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Chapter 658: Not That Simple
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Hoskin's face looked heavier than ever before.

After bringing up Teresa's call log and finding two familiar numbers, Hoskin was relieved.

The young officer was afraid of finding an unfamiliar number.

The chief officer might be hot-tempered and acted in a rigorous and resolute manner but the young officer admired her, not the kind of awkward feeling but the admiration of a senior from a junior because Teresa too had a heart of justice despite the methods of displaying it being different.

"It's the station's bomb disposal unit and operation unit's number, both were landlines!"

Hoskin said before handed the phone back to Kieran after a slight hesitation.

He originally wanted to give the phone back to Teresa but when he saw the utmost rage from her face, he gave up instantly.

Different from the young officer who dared not get on the bad side of his chief officer, even after giving a punch to her stomach, Kieran slide back the phone into her pocket naturally.

"Your suspicion is removed. Now I can share that little secret with you. But, let us take care of some trouble first."

Kieran slid his hand into Teresa's coat while he spoke.


Still hadn't regained her mobility, Teresa widened her eyes at Kieran's actions as though she was a cougar prying on its prey.

Hoskin's jaw dropped and looked unbelievable at the scene, even though Kieran only took out the gun from Teresa's waist, Hoskin couldn't cover his astonishment.

Kieran didn't even care about the two and jumped down from the second floor after getting what he wanted.

The moment Kieran leaped down, the main entrance of Dancing Diva was smashed to pieces with a loud bang.

A couple of figures nimbly rolled into the main hall with tactical movements.

Bang Bang Bang!

Shots were fired.

After the assault squad attackers had gotten into place through their tactical movement, they limped down on the floor with a face of shock. They couldn't believe there was someone with such fast reactions and skilled shooting.

In the attacker's expectations, their swift assault would surely catch everyone inside the nightclub by surprise, even if there was any counterattack, they would effectively dodge the attacks with their hard-trained tactical movements.

Even if they were shot, their bulletproof vest would provide enough protection and minimize the damage to their weak spots to the limit.

All the plans would come to play if they didn't come across Kieran.

Despite his attributes and skills being weakened, Kieran still had S+ Intuition and Musou [Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm].

It was beyond the comprehension of a regular person. Using his skills to deal with commoners elites would be too easy, even more so when their numbers were limited, Kieran would get them easily.

Before really touching the floor, Kieran tapped his feet on the wall and threw himself further out. As he flew outside, he saw the rest of the attackers coming in.

When the first team was wiped out, the remaining attackers were stunned.

Their death was determined within a blink of an eye.

Bang Bang Bang!

Another three shots were fired and three of the remaining attackers fell into their own blood.

The whole process didn't even last 5 seconds.

When Kieran gathered a big pile of spoils of war and went back upstairs, he was greeted by Hoskin's admiration and Teresa's ever growing doubt.

"2567, you... you are awesome!" Hoskin even stuttered because of his admiration.

He upheld justice and admired the strong, which totally fit the traits of a man his age, so did the chief officer.

"What are you going to do with these weapons?"

Teresa pointed at the assault rifle, magazines, grenades and bulletproof vest that Kieran took.

"I think we might need more firepower to live through the rest of the time, though I suppose I'd trained my body and shooting skills quite well before but I don't think I am well-trained in being hit by a bullet."

Kieran said as he put on a bulletproof vest and handed another to Hoskin.

Hoskin put it on instinctively and even took an assault rifle from Kieran.

Kieran then walked towards one of the corners of the office.

There was a big heavy wooden cupboard that was connecting the ceiling. It would need at least three to four men to move it but Kieran could move it alone.

Still, in order to act normal, he used both his hands and pretended to use all his effort.


The wooden cupboard was pushed aside, revealing a hidden entrance behind amidst the dragging screech.


The air that came through the seam was very humid and cold.

Teresa was shocked when she saw the hidden entrance behind the cupboard.

"This is what you found just now?"

Kieran didn't reply but he activated [Tracking] again to scan the place.

He saw a set of white footprints that went inside the entrance and it was the same footprints that he found in the room.


Kieran nodded after double checking the unclosed hidden entrance.

The gears in his mind spun rapidly to analyze the current situation.

"The one who interrogated Barney the "Jackal" was calm when he entered Dancing Diva with a neat manner. The person didn't forget to leave a surprise for those who came later. Yet after interrogating Barney, the person got upset and grumpy, not only did they not clean the traces in the office, they didn't even close the hidden door. If the person was so upset to forfeit their vigilance, that means…"

"The person didn't get what they wanted from Barney!"

Following the changes of the traces, Kieran painted a picture of the altered actions of the person.

Kieran was relieved. It was easier to face an opponent who was infuriated, regardless of during combat or questioning. His opponent might spill information that they weren't supposed to under the influence.

If [Fusion Heart] wasn't sealed off, he would use Wrath to easily achieve it but now all he could rely on was himself.

Since his decision was made, Kieran went through the hidden entrance without stopping.

Teresa and Hoskin followed too but Kieran stopped Teresa.

"I think we better split up, aren't you curious who the hell exposed our whereabouts? I don't want to find myself being chased by a full squad of armed thugs when I am finding clues."

"Oh right, that mayoral candidate, I hope you can find out why he was at the Winchester House during the explosion. I suppose your C.O. identity would be more suitable to ask questions."

Kieran said with a smile when Teresa was glaring at him.

The explanation was enough to persuade Teresa but Kieran added on when he noticed the slight relief on Teresa's face.

"If it's not too much of a trouble, try to cover our tracks as well, at least before the mole in the station is exposed."


"Hoskin, you better watch him closely!"

Teresa nodded to an agreement but she didn't forget to order her young subordinate.

"Yes, Madam!"

After Hoskin replied loudly, Kieran closed the entrance from inside by pulling back the wooden cupboard. It wasn't all that hard since there were two handles behind the cupboard which allowed one to exert strength easily.

When everything was settled, Hoskin switched on the torchlight on his bulletproof vest and shed a straight light ahead.

"Hoskin, what else do you know about Barney the "Jackal"? Anything will do, whether they're rumors or what not." Kieran asked as both of them advanced forth.
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