], turning himself into one.

When Kieran encountered the evil spirit and was certain there was someone behind the creation, he didn't switch off the title because he wanted to meet the people that were on the same side.

Since the people of the current dungeon world could live a satisfying life and it didn't turn into a paradise for evil spirits and the people behind them, then someone or some organization must be holding that balance behind the scenes.

If one couldn't encounter them, it was because they didn't step deep enough.

Once anyone stepped deep into that territory and displayed decent abilities, there would be someone who came knocking soon enough.

Similar to the elder that appeared before Kieran.

Of course, it was up to Kieran to determine whether was it true or false.

Holding his vigilance against the elder, Kieran quickly headed towards his own ward.

Hoskin was sitting on the chair beside the bed while Teresa was standing holding her gun behind the door.

When Kieran stepped into the room, Teresa pointed her gun at Kieran's back.

"Do you always greet people this way?" Kieran raised his hands up, playing along with the chief officer.

"Only to you," Teresa replied instinctively.

Right after the words escaped her mouth, Teresa realized it was somewhat prejudiced but being in front of her subordinate, she didn't explain, instead, she asked, "How're things?"

"Not very good"

Kieran shook his head and revealed everything about Ryan Sulfose to both of them.

Sharing a similar look to when Kieran first heard of the deal between Ryan Sulfose and Symende Augen, Teresa and Hoskin were stunned as well.

Especially Hoskin.

"Ryan Sulfose is putting up an act to play along with Symende Augen? Wait, this is the election for mayor we're talking about!" The young officer seemed to be devastated by the fact and shouted loudly.

"Dirty deals I see!" Teresa commented coldly.

Just when Teresa was ready for further comment…


A huge explosion sounded off from far away, even the ground shook fiercely.

Hoskin and Teresa looked at each other in surprise while Kieran had already disappeared from the room.
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