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Chapter 644: Five Limit Breaks?
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Kieran had been inside his game room for the whole week and tried his best to gather info on the limit break extra mission from the couple of friends he had.

Most of their information was similar to Lawless.

The extra dungeon world's difficulty will be set according to how many attributes the players wanted to limit break. On top of that, the extra dungeon world would not be the same as any other dungeon world players' had run before.

Surprisingly, Coll limit broke two attributes at once and Hanses hadn't even started to limit break any stats.

Kieran too had quite the information from Coll as well: during the extra mission, one of two attributes that she limit broke was restricted.

"I suffered a -3 debuff throughout the dungeon and it heavily affected my performance. If I wasn't lucky enough, I might have died inside!"

Even through messaging, Kieran felt the lingering fear in Coll's heart.

Though it didn't alter Kieran's thought of limit breaking all five of his attributes.

After knowing Character Model Template Limits were related to Talents, Kieran had already made up his mind.

He didn't like to take risks but with enough rewards and benefits, he would make an exception.

A powerful talent obviously would change his strengths drastically, allowing him to further explore future dungeons and gain more out of them.

Aside from all of that, how powerful was the Witch that made almost every player feared her?

What made the Supernovas stood out from all the veterans?

Excluding the equipment and dungeon entries, the only reasonable explanation was Talents!

Kieran had no idea how many attributes the Witch limit broke but he was sure that at least three to four of the Supernovas had limit broke at least three attributes and acquired powerful talents.

Such facts allowed Kieran to be clear with his path ahead.

That Broker bastard was able to hire a Supernova followed by a second one. If he was to get an upper hand to oppose those Supernovas with powerful talents, he himself must at least limit break three attributes.

After all, not all Supernovas were discounted versions like Black Hell Banning.

Yet it was still because of Broker!

Once Kieran thought about Broker having acquired a Unique Title like the Witch, he felt that three attributes limit break wasn't safe enough.

Similar to the Witch, no one knew how many attributes Broker limit broke, but it would be more than three.

It was the controversial result after many prolonged discussions among the veterans.

Still, Kieran felt the number wasn't accurate enough.

Broker would at least need more than that to be where he is now.

Four? Five?

If it was the former, it would still be reasonable but what if it was the latter?

Dungeon after dungeon, even with Broker's team strategy, he would be the one with the biggest rewards and benefits and how he grew his strength through all that would be anyone's guess.

Now Kieran who was opposing him would at least need to start from the same starting line as Broker if he wished not to be in disadvantageous position.

So, Kieran decided to limit break all five of his Character Model Template Limit.

He went offline and settled his problems in real life again.

Then, he came back to the game after adjusting himself to the best condition possible.

After glancing through the reminder messages from Lawless, Kieran couldn't hold back his smile.

The moment when he started to gather information about Character Model Template Limits from the others, Lawless has been sending him messages almost every hour.

"Don't reach for things beyond your grasp!"

"If you die, it's game over!"

"Staying alive is the most important, at least you can find another way!"

Messages of all sorts.

The friendly advice messages that Lawless kept spamming had become a relentless spam of useless messages and it came in bulk!

Though Kieran didn't dislike Lawless' doings.

He slightly grinned and didn't reply as usual. He did plan on replying after he completed his extra mission though.

Right now, he had his head wrapped up in something.


Kieran took multiple deep breaths, he quickly put the smiles on his face away and his eyes were overflowing with determination and resolution.

[Detected Character Model Template Limit, do you want to set Spirit as your main attribute?]

[Detected Character Model Template Limit, do you want to set Intuition as your main attribute?]

[Detected Character Model Template Limit, do you want to set Strength as your main attribute?]

[Detected Character Model Template Limit, do you want to set Agility as your main attribute?]

[Detected Character Model Template Limit, do you want to set Constitution as your main attribute?]


Kieran answered to all five of the questions.

[Player "2567" has chosen to limit break 5 attributes of Character Model Template Limits…]


The moment Kieran made his choice and the system replied him with a notification, a gigantic explosion echoed in his ears.

It didn't sound like anything he had heard before, it was like hundreds of tons of explosives exploding together.

During the explosion, a thunderous presence similar to the wrath of heavens appeared.

The explosion sounded first before the presence engulfed Kieran completely.

SSS+ Spirit didn't even provide more than a second of resistance before knocking Kieran out cold.

A moment later, the knocked out cold Kieran vanished from his game room.


Kieran slightly opened his eyes in an absent-minded state.

What he saw immediately made him widen his eyes and caused him to leap up.

Stars! A sky of stars!

A sky of stars appeared before his eyes.

Kieran was astonished. He couldn't find a proper word to describe what he saw.






None of that was even close! All the words in his memory bank were a mile away from what he saw.

Kieran unconsciously held his breath back, worrying that his breathing might contaminate the sky of stars.

Then he saw a stone platform the size of a football field beneath his feet.

The stone platform could be considered as huge in the eyes of a common man but it was so tiny under the sky of stars, including Kieran himself who was standing on top of it.

Everything is so tiny!

A sudden realization rose in Kieran's heart.


When the realization appeared in his heart, the stone platform started to move.

A total of five stone doors rose up from the platform.

The five doors weren't huge by any means and looked surprisingly normal as well. There wasn't any special patterns or eye-catching words on it.

The doors lined up in a straight line after rising up from the ground.

"Five attribute limit break means five stone doors?"

Kieran wanted to push the doors open instinctively but right at that moment, the stone platform shook again.


Two more stone doors rose up.

Different from the simple and unadorned stone gates, the two new doors were colorful in their own unique way with all the complicated carvings around it.

One of them was blood red in color as though a blazing flame, a pair of horns of a goat stiffened up high at the top like blades piercing the sky.

Another one was pitch black in color, darker than the darkest night and was surrounded by seven distinguished aurae of desires as though it wanted to devour everything.

The devil!

The cardinal sins!

Kieran knew what the doors represented with a glance.


The stone platform shook the third time and sprung up two more stone doors.

The two stone doors this time around were white in color but one of them was glossy like a sharp blade, causing chills to one's skin. The other was calm and gentle like the spring breeze, combining the dark and light.

Saint Thorn!

Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art!

Kieran was stunned completely when he saw the nine doors.

After being stunned for a while, Kieran couldn't hold back his grin, followed by an uncontrollable laugh across the stone platform.


"So this is what it was!"
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