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Chapter 662: Zaigen
Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

Bang Bang Bang!

Teresa pulled the trigger instinctively and was ready to side roll away from the flying door.

However, the door flew too fast and despite her quick reaction, she couldn't dodge it in time.

Teresa clenched her teeth and held her breath as the door was flying towards her.

She was ready to take it down with her petite body.

Suddenly, a strong arm grabbed her by the waist.


The door grazed Teresa's back and smashed hard on the wall causing dust to fly up.

Her long red hair was waving among the gray dust as though a lively fire was dancing under the stormy clouds.

Similar to her suddenly hastened heartbeat as well.

It was because of her nervousness against danger and also the uncomfortable feeling of being grabbed by the arm and being held into the chest that felt like a sturdy rock.

"Get off me!" She shouted.

Kieran didn't reply nor was he bothered by her words, his eyes were locked on the entrance.

The entrance which only had a remaining door frame gave out a screech of withstanding a heavy pressure when a giant figure passed through the entrance.

His head was almost reaching the ceiling and his rock sturdy body was pushing the order-made suit to its limit.

His brown hair was gelled up straight, the ferocious gaze of a wolf on his black face was moving between Kieran and Teresa.

His mouth which was chewing a big cigar started to mumble with mockery.

"Teresa, you lil' bitch! You always get hooked on some young handsome boys eh? Last time it was that moron Bocker and now who might this be?"

"Speaking of which, you little horny bitch can really hook up a man that fast eh, I've only killed Bocker a few months back and now…"


Teresa yelled at the man, she pointed her gun up and pulled the trigger repeatedly.

Although her movements were somehow restricted by Kieran and didn't purposely aimed at a certain part, still all her bullets landed on the man's body.

However, the bullets couldn't even scratch the tall man who looked like a giant. All it did was puncture a couple bullet holes on his tight suit, revealing his black skin underneath.

"Tsk! Teresa, you really like to play with me with your little toys. Fine then, let us really have some play time! I'll crush you and your little boy's bones to bits!"

After shaking his head slightly, the giant threw himself over with a suffocating wind.

His giant palms which were enough to envelope a human's head completely were grabbing towards Kieran and Teresa, left and right respectively.

Although his body was huge, his grab was much faster than anyone could've imagined, it was like two bolts of black lightning fired towards Kieran and Teresa.

However, the grab missed its target.

Kieran grabbed Teresa and easily dodged aside.

The giant man was stunned, so was Teresa. Even after Kieran released her, she was still feeling absent-minded.

"Teresa, I see you've become smarter, able to find a reliable fella, unlike Bocker that useless piece of trash, even after I broke his hands and legs, all he did was beg me to let you live."

The giant man mocked Teresa again with his words.

"Zaigen! I will kill you!"

As though the hot-tempered Teresa had her scales rubbed in a wrong way, she pointed her gun up at Zaigen again.

The mockery on Zaigen's face gotten even heavier, he even laughed out loud when he saw Kieran raised his hand to stop Teresa.

"Little handsome boy, you want to play hero? Do you know what happened to the last guy who did that? Or did this lil' bitch Teresa knock you up pretty hard on the bed? Did all the pleasure messed up your tiny mind? I tell you…"

Zaigen looked at Kieran in disdain, his mockery didn't stop and it sounded like he was going to say something even harsher but when he prolonged his tone, Zaigen suddenly made a move.

It was sudden and without any sort of sign.

He threw himself over again like before, using both his hands to grab Kieran. This time around Zaigen was faster and the angle of his hands was much more cunning.

His left hand headed straight for Kieran and his right hand was in an arched angle. Just as his left hand was about to touch Kieran, his right hand went straight ahead despite being slightly behind his left, completely locking down the angle of dodging from Kieran.

Though Kieran had no intentions to dodge at all, he was ready to take it head-on.

Zaigen too instantly noticed Kieran's intention.

"Hahahaha! You shall die now!" Zaigen laughed viciously.

"2567, NO!" Teresa shouted out loud in shock, knowing how scary Zaigen was.

When she saw Kieran launched a kick towards Zaigen's right hand, her heart instantly plummetted to despair. She had seen it with her own eyes, how terrible a couple famous martial artists that decided to fight Zaigen ended up.

The attacks that could smash rocks and cleave bricks were useless against Zaigen. On the contrary, once Zaigen had his hands on his target, he would smash his target like a rucksack until every piece of bone was crushed or he would directly squeeze the person into a pile of mincemeat.

Though Teresa didn't plan on giving up just yet, she pointed her gun at Zaigen's only weakness.

His eyes!

She hoped she could create a window for Kieran to survive the attack but Zaigen was much more cunning than expected, he lowered his neck slightly and raised his left shoulder higher thus completely blocking the trajectory of Teresa's gun.

Then, Zaigen's right hand came in contact with Kieran's right kick.


It sounded like a huge firework going off, causing Teresa to close her eyes. She didn't want to see Kieran being crushed to bits.

Therefore, she didn't see how Zaigen's black face turned in shock and grunted heavily after his right hand and Kieran's right kick clashed.

Teresa also missed out on the scene where Kieran's kick was launched repeatedly, forming a vast kicking afterimage that could envelop Zaigen completely.

At the end of the repeated kick combos, Kieran's kick whipped up a sharp energy wave and slashed over Zaigen's neck.

Zaigen's big head flew up instantly.

Zaigen's huge body which could withstand small caliber handgun bullets without a problem was put up against Pro level [Blade Kick] which was still able to fire out an Above Average attack and Strong sharpness half moon qi energy wave despite all Kieran's skills suffering a -1 debuff.

Of course, it wasn't enough against the giant Zaigen but when adding [Hand-to-hand Combat, Kick Combats], [Barsical Kick] and [Hundred Violent Kicks] before [Blade Kick], even that sturdy body couldn't last more than a complete combo.

After the big head fell on the ground, Zaigen's giant body followed.

An orange glow then appeared on his body.

Kieran swiftly moved aside, avoiding the splash of fresh blood from the dismembered neck beside his feet.

Teresa behind Kieran finally opened her eyes and when she saw the shocking scene, her eyes got even wider.


Teresa wanted to utter a complete sentence but her words couldn't form properly, all she could do was look at Kieran who bent down searching the body with an absent-minded face.
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