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Chapter 653: Clue
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"Hoskin, listen to me."

"You continue your digging. I've picked up a guy watching us behind the alleyway around 20 meters away. You remain your digging for now and after two to three minutes, I need you to pretend that you are frustrated that you didn't find anything and I'll ask for water. You then head towards the cruiser and I'll create a window for you to approach him."

Kieran purposely lowered his voice and explained his plans.

"Got it!"

Hoskin didn't even raise his head and continued digging the ruins.

The young officer seemed to grasp Kieran's plan right away.

After two to three minutes, Hoskin stood up as though he had exhausted his efforts.

"Damn it, nothing at all!" The young officer ranted.

"Take it slow, don't rush… Hoskin, can you get me a bottle of water?" Kieran said with a smile.


Hoskin nodded and turned around to the street where he parked the cruiser. He made his way towards the alleyway where the spy was with the cover of his cruiser.

Kieran too went together with Hoskin's pace, he picked up something and pretended to be shocked.

"Look, look what I found!"

Kieran wasn't soft at all, the two other guard officers outside plus the spy who was further away heard it and clearly saw Kieran's action.

They were instantly stunned.

Hoskin picked the signal and leaped out swiftly like a jaguar to its prey. He dashed into the alleyway like a wind and took down the spy before he could react.

The spy was unwilling to be caught just like that and started to struggle non-stop.

The young officer gave a hard upper punch into the spy's stomach without any hesitant and instantly robbed him of any remaining resistance.

Kieran saw Hoskin's clean and precise movements and couldn't help but laugh.

At least in terms of combat, the young officer was a qualified one.

While facing against a person who potentially harmed others with their cruelty, if Hoskin would still hesitate to use force to capture him, he wouldn't be a qualified police officer because that slight hesitation would not only put himself in danger but might also harm other innocent lives.

Though, before Kieran's smile faded, another cold presence enveloped him.

Killing intent!


Kieran's reflexes made him side-roll without even thinking.

The moment where Kieran left his spot, a bullet hole was blasted on the ground.

Bang Bang Bang!

A series of gunshots sounded and before the two officers who were in guard duty outside the scene could even react, they fell into their own puddle of blood.

After taking down the spy and wanting to cuff him in, Hoskin heard the gunshots and dragged the spy into the alleyway.

"2567, are you okay?" The young officer shouted in nervousness and worry.

"I'm fine!"

Kieran replied loudly as well after taking cover behind a thick concrete wall. Then he couldn't help but think about the small piece of brick in his hand.

Kieran was certain the sniper fired out the shots after his pretending action and surely it wasn't because of that small brick.

It might be something with real value which was still buried under the ruins and hadn't been found by the police.

A series of footsteps sounded as Kieran pondered on his thoughts.

A squad of three appeared on the street and quickly approached the scene.

Through the seams of the crumbled concrete wall, Kieran saw the three men were marching forth in a triangular formation neatly that allowed them to excel in defense and offense.

He was sure the three men were not thugs with weapons but true elites that had been professionally trained.

"Seems like that thing is much more important to someone that I expected!"

Not only a sniper was deployed but an assault squad with fully armed arsenals were there to retrieve the item. It was proof enough how important that thing was and of course, it also proved that the person who was after the thing was not someone to fiddle with.

Still, despite who they were, Kieran wouldn't stay back and allow them to take him in.

The sniper had taken out two officers without any problem which mean they were here with a mission and not mercy. Kieran wouldn't hope for mercy on his life should he be taken in.


The sniper fired again and attracted the assault squad's attention to the point.

Kieran took the chance and leaped out the cover wall. He threw out the small brick in his hand, producing a sharp air-breaking whistle.

There wasn't any technique behind his throw but only brute strength.

The small brick that had been infused with A+ Strength landed hard on one of the assault squad member's chest.

The assault squad member flew backward and crashed into the other one behind him with noises of bones cracking, as though the man was hit by a small speeding truck.

Another bone cracking noise later, Kieran who leaped out of his cover ran towards the dead officers and pulled out their gun.


The shot was fired at the last standing assault squad member.

His face took the bullet and fell down to the ground, twitching.

Even with -1 debuff, Musou [Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm] was still able to pull out a headshot easily.

The moment the assault squad member fell down, Kieran already dashed towards him, taking over the assault rifle and the grenade at his waist.


The pin was pulled and the grenade was thrown beside the two bodies further away.

Keiran didn't want further troubles. It was a different story for a person to suffer bone cracks from a flying brick versus a person being blown to pieces by a grenade.


The explosion echoed around the area. The grenade triggered a chain explosion from the other grenades at the bodies' waist.

The tremendous explosive force tore the bodies to pieces.

Kieran swiftly turned his assault rifle at the sniper at the opposite side of the building and fired out when the sniper show his head again.

The sniper on the rooftop didn't know what happened obviously, from his perspective their side had an absolute advantage.

Not only did they have the assault squad covering the ground but also a sniper who covered the vantage point.

Even with Kieran's cautious nature, it would be a matter of time before they took out Kieran completely.

The sniper didn't even think about the outcome where Kieran would take out all three of the assault squad, just like he didn't see his own death before.

The fight ended just like how it began.

When Hoskin was still pondering how he would follow up with Kieran to escape the danger before their eyes, everything had ended.

The young officer's jaw dropped when he saw Kieran holding the assault rifle in his hand.

He has no words to describe his current feeling.

Truth be told, Hoskin didn't even see Kieran threw out the brick, otherwise, his worldview will be toppled upside down.

Still what Hoskin saw would cause him to be restless for some time.

"2567, You...you…"

Hoskin wanted to say something but he couldn't find words to form a sentence.

"I don't know what happened either, but when I grabbed the gun, my body automatically knows how to use it," Kieran said with a dazed expression once again.

"Very well then! I am sure that you are a sharpshooter who is an expert in speed firing before you lost your memory! You must teach me sometimes in the future! But now… We are in big trouble!"

Hoskin took in a deep breath and saw the flickering light and heard the irritating police siren.

He turned to Kieran with a bitter smile.


The sharp irritating brake noise from the cruiser and an outraged chief officer came down from the car, headed towards both of them.

As more officers came down from the ever-increasing police cruisers, guns were pulled out pointing at their targets.

Kieran and Hoskin put their hands up naturally.
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